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How to make a small living room look bigger and brighter

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Having a small living room can feel confining and honestly, a bit disappointing at times. With so many items to display or to help make your home feel more comfortable, we look forward so much to moving out. What happens when moving out to a bigger house is not an option? Then this article is for you. We will take you through some design concepts as prescribed by professionals, which you can use to fool the eye that you have a larger space. Let us get right to it.

1. Ditch the Overstuffed Furniture

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This should definitely be the first course of action on your list. Getting rid of overstuffed furniture especially the sofas, not only gives you more free space but also makes your living room seem bigger. Try looking for low-profile seats as they will give your living room a much better feel. Giving your sofa some space from the wall also does the trick. It creates some sort of breathing room, making your space seem bigger.

2. Lighten Up

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According to professional interior designers in Dubai, if you wish to make your living room look bigger, lighten everything up. From the paints to the accessories in the house. Some homeowners even prefer using wallpapers instead of paint to lighten up their rooms. Furthermore, you should not have very heavy curtains, these just bring out the illusion of a very tiny room. Heavy curtains also absorb light making your room appear tiny. Light fabrics, on the other hand, reflect light, which in turn makes your room appear bigger.

3. Invest in Smart Furniture

You have a small room but with millions (pun intended) of items to store. Worry not. Advancements in the field of interior design and of course carpentry have introduced us to smart furniture. With this multipurpose furniture, one item can be used for several other purposes. Seen a couch that can transform into a bed? What about a TV stand which can be used as a storage compartment for many items? This is exactly what we mean. When looking for such furniture, ensure to get light ones as well. Heavy furniture makes your house seem stuffy and too small. Get light furniture, especially the ones with taller legs as these allow light to pass throughout your house.

4. Large-sized Art is the answer

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When trying to decorate your small living room with art, opt for larger artworks. This gives your room a sense of space unlike when you have so many small-sized artworks. Furthermore, if you have to display small arts or even family photos, you may do so on one of the walls and not on all. Be careful not to have your home like a gallery by placing pictures and artworks everywhere, as this ends up making your house look stuffy and tiny. Know the limits.

5. Mirror Mirror on the Wall

Having large, wall-mounted mirrors on the walls of your living room can also do the trick. Mirrors are a great way of opening up rooms. Moreover, mirrors which have been kept on somehow dark walls, help bounce the light from the windows to the rest of your room. Try this and you will find the illusion really works!

Over to you

When looking to maximize your living room space and to make it appear more spacious, all you need is creativity. Get the help of freelancer interior designers in Dubai to help you out with the planning and the implementation. For a large-scale makeover, you may want to get in contact with the best interior design companies in Dubai to help you even further.

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