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Trending Living Room Decorating Tips in 2021 for a Welcoming Home

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Changing the outlook of your living room is a better way to start the year. It helps you harness your inner self and portray yourself with optimism, pop, and color that the New Year brings. You can exploit the creativity of a freelance interior designer in Dubai to bring a new sense of aura and buoyancy to your living room. A freelance designer can be able to turn your living room into a piece of art that speaks to your imagination and outlays your goals with colors, design layouts, and accessories that add a sense of life to your home. Nevertheless, if you have a tight budget, you can familiarize yourself with ways that you can decorate a home on a tight budget to make your home more inspiring in 2020.

Top Trending Living Room Designs that will make your home more Cheerful in 2020

1. Electric and boho looks

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If you had a single-style space in 2019, you could make your stay-at-home days in 2020 feel more lively by adopting a layered look. The fantastic thing about creating a boho look is that you are not limited. You can borrow from every style to create an appearance that is simply out of this world. You can create an electric living room by putting together the art pieces that you love and cherish. You should start with the anchor pieces like chairs and sofas and then add tables and an area rug to emphasize your living space before you can add other accessories. Some of the pieces that can give your space an edge include a checkered club chair, framed wall art, decorative pillows, and decorative floral jars.

2. Natural elements

Imagine letting your love for nature and its splendid characters become your everyday source of inspiration. You can ask your freelance interior designer in Dubai to refresh your living space with an organic style that features eco-friendly elements for a modern trendy look. To successfully get the desired appeal, you should use a neutral color palette, woven pieces, and some greenery. Greenery will help add serenity to your living room. Some of the accessories you can embrace in your redesign include houseplants, artificial trees, round reed wall mirrors, decorative throw, chandeliers, and wicker storage baskets, among others.

3. Maximalism

The goal is to have more and more pieces in your living room. The pieces should be creatively placed; otherwise, your living room will look cluttered. To get the best of this decorative design, it is helpful to use the skills of a proven freelance interior designer in Dubai especially if you intend to buy additional ornamental pieces. A designer will help you balance right depending on the size of your room as your decoration efforts should not hamper the functionality of your space. Some of the accessories you can add to get a stirring outcome include hanging plants, animal-themed pillows, wood-framed art deco, arched wall mirrors, and hanging scroll, among others.

4. Wallpapers

The modern wallpapers are not only stylish but also flexible. With wallpapers, you can have any design you can think of thanks to the vast choices available. The wallpapers come in endless options from bold patterns to inspiring cool patterns and nature-themed prints. Decorating with wallpapers is easy, especially if you are using removable wallpapers. Removable wallpapers give you a chance to experience different layouts that can always change if you find them not stirring enough.

5. Get rid of that coffee table

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Coffee tables are usually the focal point of almost any room, but that does not mean that it always has to be part of your living room. Instead of a coffee table, you should go for a stylish alternative to give your living space a feeling of uniqueness. Some of the inspiring coffee alternatives that you should use include decorative trunks, ottomans, accent tables, cabinets, chests, and end tables. Your choices are limitless as you only have to worry about the height and functionality of your preferred alternative. You should ensure that the alternative piece height is right with your sofa and that it has adequate space for your needs.

6. Wicker and rattan accents

Although you can use the wicker accent chairs to transform your space effectively, the look can be more seamless if you seek the services of a freelance interior designer in Dubai. An interior designer will make your wicker accent chairs blend beautifully with other furniture, especially the fabric upholstery and leather sofa. The designer will also be able to create any design, whether classic or contemporary using exciting accessories like geo-patterned pillows, sleek furniture, and modern accents to give your living area a distinctive trendy look.

7. Abstract accents

If you are looking to add intrigue to your space in 2020, you can create a focal point that will not only be a statement design but also overwhelming.  Creating a unique form is exciting and experimental as it can stand on its own as your room’s focal point or pair with other moving pieces of art for a picturesque appeal. Some of the ideas that you can use to transform your space include striking wall art, shapely chairs, and trendy pillows, among others. Abstract accents can transform any formal or traditional living room to feel more current. Some of the tools you can use to create an abstract include an accent chair, antique wall mirror, capturing framed wall art, and oval wall shelf, among others.

8. Lively Lighting

Lighting helps change the outlook of your living space to make it more relaxing and welcoming. It also gives you a chance to play with colors, art, patterns, and texture. Decorating with lights is endless and can extend even beyond your imagination with the help of an expert freelance interior designer in Dubai. You can harness the power of pendants and colored table lamps to express your style. You may also take advantage of wood bead fixtures to add natural material and texture to your space. Architect floor lamps, as well as table lights, can also create a playful style that will make people feel relaxed and joyful while relaxing in your living room.

The Wrap Up

When it comes to giving your home a new look that matches your New Year’s resolutions, the options are endless. Some stylings do not require you to spend money as you can use things readily available in your home to create a simple modern trendy look. However, if you are looking for detailed styling, it would be helpful if you could use the services of skilled freelance interior designers in Dubai. A designer will help you save time and money as you will only purchase elements that will help create an atmosphere that matches your imagination.

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