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How Wall Paints Affect Your Mood

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The colors we choose for our walls often reflect our personality. Selecting a color scheme can be challenging, especially if your sole aim is to provoke a specific mood. Experts in home interior design in Dubai offer advice on color schemes to settle on based on the client’s personality. For instance, your bedroom should be your happy place. You would want it painted with bright, warm colors that make you feel relaxed.

What Mood Do You Want to Provoke?

In deciding what color would best bring out the mood you want to create, let the furniture and fabric be your guide. These two are available in limited colors. Therefore, choosing them first and then deciding on the paint color, later on, will be easier.

Once you settle on the type of color you want, limit the total number of colors in that room to three to four. Interior design companies in UAE can refer you to painting services that will give you the effect you’re trying to achieve. Having too many colors gives the impression of a cluttered room.

Effects of Wall Colors on Your Mood

Colors are categorized into neutral, active, and passive. The brighter colors will make your room appear larger, while darker colors will do the contrary.

1. Yellow


Freelancing - Kitchen Yellow Yellow Kitchen Walls With Brown Cabinets

Yellow depicts happiness and sunshine. It is the best choice for bathrooms and kitchens due to its uplifting nature. When painted in hallways or other small spaces, it can have that welcoming effect.

As much as yellow is a happy color, studies have shown that people are more likely to lose their temper in an environment that has too much yellow. It is, therefore, not the best choice for the main color scheme. If you would like to incorporate some yellow, perhaps you should use it in strips together with other dark colors such as black or navy blue.

2. Red


Freelancing - Red Wall And Black Iron Frame For Bed

Red is one of the most intense colors. This color raises the heart rate, blood pressure, and speeds up respiration. In the dining or living room, red is known for drawing people together and sparkling conversation. This is probably one of the reasons why it is often used in restaurants.

While some may consider red too stimulating for bedrooms, red is also popularly known as the color of love. It is used to bring about that romantic feel.

3. Purple

Freelancing - Purple

Purple brings about a sense of sophistication. It is often associated with creativity and luxury. Purple provides depth to a color scheme. Lilac and lavender are the lighter versions of purple. They bring about the same sense of drama and sophistication, but without the chilly mood.

4. Blue


Freelancing - Cool Blue Lounge Room

Blue is known to have a calming effect as it slows down your heart rate and blood pressure. Due to its calming nature, this color can be painted almost everywhere in the house; be it the living room, bedroom, or bathroom.

Lighter shades of blue are the best choice for rooms that have large windows to let in natural light. Warmer blues such as turquoise would be best suited for the kitchen area.

5. Green


Freelancing - Green Office

Green is the most relaxing color to the eye regardless of the shade. It cools things down and may be the best color choice for your living room. It will not only encourage you to unwind but also create a sense of warmth and comfort in your personal space.

Green is a calming effect that has relieved people of stress by helping them to relax. This color scheme is also suitable for an office environment so that the pressures of work do not get into the workers’ heads.

6. Crimson

Freelancing - Sepcreate A Passionate Living Space

Crimson makes people more irritable. It is a color that invokes hostility and rage, and should never be used as the main color scheme. People who sit for long periods in crimson-themed rooms lack peace of mind and are likely to have anger outbursts.

7. Orange

Freelancing - Orange And White

Orange is an energetic color that evokes enthusiasm. It may not be the best color scheme for the bedroom, as the bedroom is supposed to be your resting place. This color works best in gyms as it depicts vibrancy and excitement. It will keep your energy levels up. You are more likely to get more work done with such a color in your environment.

Orange can also be used to brighten up kids’ parties.

9. Neutrals

Freelancing - Greige

Neutrals are colors such as black, white, grey, and brown. The value of neutral colors lies in their flexibility. These colors go with just about anything and can be used to tone down bright color schemes. For instance, the orange color may create a playful look if used in large proportions. It can, therefore, be neutralized by adding stripes of brown to make it less child-like.

Black is the best neutral color. Interior Designers in Dubai advise that all rooms need a black touch to give them some depth.

Most people tend to fear painting their walls white as they are prone to getting dirty. However, white opens up your place and creates the impression that the room is bigger than it is. It also evokes peace and calm and may leave you feeling relaxed after a long day. It is commonly used in an office environment due to its calming nature. However, it can still be applied in residential interior design in Dubai.

Neutral colors continue to gain more popularity in luxury interior design in Dubai. This is owed to the fact that they go well with all colors.

Effects of Colors on Ceilings

As a general rule, lighter ceilings create the impression that your walls are higher while darker ceilings create the impression that your ceilings are lower. The latter is not necessarily a bad thing because lower ceilings bring about coziness and warmth. If your aim is to make your place feel cozier, consider painting your ceiling with dark colors such as navy blue or dark shades of maroon.


Picking color schemes is an intimidating step, especially for beginners. Colors have the power to change the size of your room and affect your overall mood. You must take the time to learn what color will suit you. Think about how a particular color works for you; whether it evokes tranquillity or rage. If the color you settled for does not bring you a sense of peace or comfort, you can always keep repainting your space until you find one that uplifts you.

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