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How to Become ​a Successful Freelance Interior Designer in 2021

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A freelance interior designer in Dubai is a self-employed professional interior designer who isn’t affiliated with any company and works to find their own clients. This is one of the most popular fields one can find themselves in, as there has been an increased demand for such people. 

This fact can be attributed to urbanization. As both the living and working spaces continue to shrink every day, the need for efficient and pleasing designs has become a necessity. There are plenty of challenges faced by an interior designer every other day. Some of them might appear daunting, while others would make one more interested in joining the profession. 

If you feel like the design industry is your forte, you will need the necessary guidance to help you lay the foundation required to offset your career. Take a look at some of the must-know tips for you to become a successful freelance interior designer.

7 Best Tips on how to become a successful freelance interior designer-

1. Formal education is not mandatory.

If you do not have formal education regarding interior design, you need not worry about not getting gigs. The majority of successful freelance interior designers in the UAE will affirm to you that most employers do not really look for what type of training one has, but other factors come into play. This is basically because this is an art, and like most other artistic jobs, creativity is the order of the day.

Your design portfolio and people skills also matter a great deal when you are approaching someone for a design position. While academic excellence is the best direction to follow, you might need to consider some of the professional courses for interior designers to help you get better insights into the industry’s requirements. 

Furthermore, learning shouldn’t strike you as an overwhelming task. You can always begin by knowing how to use some of the best software used by interior designers. 

You must have a knack for design.

This might seem obvious, but for one to become a successful freelance interior designer in Dubai, one must have a flair for color, textiles, and spatial arrangements. A prospective designer is better built for the industry if they have a passion for the field, as things would turn out to be easier for them. 

As a rule of thumb, the first step one follows toward the realization of their dream is to follow their passion. Doing something that you love, after all, won’t feel like a draining task. If you enjoy decorating your home and you often receive compliments for doing so, then this is for you. You don’t necessarily have to become an interior designer, but at least, it is a good sign.

3. It’s not going to be easy.

Things might work out better for you if you managed to secure a position at one of the best interior design companies in the UAE. However, if you decide to go independently, you should brace for harsh times. You will have to start small as you work to build up your portfolio. 

As a freelance interior designer in the UAE, you might have to put up with years of hard work for you to be able to build your network of clients. Only then will you be in a position to launch your own firm and employ others to assist you. 

The creative industry always has a steady influx of new ideas that you can use to add to your portfolio to make it more impressive. Here, patience is key. The road will definitely not be smooth, but the results are very rewarding. 

4. It’s not about having the same taste.

Design is a subjective piece of art, and whatever might be appealing to you might not have the same impact on another person. It wouldn’t be reasonable for you to expect your client to like the same things as you do. The one thing you should always understand, as is the case for any other type of business, the customer is always right.

While you may want to force your ideas on them, your client always has the final say. As a professional, you have to bring them up to speed with the latest trends and the best ideas for the said project. 

However, you should also be prepared just in case your ideas do not get implemented. If they tell you to paint the walls red, just smile and have it done so, even if you are against the idea. You may down your tools if the decisions or suggestions made by the clients go against your professional principles or if they might harm other people.

5. Multi-tasking is essential.

Being a freelancer simply means the ability to have as many clients as possible, while working on numerous projects at a go. As you continue to progress in your career, your workload will be a lot at some stage. Design work involves a lot of movements from one place to another while juggling all the other tasks associated with the field. You must be able to multi-task; otherwise, you will end up losing many clients and better-paying jobs. 

6. It will not be a boring office job.

The beauty of being a freelance interior designer in Dubai is that you will not have to remain stuck in an office the whole day. In reality, you will have to move around once in a while, if not regularly. There are meetings with clients to catch up with, architects, suppliers, contractors, consultants, and other essential people in your line of work. Furthermore, you may have to head out and outsource decorative materials to be used for the project, so you may not spend the entire day in an office. 

7. You must possess many skills.

An aspiring interior designer should wear many hats, with more than designing skills up their sleeves. Apart from having training and creativity, a good interior designer should also have:

  • Problem-solving skills
  • Intelligent flexibility
  • Excellent communication and people skills
  • Organization and management skills

Bottom line

It is never too late to become one of the best freelance interior designers in DubaiThese 7 tips will help you to maneuver the industry and make it out successfully. 

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Demand for freelance interior designers has relatively increased as compared to before. freelancing is slowly becoming popular with time.

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