Are You Thinking Of Turning Your Passion For Makeup Into A Career? Here’s How You Can Get Certified Online

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Make-up is a rapidly growing multi-billion dollar industry. Makeup artistry has seen a surge in public appeal since the rise of platforms such as InstagramPinterestand WeHeartit. These visual-centered sites have exposed make-up innovation, creativity, and skill from makeup adepts the world over. Many have since then traveled to the UAE to live their dream of becoming a makeup artist in Dubai. But makeup artistry isn’t just about learning and theories. Most make-up expertise will come from practice and research. Therefore, a certification in professional make-up artistry is the best option for all make-up adepts seeking to take their passion to a career level. 

But can you get your certification online? 

To put it simply, the answer is yes. The information below will tell you how. 

Make-Up Certification: What You Will Gain From It

A passion for makeup can turn into a business, source of employment, and steady income. However, most income-earning opportunities are given to professional make-up artists in the cosmetology field. Therefore, to become employed in theatre, movie, fashion shoot, costume and bridal make up in Dubai, you will need to have acquired distinct training in color palettes, make-up components, the study of face structure, and a variety of other skills. These skills will need to be applied with frequent practice, which will allow for the making of a portfolio. This portfolio will help you build a client base and testify to your expertise to prospective partners or employers. 

How To Certify In MakeUp Artistry

What Will Be Required From You

Makeup artists are usually found in beauty salons, entertainment industry events, birthday parties, proms, model shoots, and so many more daily situations. For many women, hiring a make-up artist for important events in their lives is essential. Therefore, certified artists will need to be able to provide satisfactory service in all those events.

A good makeup artist will need excellent customer service skills to deal with all types of customers. Tact and patience will be required to deal with clients suffering from stress or anxiety on important days of their lives. Customers will frequently struggle to communicate their exact wishes to the artist, who will then need to use expertise and intuition to satisfy the client. 

Make-up artistry requires the ability to stand for hours and remain focused on your work. Most makeup artists will require hours of practice before they are able to withstand prolonged make-up sessions. 

How To Get Your Certification Online

As you will be required to seek out bookings and practice your skills, you will need a certification system that can be tailored to your working schedule. Online Makeup certifications are available through a variety of local platforms such as the Emirates Dubai Makeup School and the London Academy Of Freelance Makeup. Both of these institutions offer quality training consistent with Dubai’s standards of quality and sophistication.

What You Should Seek In An Online Course 

Dubai has over a dozen makeup schools that currently offer online training. It will be up to you to decide on the school that will best cater to your needs. We advise that you seek the following in your prospective choice:

  • A network of alumni
  • Organized training programs
  • Access to educator guidance
  • International training opportunities
  • Global accreditation 
  • Job placement opportunities

Typically, your training will take 2-6 weeks. During this training, you can expect intensive placements and frequent bookings. It will be a fantastic opportunity to expand your portfolio. 

Follow the top beauty bloggers

Follow beauty bloggers on social media and youtube to stay updated with the latest trends.

Become A blogger

Once you have achieved the desired expertise and the necessary certification, share your passion with the world on social media. The more visible you are online, the more freelancing opportunities you will receive from your fans.

What To Do After Your Training

On average, makeup artists are reported to earn upwards of $25,000 a year. This number doubles with performance make-up specializations, which can be applied to the fields of cinema and TV both locally and internationally. Most Dubai makeup schools have offices in global capitals such as New York, Paris, and London, and international placement programs can be arranged. 

Our Personal Tips 

Once you have certified as a professional makeup artist, you will want to establish a specialization to expand your portfolio and maximize your earning potential. This will require equipment investment, as well as extensive practice and research. Consider investing in a high-quality camera to best present your work. Then, join platforms dedicated to the representation of freelance makeup artists. This will provide you with the opportunity to start earning as soon as you have acquired your certification. 

You will also need a certain amount of social media expertise to market your work. Therefore, you will want to network with other professionals in your field to share digital marketing tips and tricks. 

A Final Word

To become a certified makeup artist in Dubai, you will need to enroll in a short training course. The best makeup artists in Dubai have all used their training opportunities to travel and expand their client base. This has put the UAEs’ primary tourism destination at the forefront of cosmetology in the world. Therefore, it is no surprise that Dubai features some of the most skilled freelancers make up artists in the UAE. Click here to join our community of makeup professionals or to book one of our expert freelancers’ services.

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