Beauty Without Breaking The Bank: The Top Products You Need For Affordable Flawless Makeup

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To many women, makeup is more than an accessory: it is a daily identity statement. But achieving flawless skin or perfectly shaped brows can come at an ugly price; for it appears beauty costs. According to a study performed by Allure,  women in the US will spend up to $300,000 in their lives on their faces. With increasing makeup products costing upwards of hundreds of dollars, it can be challenging to doll yourself up on a limited budget. But rather than break the bank on some glam, why not invest in some drugstore beauty products? 

“Drugstore” beauty products – or affordable beauty products generally sold on pharmacy and shop countertops – are a great alternative for women looking for skin-friendly products at a fraction of the big brand costs. 

However, it is important to note that the price of a makeup item will depend on the complexity of its component mix. Foundations and creams, for example, will generally be much more expensive than eye-makeup and powders. It may be wise to invest in a moderate to high-quality foundation or skincare collection because such products will have the most impact on your skin clarity. Therefore, this article will focus predominantly on eye makeup, lipsticks, and powders, with a couple of notable mentions on affordable foundations you can trust as a consumer or makeup artist in Dubai

What To Look For In A Good Beauty Product

When shopping for makeup, it can be tempting to opt for the brightest coloring or the most appealing packaging. However, the quality of a beauty product will have more to do with how little it slips and how long it keeps its vibrancy. A good product will also need to have minimal effect on your skin and be easy to wash off. Therefore, you will want to check the reviews of products before you use them in your makeup routine. Fortunately, we have done this review for you. 

Our Pick Of 10 Best Affordable Beauty Products 

1. Covergirl’s Silky Base Triple Duty Foundation

This is perhaps the only foundation worth investing in if your budget is limited. Coming in at a bottom-level average price, this super fluid foundation is perfect if you want to keep it light and fresh. This product combines a primer, concealer, and foundation all in one, which cuts the application time. If you’re a dynamic woman on the move, this is probably the product for you. Because of its silky base, this foundation is particularly light and makes for an even, natural finish.

Average Retail Price: AED 34

2. Covergirl’s LashBlast Volume Waterproof Mascara

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It’s true: Covergirl remains one of the true trustworthy budget-friendly brands. With its affordable mascara, Covergirl provides every girl with a sultry, velvety look with only a few strokes. The LashBlast’s wand has an extra thick edge, which makes for easy spreading of the product even in the corner lashes. The LashBlast formula dries exceptionally fast, allowing for the packing of several layers. 

Average Retail Price: AED 13

3. Maybelline’s Dream Fresh BB Cream (SPF 30)

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Wouldn’t it feel like magic to simply apply water-light, sheer moisture on your face, and suddenly look picture-perfect? Well, Maybelline’s Dream Fresh does just that. This extra sheer foundation acts both as a sunscreen and an SPF, making for perfect blending in varying skin shades and tones. This product is perfect for women opting for an extra-natural look. This is one of the most affordable double-duty foundations on the market. 

Average retail price: AED 95

4. Nyx Photogenic Concealer (Wand)

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This wand is a favorite pick of make-up artists in Dubai because of its ease of application. It permits the targeting of problem areas around the eye with a couple of swipes. It also facilitates complex contouring, which is a favorite of the modern woman. 

Average Retail Price: AED 16

5. L’Oreal Paris Unbelieva-Brow Longwear Waterproof Brow Gel

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High-end brands occasionally surprise their consumers by creating cheap products consistent with their level of quality. With the importance of a defined, statement brow in today’s makeup trends, L’Oreal was quick to get in on the market. The brow gel is applied with a wand similar to that of mascara. The dual ends of the brush allow for varied shaping and the gel comes in 5 different shades. A strong point of this product is that, according to the best makeup artists in Dubai, it will not budge or even smudge under the strong UAE sun.

This gel is an ideal option for makeup beginners still assessing their preferred brow shapes and filling density. If you’re uncertain how to use brow gel, don’t worry. The L’Oreal Paris wand is much easier to use than traditional eyebrow makeup tools. It provides better precision than eyebrow brushes and powders.  

Average Retail Price: AED 52

6. Covergirl Cheekers Blush

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The Cheekers blush is possibly the only award-winning blush you will be able to snag for a fraction of its competitors’ pricing. This blush is available in most drugstores because of the lightness of its tint, which can suit most skin tones. This blush does not shift or wear off even with sweat or minimal water exposure. In fact, it turns into a full-blown waterproof product with the application of a makeup after-spray or primer. This blush comes in a small packaging that fits even in the smallest of pencil cases and is a great pick for young girls looking for subtle makeup options.

This blush is an ideal complement to a matte contour. It provides a “doll” touch adjacent to the current theater-esque makeup trends. 

Average Retail Price: AED 13

7. Flower’s Shimmer & Strobe Highlighting Palette

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While all women will look for affordable picks, none wishes for products that appear as cheap as they are. The Flower palette is a perfect example of “budget luxe”, which brands like Covergirl have been pushing for years. Its rich, golden palette combines velvety powders, which can be used both on the eyelids and as highlighters. The palette is made up of pastels and shimmery, warm tones. This palette is perfect for bright summer looks characteristic of the Dubai makeup scene. This gorgeous palette/shimmer/highlighter can be yours. This is an incredible bargain, considering most palettes providing such pigmented powder will easily cost you double.

Average Retail Price: AED 13

8. Coty’s Airspun Loose Face Powder

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Loose face powder is essential. Seasoned makeup artists will know that a make-up routine isn’t complete without a setting (or “after”) spray or loose powder. This powder will cinch your makeup into place, even as your pores open to release heat and your skin flushes from the varying temperatures of Dubai living. The loose face powder will absorb all the extra moisture in your skin, making the makeup dry into the opening of your pores. As the powder gets absorbed, the pores close, making the makeup practically water and sweatproof. Coty’s powder provides a particularly matte finish. It smooths an entire contour and limits the likelihood of a “flashback” foundation effect on pictures. 

Average Retail Price: AED 26

9. Revlon’s Illuminance Creme Shadow

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Revlon is known for its affordable eyeshadows. An exotic eye-shadowing can intensify your gaze and draw attention to the coloring of your eyes. Revlon is no novice to eye-shadowing. Therefore, the brand has known for years that the more varied the hues of a palette, the more uses their user can derive from it. The Illuminance Creme Shadow palette provides rich, golden oranges, yellows, and browns for extremely flattering, glowy looks. The pigmenting of the shadows aren’t too shiny, which makes the final result more subtle and engaging. 

This small, 4-color palette is available for incredibly competitive pricing. It is a must-have for modern beach looks and glamorous outings. 

Average Retail Price: AED 22

10. Neutrogena’s Oil-Free Eye Makeup Remover

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Good makeup is pointless if it leaves your skin tired and unclean. Unfortunately, dark eye-makeup and thick mascara can often be a pain to remove. This leads to clumpy eyelids – which may eventually fall off – and excess sebum production. Therefore, makeup removal is as essential in self-care as any other hygiene routine. Neutrogena has been known for years to provide reliable makeup removers at affordable rates. The Oil-free eye makeup remover is no different. Not only does it bear none of the harmful oils which may lead to allergies and other reactions, but it is also particularly effective at removing even the darkest of Khol liners. This product is our pick of the best affordable beauty product on the market. 

Average Retail Price: AED 22

Our Additional Tip 

Being able to save on makeup will require combining affordable products you know to have aesthetically pleasing results and luxury items for the best skincare. This means that you should be willing to splurge on the more complex creams. However, we believe as you embark on your career as a freelance makeup artist in Dubai, you should mostly invest in affordable, drugstore mascaras and powders. Mixing primer with shadow colors will increase their pigmentation. Therefore, they need not cost you upwards of AED 55 to provide stunning effects. 

A Concluding Note 

Dubai is a haven for cosmetic adepts. From the latest beauty treatments to its world-class selection of beauty retailers, Dubai features every desirable cosmetic product in the world. However, as a den of luxury and opulence, it can appear to offer only the most expensive of products. Luckily, you now know this is not to be the case.

You should note, either as a prospective client or emerging artist in the UAE that the lowest makeup artist in Dubai prices will comport the use of affordable products. Dubai has some of the best affordable beauty products in the world. Its selection has both locally produced and imported products from global beauty titans.

Our selection of freelance makeup artists in Dubai is versed in using the best, most cost-effective products in their work to guarantee affordable service. Register with us today to join our community of skilled professionals. 

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