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Reasons Why I Do Not Like My Bedroom 

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Moving to a new home is supposed to be lovely, fun, and exciting. Unfortunately, unless you are lucky to have a budget to hire a freelance interior designer in Dubai, you will have to live with some design and layout flaws that may not be pleasing to your eyes. Interior design has the power to transform any room to meet any décor. If you are looking for a palace-like design, an interior designer can add a touch of gold to your home with accessories. If you do not have the budget to hire an experienced interior designer, you can find cheap tips that you can use to decorate your home on a tight budget

Although I have done a lot to transform my living room with curtains and accessories to make my home more welcoming, my bedroom is still not yet up to speed. There are many things that I do not like about my bedroom that I am working to transform in the next few days. I like spending some of my free time in my bedroom, but the current status of the room is a big turn-off. 

Reasons Why I Do Not Like My Bedroom 

1. The walls are bare

 Staring at bare walls is not exciting in any way. I can say that I am spending less time in my bedroom than I would like, and maybe that is something I will have to live with until I am able to transform the room to my liking. I no longer leave my living room until I am drowsy at night. I am also finding myself napping on my couch when I feel sleepy during the day. 

2. The room looks too dark

 I like reading in my bedroom. Unfortunately, my bedroom window is placed next to a story building that greatly limits the natural light that gets into my bedroom. I do not like that design, but I understand that it is better for the bedroom to have less natural light than the living room. 

3. The window design is not attractive

 Since my bedroom window is the only thing that breaks my bare walls, I find myself staring at the little natural light that it allows into the room. Unfortunately, I always find myself staring at the ugly corners of the window. 

 4. The floor is too cold

I seem to be always in a hurry as I get off my bed. I do not know why, but I always miss my slippers, which send cold shockwaves on my warm feet as I step on the floor. I hate that feeling. Buying larger slippers does not seem to change that, which means I will have to invest in a more effective solution like a rag. 

 5. I do not like the design of the room

 My bedroom is not small, but it is also not big either. It is average-sized, which means there is adequate space for my king-sized bed and some space for additional furniture. The room has an old table that I use to place candles when I am feeling romantic and some books. Although the table is functional, it is not attractive. 

 6. The closet is too small

 To maximize the space of the room, the designers went for a small closet. I do not have a lot of clothes, but whenever I am out shopping I feel limited by my closet and not my budget. To most people, the budget is the reason they do not buy new clothes, but that does not apply to me. Although I do not have deep pockets, whenever I pick a cloth in the store, I remember how I struggle to fit the ones I already have in the closet, I just put the cloth back on the shelf. 

 7. Mismatched colors 

 The curtains, tables, and my beddings do not match at all. The beddings were matching well with the décor of my previous bedroom. Unfortunately, in my new bedroom, the windows are not as large as the ones in the previous room, which means that I cannot use them in my new room. I had to look for one that will fit without minding the colors and design, which has created an awful look. 

 How I will fix my bedroom problems?

 I got to admit that I would prefer to hire a freelance interior designer in Dubai to get all the problems fixed at once. Unfortunately, that is not something I intend to do right away as moving to the new home has left me without any savings. My goal at the moment is to fix one problem at a time until I have saved enough to hire an expert to come and transform the overall feel. Since the goal is to achieve a lot without spending much, I intend to transform my bedroom with curtains and accessories. I opt for curtains because they are effective in adding colors and details to the room. They also come in endless designs, sizes, and options, which means they are likely to solve several problems at once. 

 When properly used, curtains can give any look, character, feel, and lighting that matches any room décor. However, when choosing the right curtain, you will need to consider the fabrics, height, and wash or dry-clean. The fabric determines how the curtains will look as well as how they will hang and fold. The best fabrics for a bedroom curtain include faux silk, velvet, and linen as they are highly durable. Some of the accessories that I will throw into the mix include a throw blanket, toss pillows, shams, impact lighting, mirrors, rugs, and artworks. 

 Wrap Up 

 The best way to decorate and fix bedroom design flaws is to hire a freelance interior designer in Dubai. However, if for a reason you cannot use the services of the expert designer, you can easily transform your home with curtains and accessories that you can find in major online stores like Amazon. When properly used, curtains and accessories can solve more than one problem. For example, you can use curtains not only to fix the problem of unpleasant colors on the walls, but you can use them to add details to your room. 

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