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The Best 20 Designs and Storage Tips for Small Bedrooms in 2020

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Small bedrooms need to be arranged strategically so that they may be comfortable despite their size. Modern bedroom design ideas require you to have a huge bedroom, a small office, and a king-sized bed in order for the final touches to look sophisticated. Thanks to the design and storage tips offered by interior design experts in Dubai, you do not need to have a large room or lots of furniture to create a beautiful space. 

According to the American Sleep Association, the secret to enjoying a good night’s sleep is a quiet and comfortable bedroom. Listed below are some of the storage tips for small bedrooms by home interior designers in Dubai. These design ideas will create space by providing arrangement tips, making your small bedroom look more spacious.

1. Push Your Bed to the Corner

Freelancing - Cozy Corner Bed For Small Spaces

Most modern styles usually have the bed placed at the center of the room. While this may make your room look more sophisticated, it tends to take up a lot of floor space. Pushing the bed to the wall will not only leave more space to work with but also bring about a sense of coziness in the atmosphere.

Some people may argue that this setup may look a little dorm-like. The solution is to add a headboard corner system. This will bring about a sophisticated designer look to the bedroom. 

2. Install Long Mirrors

Freelancing - How Make Small Room Look Bigger Mirrors

Wall-to-wall mirrors give the impression that your room is bigger than it is. When positioned correctly, they will reflect the natural light coming in through your windows. Natural light brightens up space. The brighter the bedroom is,  the bigger it looks.

The best position to install mirrors in a small bedroom would be directly opposite the windows. This position will ensure that even the slightest rays of sunshine get to be reflected inside the room. 

Due to their body-length height, long mirrors are easy to install. All you have to do is lean them on the wall, and you are good to go. You don’t need to punch holes on it, but for your peace of mind, you can opt to use wall tacky to secure it. 

3. Create a Storage Space under the Bed

Freelancing - Under Bed

Newer beds in the market today come with drawers underneath them. If you are shopping for a bed, consider getting a bed with such features. This provides room for extra storage such as books, shoes, personal effects, or any other material that you can store in this area. 

If you already have a bed that does not have drawers, you can make your own drawers using old milk crates, baskets, or bins. 

4. Live Vertically

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In most bedrooms with small floor spaces, the ceiling is usually high. You should consider creating your own loft by raising your bed close to the ceiling and attaching a ladder to it. This option may not be the best choice for everyone.  However,  if you don’t mind climbing up and down from the bed, then it will save you much space.

As the bed is raised, you can now easily set up a work area under the bed. Be careful to get a table that isn’t too big to fit into your new work area. 

5. Install Floating Shelves

Freelancing - Closet For Small Room Ikea Corner Unit Clothes Storage For Small Bedrooms

Floating shelves come in handy in a small room as you can quickly install them at a point of your choice. You’ll have to consider whether its location will interfere with your general movement within the room.

Floating shelves have a variety of uses such as bookcases, nightstand replacements, laptop desks, and accessory holders. The best thing about floating shelves is that you can install as many as you like. However, you should be careful not to set up too many as this will take up too much of your wall space. 

6. Invest in a Room Divider

Freelancing - Room Divider Ikea Is Cool Inexpensive Sliding Room Dividers Is Cool Stand Up Wall Dividers Is Cool Bedroom And Living Room Divider

As much as your bedroom is small, a room divider will establish clear boundaries. An excellent example of a room divider could be a bookshelf. The shelf will give you your designated sleeping place and separate your work area.  

7. Invest in a Ghost Chair

Freelancing - Be2E64E00105B475F87A7138Eed5Fdbf

Ghost chairs get their name from their look. The chair is made of clear acrylic, which makes it practically invisible. They are incredibly stylish. Their almost invisible nature makes your room appear to have more space.

8. Install Hanging Racks

Freelancing - Clothes Storage Small Room Clothing Storage Solutions Interior Closet Storage Solutions For Small Spaces Clothing Hanging Clothing Storage Solutions Closet Baby Clothes Storage Small Space

Hanging racks come in handy, especially if your bedroom does not have an in-built closet. You can stick the frames on your ceiling and use them to place your hangers. These can be used to hang your clothes if the drawers underneath the bed do not provide enough space. 

9. Floating Desk

Freelancing - Floating Wall Desk 051216 939 06 800X530 1

Floating desks are almost the same as floating shelves, only that they have a wider surface area. Such desks can work best if your bed is raised high enough to leave room under it. In setting up your desk, you should ensure that its size does not exceed the overall surface area of the bed above it. This will leave room for you to place a chair and have your own little workstation.

 10. Consider Investing in a Murphy Bed

Freelancing - Bed7

Murphy beds are foldable types that can be put away during the daytime. Getting such a bed will ensure you have enough space to go about your daily activities. This would be exceptionally favorable if you work from your room. When it is time to sleep, you can unfold the bed back into its usual position and climb in. This setup is best used in office interior design in Dubai. 

11. Hanging Lights

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Hanging lights are a perfect substitution for nightstands. Sticking the lights on the ceiling will save you space that would have been used to place the nightstands on. At Bawabba, you will find lots of interior design consultants in Dubai who will give you more ideas on how to hang lights in a small-spaced bedroom. 

12. Make Your Own Desk Vanity

Freelancing - Mesmerizing Teen Room Design Gallery Of A Wooden Vanity In A 574

Instead of buying a whole wardrobe set, you can set up your desk vanity by sticking a mirror on the wall and placing a hanging shelf below it. The mirror on the wall will create more space that would have otherwise be taken up by a wardrobe. 

13. Paint Your Walls White

Freelancing - White Wooden Floor Small Half Divider White Grey Sofa Living Room Furniture Layout White Walls

The oldest design trick for small spaces is to paint the color white on the walls. White creates the impression that your room is bigger as it reflects light the easiest.

If you are worried about getting your walls dirty, you can paint the walls other bright colors such as baby pink or a warm blue. 

14. Raise Your Bed

Freelancing - B352Aa6767538123Aab843C9390E44C6

Supposing your floor space is too limited to allow the drawers to open, you can opt to raise the leg frames of the bed. This allows you to easily slide the drawers or crates as often as you want without having to move your other furniture. Most bed raises go up to 16 inches high. If you put your mattress on two of these, you will create double the amount of space that you get from ordinary bed drawers.

15. Use Your Closet Door

Freelancing - Verticaldoorstorage 59C12351Af5D3A00109Fc7Aa

The back of your closet door can be used as a storage space for clothes and items such as umbrellas. You can stick hooks on them so that your clothes will have something to hang on to. The concept of luxury interior design in Dubai helps you make use of every little space you have.

16. Keep the Hangers Vertical

Freelancing - Metal Hanger Cascader Metal Wonder Hanger

The secret to putting more clothes on hangers is by sticking hangers-on themselves. This is done by hooking a hanger on the lower end of another rod. Such an arrangement will ensure that no closet space is left unused. 

17. Turn a Ladder into a Clothing Rack

Freelancing - Hanging Clothes Rack Ikea Bar No Closet Solutions Diy Rod Cool Laundry Clothing Target Adjustable Creative Ideas Furniture Glugu Ladder Blue Painted Wall Hangers Tag Loundry Basket Small

When hung horizontally, the steps to a ladder can provide spaces for clothes to hang. Be careful to properly attach the ladder to the ceiling so that it does not fall. This storage idea would be most favorable to people whose closet space is not enough for all their clothes. 

18. Fold Your Clothes

Freelancing - Folding Clothes

Folding clothes takes up less space as compared to hanging them. The only downside to this is that it may take you longer to find a particular item of clothing. However, if your memory is perfect, then folding will work just fine for you. 

19. Put your Bookcase behind the Bed

Freelancing - Books

Bookcases are often an excellent substitute for a headstand. Placing the case behind the bed will get it out of your way. This will leave you with more space left to do other activities. 

20. Install a Windowsill

Freelancing - Indoor Flower Box Little Paths

Windowsills are just like regular shelves, only that they are placed right under the window. These would serve as a great place to put your plant if you have any. The proximity to the window will ensure it gets maximum sunlight, and eventually, it will thrive. 

To Sum, it Up…

Design and storage tips for small bed spaces are dependent on how little your room is. For instance, you can opt to get a one-bed raise, which is 16 inches high. But if you need more space, you can put even two or three. It is also essential to put your safety first. Loosely attached mirrors may fall on you and cause harm

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