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Amazing Ways To Create a Romantic and Relaxing Bedroom: Freelance Interior Designers in Dubai Tips

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A fundamental fact for any freelance interior designer in Dubai to bear in mind when working on a bedroom design is that the bedroom is the last place you encounter before falling asleep and the first on your sight when waking up to face a new day. So the bedroom should ideally provide a relaxing mood, especially in the evening after suffering a long day’s struggle, running up and down chasing targets and income in a bid to make ends meet. Also, being the first sight to behold in the morning when the alarm rings, your bedroom should inspire you to face the day ahead. The set up should radiate new energy, serene comfort, and quiet joy that will, in turn, lift your spirits, necessitating the push to face any obstacle that lies ahead.

The bedroom is a space for two and is associated with tenderness and an inviting feel that quickly translates into intimacy. Canopy bed, plush throws, evocative artwork are but a few suggestions to consider when thinking of triggering romance in your bedroom. However, essential to note is that there is no ideal or perfect universal bedroom design because different people have diverse preferences. The most crucial point is to design and assemble a set up that brings a feeling of relaxation, intimacy, and romance. When juggling with design to inspire the mood and set the tone, the key lies in ambiance. The entire décor in the room should reveal the atmosphere. 

How To Create A Romantic and Relaxing Bedroom

There are several factors to consider when creating a pleasant atmosphere for romance and relaxation in the bedroom. Below are some key things to consider.

1. Lighting

Light plays a vital role in the bedroom set up. The lighting should be soft, creating a smooth, relaxed ambiance. You can acquire this by creating a canopy through twisting string lights paired with soft sheer fabric, across and around your bed, and hang the lights behind the sheer fabric. You can use a variety of colors or just bright fairy lights.

2. The windows

The windows should not be covered by the traditional heavy material that may block natural romantic night skylight or morning sun. There are several modern curtain styles available that are fashionable and serve the purpose. Where possible, the windows should allow a clear gaze at the sky for the stars at night, rising and setting of the sun, which are all romantic sights to encounter.  

3. Candles

Candles are a traditional way of lighting that sets the mood. They create a uniquely soft, curling glow that helps create an atmosphere for intimacy.  There are various types available today. Some have even gone the extra mile and added different scents to suite preferences. However, traditional flame candles are a fire risk. So it is ideal to consider some rechargeable or battery operated options available in the market today. The chandelier should have a romantic touch in its design to blend well with the décor and help enforce the theme.

4. Bedside lamps and chandeliers

Bedside lamps, sparkling chandeliers, and side lamps are just some of the varieties of lighting options available. In all these, the underlying factor is to keep the room semi-dark hence the term soft lighting. It is so, to achieve the feel of relaxation and set the mood for romance and intimacy. When choosing a switch, it is good to consider dimmer switches, which will enable you to control the feelings you are striving to set. To guide you through all these, expert opinion can be offered by a freelance interior designer in Dubai.

5. Cover the room with a fragrance

Give the room a romantic smell by using pleasant scents. There are several ways to make a room smell fresh. You start by lighting scented candles or merely spraying the room with perfume or air freshener. Fresh flowers will also serve this purpose apart from being appealing to the eye and adding a touch of romance on the décor. 

6. Soft beddings

The bed is the centerpiece of the bedroom. The linens should be smooth and cushy, giving the room a cozy look. The mattress should be covered with lots of soft pillows and comforters, rendering it more comfortable. Light-colored sheets and fabrics are the ideal choices.


When creating a romantic and relaxing bedroom, it is good to consider the ambiance. It is advisable to seek expert opinion of a freelance interior designer in Dubai, to help guide you through.  However, there is no specific set out design to be adopted by all. It, therefore, means that preference and creativity will come into play. Most of all, it is advisable to factor in comfortability as this will primarily help set the space for a relaxed mood.

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