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2021 Ultimate Hacks To Transform Ikea Furniture

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The booming IKEA furniture business has given birth to another industry: the Ikea hacks industry. Do-it-yourself enthusiasts have been at the forefront of running this trade, with Pinterest and other digital platforms as its headquarters. You could accurately call it the foundation of interior design in Dubai. With full-blown companies getting on board as well, the pending question is “which are the best IKEA furniture hacks?”

If you have no intention of splurging on novel furniture, but at the same time you are a fan of budget-friendly furnishings, consider the following top 20 Ikea hacks that are easy to implement and inexpensive. These hacks involve taking a basic of Ikea’s best-selling piece and giving it a new lease of life. Doing this will turn the piece into a “from where did you buy that?” feature in your space. Most of all, with simple ideas, you do not need any special DIY skills.

If you are struggling with your interior design in Dubai, some personalization and upcycling will transform the simple IKEA pieces into matchless and lavish-looking features in the home.

1. Ikea’s Ivar Cabinet 

You will love the funky spin of the simple Ivar cabinet by Ikea. Simply use a handsaw to cut four spindles of wood to the right length to act as legs. Sand the legs before covering them with neon spray paint of your choosing. Be sure to apply several light coats until you get the right blend of color. Once they are dry, fix the legs to the cabinet.

2. Billy bookcase for custom-made storage 

While Billy bookcases are much loved by consumers, you can still think outside the box with these pieces. Attach a single-width bookcase to the side of a double-width style. This helps to create an end that frees up your side panel. Cut to fit a vinyl chalkboard and mount on the free side panel. Doing this transforms your Billy bookcase into a more useful and versatile piece of furniture.

Besides offering all the storage you need in the household, you now have a memo board to write down all the important to-do lists for the family and so much more.

3. Customize the toy cupboard

You can update a basic Ikea Ivar pine cupboard using a lick of paint. Do you have any room in need of toy storage? Simply get some tester pots and some frog tape to transform the plain pine unit into a welcoming colorful addition in the room requiring storage for toys. You will want to wall-mount the piece to have plenty of play space on the floor.

4. Create a workspace using floating shelves and a painted panel

Are you wondering how to fashion out a great working space for youngsters at home? This simple Ikea Lack shelf hack should give you what you are looking for. Paint a panel section to dedicate a space in the room and carefully mount two floating shelves. Doing this will give the impression of a wall-mount. An extra wire memo rack should complete the space, alongside a compact desktop as well as a chair. If you add some clever magnetic strips, you can store nearly everything from pens to toy cars.

5. Fashion out a simple but stylish media unit 

We all know the Bekvam birch step stool is the resident hero in the preponderance of households. However, it has never been looked at from this angle. With two Fonnes wardrobe doors from Ikea running through the middle, the simple steps can act as a tailored media unit. You can still use MDF sheets, scaffolding boards, or salvaged boards, as long as they can support the weight of the items you intend to place on top.

You can always upgrade this incredible storage solution by using some paint splash to hide the various elements together.

6. A rail for houseplants

Do you crave houseplants in your living room but don’t know how to place them? Here is a perfect example of how to make something simple into a unique piece. The Ikea Racka curtain rod is given a new lease of life as a tailored hanging plant rail. This simple curtain pole typically comes with all fittings and is available in white, grey, or black. Use it to fashion out a wall display for your favorite flowers and plants in the home.

7. Kitchen roll hanging

Stylish cabinet handles made from leather can transform kitchens in many ways. In this case, you can use the striking Osteomas leather straps to create a bespoke memo-board for your kitchen. It is as simple as fixing two leather cabinet handles to the wall. Then,  insert a wooden dowel on both ends to create a fashionable holder for your kitchen. This quirky idea can also be an attractive store for foil, baking paper, or kitchen towels.

8. Make a custom lampshade using a basket

Natural materials have never been this popular as home fittings. This clever idea will change a simple storage basket into a designer-like lampshade without much effort. Using an Ikea Snidad rattan basket, remove the handles and spray it black or your color of choice to transform it instantly. Bore a small hole in the basket’s base to insert a bulb.

9. Create a console table with hairpin leg

With Ikea’s Ekby drawers, you can change the shelving units into a smooth hairpin-legs table ideal for the hallway or living room. Have the shelf units in a double stack and fix the metal legs to fashion an efficient and stylish storage solution.

10. Transform chest of drawers to get an industrial luxe look

For this idea, you are going to need the Malm chest of drawers and a screwdriver. Begin by attaching hairpin legs in your preferred metallic finish. Thereafter, paint the strips to match your drawers. The golden color is recommended to give a glam look.

11. Sewing Rugs Together

If you desperately need a large rug but only have a small budget, this simple Ikea hack will help solve your problem. Nine Ikea KLEJS mats costing $1.99 each sewn together will give you the floor covering you need to cozy up your space.

12. Kitchen storage hack

Repurposing the basic kitchen storage from Ikea transforms it into a wall-hung fixture for your workspace. You can give the spice rack and scoreboard a comprehensive overhaul just by using simple paint to tone in with your color palette. The kitchen spice rack will convert into a  shelf, as the Svartsjon toilet roll holders change to storage for bits that clutter up your drawers. Nail them into the wall for hanging.

13. Create a storage headboard

When you stack Ikea Trones shoe cabinets and fix them to the wall, they become a useful storage headboard. This ingenious hack can help you to store pajamas and clothes that you do not use regularly or your beddings. Changing the beddings just became a lot easier.

14. Rustic Box Hack

Your untreated Moppe mini chest drawers can get a complete makeover by using finishing wax for staining. Wipe the drawers using a damp cloth and allow them to dry. Then use wax or paintbrush to apply finishing wax on the entire piece. Be sure to instantly wipe off any excess wax using a clean rug. You can choose to apply plenty of wax if you need to achieve a lovely deep color. After the wax has dried up, do not forget to buff to a soft gleam.

15. Gold paint to upgrade the office-shelving unit

Begin by covering the shelves of your Fjalkinge shelving unit using newspaper. Be sure to tape down the newspaper with masking tape. Use a damp cloth to wipe down the frame and allow drying. Follow up with a metal primer spray and a metallic spray paint of your choosing. Let it dry before you apply a metal sealer.

16. Shelving-switch hack

If you are stuck with your interior design in the UAE for affordable storage, consider a switch for the Vittso shelving unit. Since the glass shelves for the unit are a little impractical, particularly with gathering dust, consider switching them out with cut-to-fit plywood. They are a stronger and more durable alternative.

17. Kids’ dressing area hack

Need some neat dressing space for the kids? Ikea’s Bekvam step stool can transform into a spending color-coded dressing area for your kids,  by using bright colors to paint the wooden stools. Any Ikea regular will straightaway recognize them to be Bekvam’s step. Once the stools are dry, space them along the wall and mark vertical lines of the same width as each seat.

18. Transform a boring chest of drawers into storage space

Just cover the Tarva chest of drawers in a preferred wallpaper. Start by painting the top and sides of the drawers using furniture paint with a chalky finish. After that, do away with the drawer handles and cut to size your chosen wallpaper for the front edges of each drawer. Using a wallpaper paste, stick the wallpaper on the drawers. Adding some clever ceramic knobs gives a perfect finish.

19. Ikea headboard hack

Select a fabric matching the shade of the wallpaper you chose for transforming the chest drawers above. Take the measurements of your Bekkestua headboard. Now double the measurements and give an additional 2cm on either side for hemming. Cut the fabric of choice to the right size and sew a 2cm hem using a machine. Finally, slip the cover over your headboard and tie the sides.

20. Ikea Bar Stools Hack

Paint wooden stools in two shades to achieve a dipped effect. Sand the Bosse barstool completely and clean it to remove dust traces. Use masking tape to cover around the legs at the intersection of the struts. Using a paintbrush, apply white paint to the top part and allow drying. Then flip the stool to remove the tape. Apply tape to protect the white paint and paint the bottom part of your bar stool using mid-grey color before allowing it to dry.

The Bottom Line

While there are wide-ranging ways to DIY, finding the right interior designs for your space can be challenging. With so many hacks on the internet to choose from, you may need some help to determine what works best for your case. You can be sure to select from the various profiles of freelance interior designers in Dubai at very affordable rates. At Bawabba, we guarantee you a direct connection to your expert of choice without having to deal with intermediaries.

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