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9 Real Houseplants Interior Designers Can Buy Online

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You don’t have to be a gardening guru or one of the best freelance interior designers in Dubai to fill your home with beautiful indoor plants. Buying these easy-to-keep-alive plants virtually has been made easier and more curated over the years. Ever since they were first introduced on Amazon, many stores in the UAE have taken up the challenge to store even better varieties.

Having indoor plants in your living space has many advantages, including purifying the air you breathe, reducing anxiety, and boosting your concentration. All these are in addition to the general improvement of how your house looks like.

Amidst the Coronavirus pandemic, it will be hard to go shopping at the malls as the situation was once. This is why it is paramount to get used to shopping over the internet. To get you started, here are nine of the best plants that you can purchase virtually:

1. Spider plant 

This is sometimes referred to as an airplane plant. It is a flowering house plant that is easy to take care of. It tolerates average room conditions and is easily propagated. The airplane plant has slender, arching leaves that are dark-green in color with some creamy white stripes. 

The leaves grow from the center and can reach up to 30 cm long. The Spider Plant needs plenty of light and water.

2. Butterfly Plant

This is another type of indoor plant freelance interior designers in the UAE recommend getting. It is a fast-growing home plant with white centers on its green leaves. They are also known as arrowhead plants and can grow to approximately 12 ft. in height. The plants do well in low-to-medium light settings and thrive in bright indirect light. 

3. Bamboo palm

Also known as parlor palm, this is a species of a small palm tree and is often cultivated in temperate regions as a house plant. It grows to 2 meters long but with a prolonged growth rate. Minimal watering is needed in the winter. This means they are an excellent candidate to consider when giving your bathroom a new look.

4. Peacock plant 

The peacock plant has dark purple leaves with a silver-colored midrib. Also called the zebra plant, they are prized for their colorful foliage and can reach a maximum height of 36 inches. The plant should be kept away from direct sunlight. For best results, maintain a regular watering schedule and keep them moist.

5. Snake plant 

This is a well-known indoor plant because of its air-purifying properties. It can produce oxygen and boasts the highest conversion rate of carbon dioxide. It does well in low light conditions with less watering. They are some of the best options you have when setting up a bedroom for a more relaxed and serene environment.

6. Ornamental strawberry

Strawberries are quite easy to grow as they are winter hardy and will thrive in full sunshine as long as they are well-watered. The soil has to be fertile and well-drained. To ensure you get the biggest fruit crops, a heavy mulch should be applied, and plastic sheeting added to prevent weeds and conserve moisture.

7. Ficus Benjamina Cylinder

This is a popular house plant cheaply available for all plant lovers. The pale green foliage makes it look so lovely and natural in any home or office setup. It is easy to care for and will thrive well in low humidity.

8. Crassula Ovata

This is a commonly known houseplant, also referred to as the jade plant, lucky plant, or money tree. It is a succulent plant with pink and white flowers. It basically does not need much attention. Put it under a bright location and water it regularly.

9. Red Emerald Philodendron

This is one of the most common appealing types of houseplants. It is one of the easiest home plants to take care of and are leaders in the removal of toxic gases from the environment. They are capable of surviving in low light, but it grows faster and looks better in a medium-light.

Wrap Up

Make your home stand out and have fresh air to breathe by getting yourself one of these indoor plants. Learn where they are best placed, the best types of plants for your home, and how many to get, by getting in touch with the best freelance interior designers in Dubai today.

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