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Services Comparison: IKEA vs Home Centre vs Pan Emirates

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The online world has transformed the business in virtually every industry, including the furnishings industry. In fact, we have more competitors joining the household and furniture market with high-quality pieces and incredibly low rates. Therefore, the major online furniture stores like Ikea, Home Centre, and the Pan Emirates are all reinforcing their unique qualities to withstand immense competition from new market entrants. This redefining has yielded low market prices for high-quality fittings. 

When moving to a new place or country, you are going to be looking at a whole range of items to pack and bring with you. However, packing all the furniture pieces in your home might be a costly and long process. Since you will be looking to invest in a new set of furniture for your new home, knowledge of the best furniture stores will help you find suitable furniture pieces to match your home’s interior design. While you can still rely on the top 10 interior designing companies in Dubai and interior designers in the UAE for high-end furniture hacks, it is still vital to know the best place to shop for the fittings requiring transforming. 

Ikea vs Pan Emirates vs Home Centre

Online furniture stores can be incredibly affordable with their products. In fact, you will find their furniture suitable for designs and storage hacks for small bedrooms, if you are working in a limited space. However, you’ll be looking at more than prices if you want to get value for your investment. For that reason, this comparative analysis of the three furniture stores will be highlighting the key factors like warranty, payment option, delivery mode and so much more. 

When it comes to furniture shopping, the rule used to be, trying before buying. However, the rising numbers of reputable online retailers have made it easy for consumers to discern home décor and furnishings on the web with no trouble. Still, being careful prior to making an online purchase ensures you wind up with high-end fittings, at the best price. Bearing that in mind, here are the comparison factors for the three online furniture stores:

  • Return policy / Product return 
  • Shipping costs
  • Expedited Delivery 
  • Assembly service 
  • Delivery service
  • Click & Collect service
  • Finance options 
  • Order tracking service 
  • Removal and recycling 





Return policy

365 days to return your product

Product exchanges or refunds should be done within 14 days of purchase

You can cancel orders 3 days after the delivery date

Shipping costs

  • Small-item shipping starts at $9
  • Large items deliveries start at $39.99

Not available on company site

Free shipping on select orders above AED 500

Expedited delivery

  • Available as same day or next day delivery service
  • Service pricing starts at $64 and will vary according to demand and distance from the Ikea store

AED 250 for expedited deliveries

Service not specified on their website. Contact the company for more information.


  • The minimum price starts at $38 and can go up to $450
  • In-store delivery begins at $59

Free assembly on specific items with home delivery

  • Free assembly for items purchases of at least AED 500 and above


  • Costs between $29 and $59 depending on demand and distance to your home

Free delivery on AED 200 orders and above

Orders below AED 200 are charged AED 15 for delivery

  • Free delivery for items purchases of at least AED 500 and above
  • Purchases less than AED 500 attract an extra AED 100 for delivery

Click & Collect

  • Available with a free $5 gift to leverage on the $5 fee

Allows you to shop and pay online and collect in-store at the nearest participating center

  • Click and collect available in all their stores

Payment methods


  • IKEA gift cards, 
  • IKEA Projekt card
  • American Express
  • Discover
  • MasterCard
  • VISA, 
  • debit cards & cash

For online and phone purchases

  • IKEA gift cards (with PIN)
  • American Express
  • Discover
  • MasterCard
  • VISA

Visa or MasterCard Credit and Debit Cards

RuPay Debit Cards


Cash on Delivery

Wallets like Paytm, MobiKwik, and JioMoney


  • All UAE issued debit and credit cards
  • International Visa and MasterCard Debit or Debit cards
  • Cash on delivery

Order tracking

Fill in your order number online to see the position of your delivery

A comprehensive order tracking system

The Navigator app for order tracking

Removal and recycling

Service available for free on any mattress or sofa with home delivery


N/A. Contact the company for more information.

1. Return Policy 

Product returns, also known as return policies are the regulations set by retail merchants to take care of the process by which consumers exchange or return defective or unwanted merchandise that they have bought previously. 

Product returns are just an addition to the customer service retailers provide. Consequently, this added service tends to be liberal. Because of that, most customers embrace the mistaken belief that they can return items for a full refund irrespective of the surrounding conditions. In reality, however, individual online furniture stores enjoy a lot of freedom in creating their individual policies.   

2. Shipping Costs 

Shipping is often one of the most costly elements for the majority of e-commerce furniture stores, and it can be a pricey endeavor. Factors such as weight, packaging, and postage can affect the shipping costs of any e-commerce company. In order to help mitigate the costs of shipping products, most online furniture stores send their products like parts for assembly at various destinations. Doing this helps to reduce the size of the package and lower freight services costs. This is why the majority of online furniture stores design their products to be easy to assemble. 

3. Click and Collect

This is a service where a shopping facility allows consumers to order or buy goods from the store’s website and pick them from a local branch. Most customers today prefer using this hybrid e-commerce model for the convenience it provides. Click and collect is sometimes called BOPUS: “buy online, pickup in-store”. 

Retailers all over are beginning to appreciate the benefit of merging e-commerce and in-store shopping. Businesses will inspire you to buy online first and pick up later because it helps them save in many ways. Customers, on the other hand, are embracing this system since it instantly gratifies them. On top of that, the model comes with cost savings for deliveries. 

4. Expedited Delivery 

When shopping for furnishings on e-commerce sites, expedited delivery is one of the factors to consider. Simply, this is when a particular order or parcel gets priority over others to improve its delivery speed. For most shipping and delivery services, “expedited” provides different ways through which to achieve a faster speed of delivery. If you urgently need a particular furniture piece, it is vital to check whether your preferred online merchant has this service to guarantee timely delivery. 

5. Assembly Service

When shopping for furniture, you’ll want to keep in mind that the product you see on the web will come in parts to be assembled by the recipient. Besides helping to cut down on shipping expenses due to smaller package sizes, it further helps to reduce damages to the consignment while on transit. 

However, it is best to confirm whether the online furniture store assembles delivered products, as well as how much they charge for the service. 

6. Delivery Service

The terms “delivery” and “shipping” are becoming popular by the day, with the rise of online stores. Delivery services typically involve larger objects such as furniture and appliances that need installation or the delivery team fetching them inside your home. Smaller items including clothes, jewelry, shoes, and other accessories fall under the shipping category as they can be packaged in a box and sent to the consumer through a postal service. If you will be buying major pieces for the home, it means checking with your online merchant for delivery services.   

7. Finance Options 

Before checking out your cart basket during online shopping, you will often be asked to choose your preferred payment method. Online retailers are offering many different finance options today. All payment methods online merchants offer have their pros and cons. Whether you are considering paying through credit card, bank transfer, debit card, e-wallet, or any other option, be sure to research your preferred payment option. Customers typically have the option to select what’s best for their circumstances. The rule of thumb, however, is to opt for the most secure and least costly payment option. 

8. Order Tracking Service

It is a well-known fact with regulars of sending and receiving parcels that tracking orders have become a common commodity. Whether you are looking at small parcel delivery firms or big name couriers, the ability to track your order offers peace of mind. Getting to know the position of your parcel at any given time can be calming. If you are hesitant of purchasing that piece of furniture from an online store because it might disappear into thin air, be sure to check if your online merchant provides a comprehensive order-tracking process. 

9. Removal and Recycling

When refurbishing the homestead, means creating room for the new fittings. All the pieces you’ve collected over the years can pile up and add to the transportation and dumping costs. It is vital to select an online store with local agents that can remove and recycle your old furnishings. Besides creating room for what your purchase, doing this can ensure safety and control removal and recycling expenses. You, however, should check with your online furniture merchant to determine beforehand the fees for this service.  

The Bottom Line

While there are plenty of online stores from which you can make purchases, it is vital to establish the most reliable online store matching your furniture requirements. Before you begin looking at the best freelance interior designers in Dubai for your home renovation, you’ll want to take advantage of the comparison table above to help you match your needs to the right online furniture store. 

Many online stores in Dubai stock high-quality furnishings at reasonable rates. For instance, the Swedish store IKEA offers affordable shelves, bookcases, tables, and much more. Nonetheless, you will have to use a DIY strategy to assemble the items, or part with cash if IKEA is to do it for you. At the same time, furniture stores like Home Center and the Pan Emirates have an online presence as well as locations in most of the major malls. If you are looking to spend time on a proper hunt for furniture pieces, the above comparison of Ikea vs Home Centre vs the Pan Emirates should help you know where your money’s worth is at.  

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