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The DIY Home Decoration Tips You Need For An Affordable Trendy Decor

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Many of us have always felt like interior decorators at heart. However, most design ideas seem either too challenging or expensive to implement. If you have been inspired to change the decor or atmosphere of your home, however, you should not give up too fast. With the number of resources available online to teach basic interior design, you can now customize your home autonomously. If you’re wondering how you can decorate your home at a low price, look no further. 

If you are in Dubai, starting an interior decoration project will seem overwhelming at first. You will be tempted to delegate the most important tasks to luxury interior designers in Dubai.  However, you are unlikely to be on the same page with your designer unless you have first gaged an idea of how you can complete your desired projects yourself.

The tips listed below are a selection of fresh, modern interior design trends that have stood the test of professional assessment. But first, you will need an idea of how to plan your home decoration project.

Planning Your Home Decoration: Everything You Must Think Of

The planning process is almost as important as the decoration process itself. You will need to set clear expectations, ascertaining your personal style and the themes you enjoy. Most interior design consultants in Dubai deal with contemporary design concepts. They help clients create homes as modern as they are cozy and functional. Should that be your own personal inclination, you will want to keep in line with this genre by incorporating pieces, patterns, and coloring consistent with your main theme. Artistic styles, however, should allow for eccentric self-expression.

Are you looking to have more paintings in your living room? Would you like a splash of color in your kitchen? Did a well-crafted chair catch your eye? As you plan your decoration, it will be your responsibility to link in all your design inspirations in 4-5 simple ideas you can incorporate into your home.

The use of a mind-map, for example, is particularly useful in translating your decoration muses into full-fledged ideas. Make sure your smallest clouds are two to three-worded descriptions such as “Grey pillows” or “brown wool rugs” to clarify your visual inspirations.

This mind-map can then be turned into a vision-board, which our Dubai interior design experts will use to turn your thoughts into reality.

DIY Decoration Trends Your Home Needs 

1. Bedroom decoration:

Bedroom decoration in 2019 has been edgy, to say the least. The following trends have inspired a ton of DIY ideas that can turn you into an overnight interior designer.

  • Roping:  Other than loading and packing, ropes can be used for bedroom decoration. By twirling a rope around itself, you can create unique patterns with thick textures to drape your chests, furniture end, and frames. This is perfect for picture frames and jewelry chests. Through twirling rope around statement pieces such as portrait frames and jewelry boxes in your bedroom, you can add a subtle quaint feel to your intimate space. You will only need hot glue, jute rope, and basic crafting knowledge to become a roping expert.
  • Spray Paint: Here are a few ways you could use spray paint to add a new touch to your old furniture.

2. Old chairs and tables

Freelancing - Screen Shot 2019 09 27 At 5.53.52 Pm

3. Old Photo frames

Freelancing - Screen Shot 2019 09 27 At 5.54.04 Pm

4. Pebbles

Freelancing - Screen Shot 2019 09 27 At 5.54.18 Pm

5. Lamps

Freelancing - Screen Shot 2019 09 27 At 5.54.37 Pm

6. Seashells

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  • Words for Art: Newspapers have gained an artistic appeal on the design scene. Consider framing your favorite newspaper front pages in artisan frames. With basic crafting, you can enclose the print into a one-of-a-kind frame you can hang above your prized bedroom items.

2. Living-Room Decoration: 

Living room decoration is relatively straightforward: you will want the room you spend the most time in to appear the most lively. Here are the two tips you need.

  • Cheeky Draping: When we think of draping in interior decoration, we usually picture expensive cashmere throw-overs and exotic fabrics. However, you can drape lampshades, tables, and even couches with any scarf or fabric piece you believe will best complement your furniture. In the past couple of years, the trends have shifted from light hues in major living spaces to bolder, dark looks. Black leather has come back in style, and so have retro patterns. An old, striking tablecloth can be folded laterally and stitched by hand, into a drape-like structure that can be placed over the back of chairs and couches, or thrown over poofs and thick cushioning.
  • Plants: Though the plants themselves aren’t exactly DIY, the elements that will dress them up can be. Pottery has for a long time been considered therapeutic and now it is purposeful. Using artisan clay paste, you can make your own flower or plant pots, and dress up your living room to reflect Dubai’s tropical flair. According to our trailblazers in Interior design in the UAE, seashells are as trendy as ever. They can be used to dress up any vase or other pottery, or picture frames that can be used in the living room to create an airy, exotic atmosphere.

3. Kitchen Decoration 

Though its importance is often overlooked, the kitchen is a place where a number of adults will spend have of their home time. From cooking to planning meals and home cleaning, the kitchen will witness some of the most vital aspects of home and family living. Therefore, your kitchen, as the heart of your home, should comport some of the stylistic themes you love most. The following two trends can be adapted to virtually all tastes:

  • Food Boards: Food boards are extremely fun because they can both dress up your kitchen walls and keep you inspired as you cook. Consider making a board filled with high-definition imagery alluding to recipes, flavors, and enticing products. The framing of this board should be subtle to avoid distracting from its image content. If you are good at crafts, make sure to play with board and frame textures to add a little “kitchen”, DIY effect to your visual frame.
  • Customized Tins: Tins give a homely, old-school edge to a kitchen. They are often reminiscent of grandma’s cookies or mother’s secret recipes. Therefore, they have become a statement in the kitchen as much as they are a tool. You can now customize tins with spray-paint or thin fabrics to render their content “a surprise”. Many seasoned designers will suggest that you stick with one color or pattern theme for all your kitchen tins and boxes, but make sure they vary in size to create visual fluidity.

A Final Note 

Interior decoration is not always about splurging the most on brand new, expensive items. Instead, you can make a huge difference in your home using simple, fun design tips that will dress up even your most bland of possessions. Our team of freelance interior designers in Dubai is aware of the importance of budget-friendliness in interior design. Therefore, they will be best equipped in advising you on your DIY decoration plans and any of your other interior design queries. Contact our experts or join our team of skilled professionals today to be part of Dubai’s interior design elite.

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