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10 Major Interior Design Decorating Mistakes and How to avoid Them

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Making your interior design dreams come true can be quite challenging. Without the help of an experienced interior designer in Dubai, one might reach an impasse. Do not pressure yourself when you feel like you have made any of these mistakes, as no one is perfect. Getting a professional to give a hand is the best shot one has to achieve their interior decoration goals

Professional interior designers in the UAE have an eye for textures, patterns, colors, and how the furniture works. From the types of rug orientation to the lighting, any person wishing to transform their space needs to avoid the following mistakes. 

1. Not enough lighting

Extra light to the living space does not only makes things easier to see but also makes the room more dynamic. It opens up spaces and makes the house seem bigger than it actually is. One can achieve this by having;

Brightly colored accessories in the house.

Larger windows.

Brighter paint colors on the walls.

A dark room will make it hard to see things clearly, and some of your guests might find your living space ‘creepy’. Solution: Get extra overhead lighting if repainting or open up to larger windows. 

2. The fear of colors

If you have been in the interior design industry for a while, you will notice that color variations have much deeper meanings and huge impacts on your spaces. The biggest mistake the majority of homeowners make is picking a color that might not be the best for a particular space. Simply because you love deep blue doesn’t make it okay to paint your house that color; especially if it is a small area.

Do not be afraid to try out new hues. Before committing, ensure to do your research on the best paint colors to use in a living area and what they depict. 

3. Following trends

As a homeowner, the feeling that you get when you get visitors who will compliment your home for looking fantastic is priceless. Much of this is usually attributed to the trendy accessories you have in the space. There is a catch, however. For how long will that go on?

The problem with having trendy decorations is that they will be passed by time. They are not timeless; their era of being ‘trendy’ will soon come to an end. Instead of listening to what everyone out there is talking about, ask yourself, “What do I really love?” Try to embrace individualism and make your home as unique as possible.

4. Everything is proportionate

A couple of years back, having sofas or couches, with matching coffee tables, dining chairs, and everything else would have been awesome. In this generation, this is probably one of the most common mistakes people make. 

When you hire an interior design company in Dubai, they will try and mix it up for you. You can have leather sofas, an antique coffee table, and pair them up with a glass dining table. 

5. Scattered arrangements

Having a number of showpieces in the house? Do not make the mistake of having them placed all over the house. This is a major interior design flaw. Having a showpiece sitting on the table and another on the shelf makes it all disarranged and scattered. 

To give a place a proportional look, it is best to have similar showpieces in one place. Doing so provides the area with a more proportionate look.

6. Too much is…well…too much

Having several accessories to boost the look of your living space can be helpful. But not at all times, especially when you have too many of them. They make your room look messy and cluttered. Occasionally, people tend to go overboard with the decorations. They can mix too many paintings or any other decorative accessories.

Thinking that this might improve the looks of their homes, the opposite is the truth. If you have a sofa with too many pillows on it, consider eliminating some. Too many paintings or photos on the wall will only make the house look smaller and darker. Only use the ones you really need and do away with the others. 

7. Ignoring scale and proportion

Many people ignore the scale and proportion of their houses when they are decorating them. Scale herein refers to the size of your household goods. Proportion is the correlation between your house’s items and the entire room.

In the design industry, there is no one size fits all. Every space is unique and requires different approaches. You can easily get seduced by vast and expansive spaces, but without the right proportion, harmony and impact are lost. 

8. No accessories

You may have seen the impact too many accessories have on your living space. Did you know the same implications can be felt when there are no accessories? Some people underestimate the power of decorative accessories. They open up a house and bring more life to it.

The little, small touches make everything feel whole and complete. While budgeting set a small amount for artwork and other accessories. They are as important, as the furniture and electronics in your space.

9. Wrong placement of furniture

Finding the right furniture for your space is the beginning; placing them correctly is the tricky part. The best way of putting furniture such as your sofas and couches should depict a larger living space and be able to open up the house. Move them a bit further from the wall, unlike the conventional method of placing them against it.

10. Too many visible cables

Often unknown by many, too many exposed cables ruin a perfect look for your living space. It is best to go cable-free or have them inconspicuously hidden. 

Over to You

Now that you are aware of the biggest decorating mistakes, it is easier to avoid them. For much better results, we advise that you get in touch with skilled interior designers in Dubai. Sign up today to get professional services at affordable rates!

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