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7 Trendy Kitchen island upgrades that instantly refresh the room // Interior Design Tips

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The kitchen remains one of the most used and cherished rooms in the house. There are several factors to consider to coming up with an upgrade or a renovation plan to revamp your kitchen. It is advisable, therefore, to engage the service of a freelance interior designer in Dubai to help you come up with a good proposal. Unlike in the traditional house setups where the kitchen is separate from the rest of the entire home like a back room of a cafeteria, modern home designers place the kitchen as the heart of a home. It is because cooking has become a family event, and people have gone to the extent of holding small parties inside the kitchen. The turn of events has broken the barriers of confinement and led to opening up the kitchen into a more welcoming space where you can entertain and interact with family and friends.

Keeping the kitchen neat and entirely upgraded with modern trends may be expensive. The process of remodeling, installing top counter units, and additional cabinets are time-consuming besides the high cost netted. Due to the constraints of time and cost, it is, therefore, best to identify a centerpiece and work around it. Go for the kitchen island and make it your centerpiece. It provides countertop space that can be used for dining as well. Some even have storage spaces. It is cost-effective and does not take a lot of your time to set up. There are many varieties available to select. Listed below are some of the trendy kitchen island upgrades that will suddenly give your room that refreshing look and feel.

7 Trendy kitchen Island Upgrades to Implement Now

You can either decide to update a kitchen island and revamp it to a whole new level that is trendy, or get a new one. Various kitchen island designs are modern and stylish. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, depending on your preference. You may decide to customize your set based on your prioritized functions. Making the right choice can prove challenging, especially for first-timers. Below are a few ideas to help guide you through remodeling or upgrading your kitchen island that will give a stunning refreshing modern look to your kitchen.

1. Make your island the center of attraction in your kitchen

Make a bold statement by choosing a kitchen island that stands out. In a highly decorated patterned kitchen, a brightly colored kitchen island can blend in with a difference. Add around bold Fuschia bar stools to complement the look. You can place an assortment of roses or lilies in a vase at the center of the counter piece, or a fruit basket will do. 

2. Use a kitchen island as a food preparation spot

For this activity, consider a heatproof countertop, stain proof, and waterproof. Nothing is more appropriate than a stainless steel countertop for this function. It is smooth and shiny, thereby making your kitchen look brighter and more extensive. A significant benefit is that after creating a variety of cookery arts, it is easy to remove stains from the steel surface. It blends well in an industrial or contemporary kitchen setup.

3. Brighten your kitchen with a solid wood island with a bright varnish finish

Look for a solid wood kitchen island with the slightest additions. The legs should be visible to enhance the expression of the open-air kitchen design. This look is ideal for a brisk coastal kitchen. The bright varnish finish exposes the wood revealing its natural look. It renders the item somewhat vintage and classy. The wooden island is ideal for an outdoor set up which may be challenging to achieve. However, with the help of a freelance interior designer in Dubai, the plan should not be difficult to fulfill.

4. Transform your kitchen with a wheeled kitchen island cart

With a kitchen island on the move, the countertop space can be useable from any corner within the kitchen. Therefore, it grants you the freedom to move it around and operate from any spot you desire around the kitchen. To reserve more space, you can push it aside and lock the wheels in place to prevent it from rolling over.

5. Blended kitchen island with countertops

 Acquire a kitchen island with a design and countertop material similar to the countertops and cabinets in your kitchen. You will notice that the island is a perfect fit instantly, even if it is significant. The setup will portray unity, thereby appearing more organized hence a beautifully balanced glimpse.

6. Amazing wooden countertop with a bold, black base

The combination of a wood countertop on a dark bottom states style and splendor. This choice of colors can blend in with a neutral or white kitchen. The mix brings some feeling of beauty and class to the entire kitchen setup.

7. Add a pepper granite countertop island to your kitchen set up

Pepper granite is similar to marble though darker and subtler. Its color and texture give an elegant surface that, when combined with light shades, brings out a beautiful finish. You can match the base material to the existing countertops and cabinets. It will make your island the centerpiece; hence changing the look of your kitchen will be such an easy task. By bringing in colorful bar stools, you have transformed your space into a newer look.


There are many kitchen island designs readily available in the market. However, before going for any ensure that you have enough space in your kitchen that can accommodate your preferred style. Get in touch with a freelance interior designer in Dubai to help you make the right choice for your home. Kitchen islands are not a privilege reserved exclusively for large rooms. Some designs can fit into smaller spaces as well. A portable island with ample storage spaces and a customized countertop is the right choice. It can be easily movable aside to free up more space in the kitchen, especially when it is not in use. You may also consider an island with a foldable drop leaf countertop paired with narrow exposed legs. The foldable drop leaves allow you to condense the island when not in use.  

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