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The Best Paint Colors for Small Rooms

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Living in major cities has its perks such as quick access to medical care, more available modes of transport, and, of course, more job opportunities. The downside to this is that spaces have become smaller, yet the rent continues to remain high. The field of home interior design in Dubai has continued to flourish as more clients wish to get their small living spaces made better. How then can you make your small home virtually appear larger? Before choosing what color to settle on, you must take into consideration how much natural light penetrates your room. 

Wall painting must be strategic to open up the home with minimal investment. Typically, the brighter the color, the bigger your room will appear. This is because bright colors maximize natural light except for the color black, which we shall discuss later on. 

Getting Started

Supposing your space lacks large windows to allow in natural light, it is recommended that you use neon colors as these are brighter than the regular colors. Painting your ceiling and floors the same shade of color is one of the significant factors that would make the room appear bigger. This is one of the oldest tricks in residential interior design in Dubai. 

Therefore, if you are having a hard time deciding what color to choose, always ensure that it matches your ceiling and floors. 

For rooms with large windows, you could decide on a monochromatic scheme so that you can use different shades of the same color. Remember to use quality paint from trusted websites or stores that will leave your room with a shine to it.  Other than painting, you can also create the illusion of a bigger room by getting rid of unnecessary clutter or putting up shelves to create more space. 

Here are the 15 best colors suitable for small rooms in Dubai.

1. White

Freelancing - White Wall Red Sofa

This is the most prominent color choice for making your room appear bigger. White acts as a light absorber. For this reason, it will illuminate the most light as compared to other bright colors. Accessories such as silk or satin finishes will enable more light to be reflected, creating the illusion of a bigger space. 

The color white will show more results if painted in rooms that face south. To avoid having a completely white space with no life or personality, you can accessorize with items of other bright colors. For instance, you can choose to go with a thin wallpaper to go through the midsection of your wall. This would have to have a contrasting color such as red, violet, or light brown.

2. Grey

Freelancing - Grey Walls

Grey is the perfect balance for millennials who wouldn’t like their rooms to be too dark nor too bright. Warm grey is a softer shade and will create a calm and open space. It is also one of the colors that could smoothly go with just any other color. If you’re worried about grey creating a somber mood, you could always mix it with different bright colors such as yellow, red, green; the list is endless. At the end of the day, whatever color you choose shall easily blend with grey.

3. Cool Blue

Freelancing - Cool Blue Lounge Room

The cool blue visually enhances a space more as compared to warmer colors such as red. To create the best illusion of a large room, it is recommended that you paint both the walls and floors the same shade of cool blue. The same shades hide the line of discontinuity, and so it is easy for one to mistake the size of the room to be larger.

4. Lavender

Freelancing - Lavender

Roses aren’t the only flowers that have inspired shades for interior design companies in UAE. Known for its white-purple tone, the color lavender has slowly gained popularity in luxury interior design in Dubai over the years. The light purple shade accentuates well with bold colors such as orange, green, and yellow. 

Most modern offices have incorporated this color into their design as it creates a serene and relaxing environment. The more peaceful your background is, the more work you’re likely to get done. Interior designers have described this color as updated glamour.

5. Soft Pink

Freelancing - Soft Pink

While most people may think that pink is a feminine color, soft pink is one of the shades that will best create the illusion that your space is more prominent. It radiates warmth and creates that homey feeling.

For those people who may not want their entire wall to be pink in color, you may opt to paint just a small section of the wall in this color. For instance, stripes go well in creating illusions. You could, therefore, paint stripes of soft pink and white. This will lessen the amount of pink in the room and also make it appear brighter. 

There also exists the option of accentuating with different colors for pillows, wallpaper, and furniture. A color as bright as soft pink will especially work best in rooms with large windows as this will illuminate more light. 

6. Yellow

Freelancing - Yellow

Interior Design Square Rhthaivillageafcom Tan What Color Drapes Go With Yellow Walls And Brown Living Room Ideas Innovative Interior Design Square Rhthaivillageafcom

Yellow reflects light almost as well as white does. Natural yellow enhances the size of a room, and if you do not like the color white, this is your best alternative. For more diversity, you can combine this with other colors such as dark brown (for your coffee table) and a small strip of white for your wallpaper.

7. Sage

Freelancing - Sage

Select a light mossy green with some gray hints for small rooms which are close to your windows. During the summer, your sage walls will blend with the new foliage. When the winter becomes too cold to bear, your sage room will remind you that springtime is nearing. 

8. Aqua

Freelancing - Aqua

Aqua consists of mostly blues and greens. These different shades of colors put into one create a relaxed, friendly mood. This is probably the reason why you would find most spas painted in such. This color is also versatile such that it can easily blend with other dark colors such as black and navy blue. So if you would like to add some deep ambiance to the room, you could always combine this with colors such as black and navy blue.

The effects of aqua color are best visible in natural light. This color would, therefore, best be used in rooms with large windows and doors.

9. Greige

Freelancing - Greige

Greige is a color combination of grey and beige. The general rule is that brighter colors will create bigger rooms. Now since beige is already a shade of pink, greige will bring about that sense of balance of bright, but not too bright. It creates a corporate ambiance and can be painted in offices, fireplaces, and hallways. 

10. Purple

Freelancing - Purple

Of course, purple is not suitable for your large living room; but it may look much better in your small rooms due to its wild and loud nature. By limiting this color to your small room, you will create a stunning ‘pop effect’ that will not overwhelm the look of your interior house décor. 

11. Orange

Freelancing - Orange And White

Orange generally radiates warmth and energy. When painted in a setting where natural light is just enough, this color will absorb the natural light and reflect it all over your space. It is quite the bold shade and is commonly combined with other colors such as white. Brown furniture blends in easily with this color to create the illusion of a bigger space. 

12. Alabaster

Freelancing - Lane Home Furnishings Nora Alabaster Queen Sleeper 8010 04Q 14

Alabaster is a very light shade of grey that could easily be mistaken for grey. However, for the person with a keen eye, this shade would work well in a small room whose windows have white frames.

13. Turquoise

Freelancing - Turquoise

This color forms part of the neon color family. Due to its very bright nature, it is best used in rooms that do not have large doors or windows. Limited natural light would not affect the shade’s ability to make your small space appear larger. 

14. Hazel

Freelancing - Hazel

Hazel is a color combination of blue and grey. As some interior designers have labeled this color to be somewhat peaceful, it would work well in a small office space. It creates a larger illusion that is calm and would brighten up any small space with its vibrancy. 

15. Luminous Green

Freelancing - Luminous Green

This is also another bold shade that would need proper accessorizing to make your space look bigger and feel homey at the same time. For instance, dark furniture would tune down the brightness.

The upside to luminous green is that its effect would be visible even if your room does not have large windows that allow natural light in.

Over to You

The brighter the color, the bigger your room will appear to be. If having trouble choosing the perfect fit for your rooms, you can always seek help. There are highly skilled freelance interior designers in Dubai ready to sort out your problem.

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