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The 101 On Kids’ Wardrobes: Everything You Must Know About Creating A Cool Storage Space For Your Child

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Designing a kid’s room in Dubai can be tricky. As the accommodation is quite expensive in Dubai. We only have limited space to fit everything we need. Truthfully, it will be challenging to know how and where to begin unless you have insightful guidance. Thankfully, the interior designing firms in Dubai are aware of the space issue faced by the residents in Dubai. Therefore, they layout a comprehensive design for small-sized rooms, with attention to the smallest details. Although, you do not need to hire an expensive Luxury interior designing company in Dubai to organize your wardrobes;  So if you’re looking for professional guidance at a fraction of the price, search no further. In this article, you will find all the tips you require to give your child proper storage space and most importantly, the coolest of wardrobes, whether or not you choose to hire a professional.

Where To Begin?

Interior design firms in Dubai will all tell you the same thing: you must organize your design process first. It is essential to always keep in mind when designing wardrobe internals that your resulting stationery needs to be an efficient storage space. There are proven health benefits to cleanliness. Therefore, it is your responsibility as a parent to ensure your children have the right tools to keep their space clean and organized. Not sure what those are? Consider starting your design process by making a primary assessment.

What Is A Primary Assessment?

Residential Interior Design in Dubai generally involves the client conducting a little home research, called the primary assessment. The primary assessment of your design task will include a small study of your child’s needs. This evaluation requires counting their toys, books, and other possessions, nothing their weights and sizes, and establishing your kid’s cleaning habits. This step is crucial because it will help you identify the type of storage best suited to your child’s daily life. Once you have completed this last stage, you are ready to pick a design! To facilitate your choice, we have created a list of wardrobe internal options. This list into sections based on the “type of child” they may cater to best.

Here is our 101 on Dubai interior decoration for kids.

1. The “Toy Adept”

There is nothing wrong with spoiling your kids with the newest toys. However, they will likely pile up, distracting your child from his other possessions like books or even clothes. To ensure your toy-loving child’s wardrobe doesn’t turn into a pile of robots and airplanes, wardrobe internals must involve:

A toy section: 

Though this may seem obvious, it is potentially the most challenging part of your design. You will need to assign the biggest space in the wardrobe to a toy compartment (preferably vertical), which should take up about half the wardrobe space. Consider initially splitting your wardrobe into two vertical halves – one for toys, and one for all other possessions. The toy section should contain a couple of small shelves. However, they must be high enough to offer ample “pit storage” for the larger toys that will remain at the bottom.

A luggage space:

If you don’t want your child to make a mess when it’s time for travel, ensure his or her bags and other luggage have a distinct pre-set space. Consider installing a small shelf at the very top of your second compartment. Since this shelf will mostly accommodate empty, kid-sized luggage, it doesn’t need to be particularly strong. 

Casual clothes space: 

The second shelf of your second storage compartment should be slightly longer than the first one. This shelf should also be within your child’s direct field of vision. The latter can be used for your child’s weekend or holiday clothes, casual T-shirts, shorts, and perhaps bathing suits.

A school uniform/formal clothing space: 

This third shelf should be the longest one; it must also entail a strong, long rod on which school uniforms and daily wear should be hung. This storage system allows the most frequently used items to be directly within your child’s reach. 

2. The Studious Child

If you have a rather academic child, it is likely that they are already versed in personal organization and keeping their space clean. However, you may need to make specific installations to ensure your child does not suffer too much to keep the place neat. For such a wardrobe, you will require:

A sturdy bookshelf

Children who prize their books tend to want to keep them safe and also relatively private. Consider splitting your child’s wardrobe horizontally, with a wide section at the top dedicated to books. This can be done either by installing a divider, or a large shelf that covers the wardrobe’s entire width. Make sure this shelf is set sturdily enough to manage even the heaviest of textbooks.

Drawers for clothes and toys

If your kid is a bookworm, it is unlikely the placement of their toys or clothes will matter to them overly much. Drawers are best suited to such kids because they provide them with the autonomy to keep clothes and toys away from their vision when need be. Consider installing four large drawers at the bottom of your wardrobe, splitting approximately a third of the vertical space into four sections. One can be dedicated to casual bottom wear, another to T-shirts, another to toys, and another to undergarments and bathing suits.

A uniform rod

Install a thick, robust rod in the empty middle space of your wardrobe for school uniforms and daily wear. Since there will be available space in this section, it can be used to store crafting boxes and other school equipment.

All Set? Ready To Go!

Nobody is going to pretend that interior designing for a child will be easy. Wardrobes are an important aspect of the basic design. Chances are, your child may not even know what they want in the first place. However, you can. With the help of the best freelance interior designers in Dubai, you can ensure your children’s desires and your parents’ vision are made into one wonderful reality. Why wait any longer? The most skilled Interior design consultants in Dubai are only a click away!

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