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Spectacular Bathroom Ideas You’ll Want to Try Immediately – Freelance Interior Designers in Dubai Expert Tips

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Most including some freelance interior designers in Dubai, hold to the idea that bathrooms are predominantly white in every aspect of design.  The bathroom is a hygiene area. The room requires high standards of cleanliness. That is why the bright colors or the traditional predominant white set comes in. The color, as widely perceived, is meant to help detect the slightest dirt on sight. It is also important to note that most people associate the color white with cleanliness and the feeling of purity.  However, you can incorporate different hues to the white and achieve something more spectacular. Modern bathroom designs combine many colors and textures. Some antique arts that were reserved for the living room have since found their way into the bathroom. Amidst a rich background of mixed hues and splendid well-arranged décor, your bathroom can take the shape of a spa. 

When planning to decorate the bathroom, bear in mind the layout. Notably a high traffic area, functionality is vital amidst the excellent appealing décor. Your bathroom routine can determine how best to utilize space by design. Do not forget that lighting aids an essential role when it comes to overall bathroom functionality. Ensure adequate natural light in as much as possible. You may also prefer to set the mood using lighting. Installing dimming switches is a good idea, especially when switching between tasks and ambiance, thereby helping set the tone within your space.

6 Bathroom Design Ideas Worth Trying

The bathroom is ideally the last place one visits before retiring to bed and mainly the first when waking up. It is one of the most frequented rooms in the house. In most cases, the place usually lags when it comes to matters of décor and design. However, many fabulous designs can revamp your bathroom, transforming it into a sanctuary. Highlighted below are some of the ideas one can use to make his bathroom as pleasant as possible.

1. Use a bright color for the walls

You can use a different bright color for the walls apart from the traditional white. In case you are covering your walls with tiles, the same concept will apply. It is good to sponge paint to give a good texture and depth to the walls.  You may choose a suitable pattern to blend in with the color. For a dull color without a design, you can try taupe, which is a neutral color. It forms a dark grey shade but with a modern twist. A light touch with a more purple base for change can be applied. There are a variety of excellent color options available. Soft grey, charcoal, pistachio, and cerulean blue are some of the most top-notch commonly used hues. 

2. Go for an assortment of tiles

Ideally, many people stick with one type of tiles for the entire setup. Depending on the working surface, one can opt for a variety of tiles. You can use different tiles for the shower walls, bathroom floor, edges of the shower, and countertop vanity space. Apart from vinyl and ceramic, there are plenty more on offer today. They come in a variety of colors, designs, and materials. Subway tile and glass mosaic accents are some of the widely used in bathrooms today. It is advisable at this point to enlist the service of a freelance interior designer in Dubai to help you determine the most suitable tiles for your bathroom setup.

3. Cover the cabinet using a different color

The cabinet can maintain the old vintage look or possess a different color from the entire room.  The cabinet can stand out in the room without necessarily stealing focus from the rest of the décor. The color and texture of the cabinet should balance well with the décor and hence blend in perfectly.

4. Choice and design of curtain

Many modern curtain styles are available. However, for purposes of lighting, a crisp light textured fabric is the right choice, like voile. The color can match the walls or the centerpiece item. When going for a curtain shower, choose one with decorations on it. They can be either embroidery work or just paintings. The choice of the right curtain inspires the feel of the room.

5. Go for light fixtures

Several spots can use some light in the bathroom setup. Apart from the general overhead illumination, the vanity area, the mirror, and the shower or tub can do well with some fixtures. There are many available pendant and wall lights designs available. Some are made of clear glass, while others are metallic. The choice of accents may elevate the entire décor to classy. However, there should be some degree of caution when installing lighting fixtures in a bathroom. Established guidelines must apply when installing electric light fittings near water to avoid near occasion electrical accidents or disasters.

6. Decorate the sink 

The sink is the first thing one spot when entering a bathroom and remains a focal point. In some, it is the only existing counter space. You can hang a statement mirror with a rustic feature wall. Choose a color or a design that fits the desired appeal of your bathroom. You can replace the counter with a rustic one so that it can match the wall.


The bathroom is the most visited area in the house as mentioned earlier. There are several factors to consider when designing a bathroom. Work on the layout, bearing in mind the importance of the functionality. You should strive to avoid overloading your bathroom with designs borrowed from other toilets and instead work with the space available. It is advisable to use modern space-saving designs under the guidance of a freelance interior designer in Dubai. Floating shelves and vanities will help minimize space and create more room by freeing up more space on the floor. To help maintain a clutter-free area, work with free-standing styled sinks and bathtubs. A thin frame on a large mirror also helps create an illusion of space. Remember to pick designs and colors for your bathroom that complement your house entirely to create some sought cohesion.

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