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Tips On How A Freelance Interior Designer In Dubai Can Add A Touch Of Gold To Your Home With Accessories In 2020 

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Decorating your home in 2020 can be expensive, moderate, or cheap, depending on what you are willing to invest in. Your budget should not be a hindrance to a beautiful house as you can quickly turn your home into a masterpiece with a few accessories. If you have a tight budget, you can learn how to decorate your home at a low cost or even go a step further and implement the DIY home decoration tips for an affordable, trendy décor.

Furthermore, you can hire an experienced freelance interior designer in Dubai to help you transform the outlook of your home with special decorating tips. For example, if you have a small living room, you can ask an interior designer to decorate it to make it look bigger and brighter. As long as you are creative and willing to go the extra mile, you can transform the image of any room on any budget. This article will teach you how you can add a touch of gold to your home using accessories that are readily available in major stores.

The Exciting Ways you can add Color to your Home by Room


Tips On How A Freelance Interior Designer In Dubai Can Add A Touch Of Gold To Your Home With Accessories In 2020

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Your hallway is probably the most used space in your home. It is also probably the most prominent space visitors will first note when they enter your home and thus, it is good to give them the attention they deserve. There are many hallway decorating ideas that you can use to create an impressive entry, but the easiest way to transform the entry space is the use of accessories like the Golden photo frames. Photo frames are readily available from most online stores in Dubai and come in different styles and sizes as well as prices to suit the needs of different people. Some of the top golden photo frames that you can use to add color to your hallway include:


Your bedroom is a private room where you retire to recharge for your next day’s events. Although most of your guests will not enter your bedroom, that should not be a reason to neglect the room. You also do not need to have a big budget to transform your bedroom into a lovely relaxing place. You can easily decorate your bedroom with things that you already have at your disposal. Nevertheless, it is always good to spice things with a few accessories. Some of the best accessories that you should add to your bedroom décor include:


You can improve the settings of your bedroom by choosing modern clocks that make a statement, antique clocks that take you back in time, or contemporary clocks that offer a minimalist look for your room. The best decorative clocks a freelance interior designer in Dubai should use to transform a bedroom include:


Wall decals

Living Room

Your living room should encourage togetherness in a serene, comfortable setting. You can use a wide range of accessories and techniques to decorate your living room, from the arrangement of furniture to painting and the use of accessories. The use of accessories gives you the freedom to experiment depending on your budget and preference. In addition to making your living room attractive and peaceful, you can go a step further to solve some of the problems you experience with accessories. For example, if you have a small space, you can use mirrors to make it look bigger. If it does not have adequate natural lighting, you can use different lights to solve your illumination problem. Some of the tools and accessories that you can use to decorate your living room include:


Decorating with wallpapers is not as easy as you have endless options that you can use to match any home décor. You can buy wallpapers online from Aliexpress, or you can visit Dragon Mart for a wide range of wallpapers. You can use the wallpapers to supplement your existing décor or to set a new tone. Some of the wallpapers that you can use to add beauty to your living room include:


The use of decorative curtains can play multiple roles. You can use them to complement your furniture while at the same time emphasizing the height of the room by drawing attention to the ceiling. When looking to buy curtains, you should remember to keep them simple, just as a touch of gold would be enough. The top decorative curtains include:

LED Lights

It is always a good idea to involve a freelance interior designer in Dubai when decorating your living room to help you fully harness the power of lights. LED lights to come with many benefits that include reduced electricity bills and longevity. They also come in different styles, which allow them to enhance any home décor. Some of the designs that you should consider includes:

Dining Room

Dining in gold is traditionally synonymous with kings, but you can use accessories to enhance your dining experience. Since you will be spending limited time in your dining room, you should make your dining experience unique with color and décor. You can quickly transform your bare dining room into a centerpiece with a touch of gold, cutlery and placemats, and dining tables and chairs with gold metal legs. You can even use napkins with golden patterns to transform your dining room. You should not forget to add mirrors as part of your dining accessories.


For your dining room inspiration, you should consider the following:

The Wrap Up

You do not need a big budget to transform the appearance of your home into a place. A freelance interior designer in Dubai can help you creatively add a touch of gold with readily available accessories by focusing the efforts on furniture, area rugs, and lighting, among others. Some of the accessories can go further to solve home design flows while serving their decorative aspect. You should talk with the interior designer about the things you are not happy about in your home before starting the process to enable the designer to come up with solutions that meet your needs and budget.

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