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How Long Does it Take to See Results With a Personal Trainer?

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We live in a society that expects immediate results and instant gratification. From the internet connection to communication lines, people are never satisfied with slow processes. The same applies to fitness results. People expect to work out in a day or two and want to see the results start showing. Well, this is probably why the get-fit-quick pills and supplements are a billion-dollar industry

Many people want to alter their hormones and achieve a good-looking, fit body without earning it. The best personal fitness trainers in Dubai know that there is no quick fix to a healthy fit body. This is why it is recommended that you get one and stick to a routine workout strategy. How long does it take for one to see those results? Read on to get a comprehensive answer.

Different Benefits Happen at Different Times

Many people resort to hiring fitness trainers in the UAE. They have much more experience and expertise to help one achieve their fitness goals. Furthermore, these trainers will not only help you in picking the right exercise but will also take you through the intensity of the same.

However, a personal fitness trainer is not a magic pill. The results which you will see will mostly depend on your perseverance and dedication. The results will be seen depending on your goals, within a couple of days to a few weeks.

Training for Strength and Mass

personal trainer will customize your training schedule if you are planning on gaining strength and bodybuilding. As mentioned, the intensity and duration of the training will have a significant impact on the results.

If you are new to training, the results are much likely to be seen faster as our bodies tend to respond at a better rate to new stimuli. You will begin noticing some change as your muscles start to become more defined within a month.

If you have been training before the results will take a little bit longer to be noticed. This is attributed to the fact that your muscles are used to stretching hence will take longer to respond to the stimuli. It can take between four to six weeks before you notice any changes.

Training for Fat Loss

For the best fat loss results, your fitness trainer will customize a schedule for you, based on how many days in a week you are available for training. In this case, the results you will see will depend on the calories burned, muscles gained, and how your diet is managed.

Assuming you follow everything your trainer asks of you, and that you are sticking to a calorie-controlled diet, a beginner will see results faster. There could be a weight loss of up to 3 pounds per week, in the first few weeks. As time goes by, the amount of fat loss will taper off a little bit.

Within three to six weeks, you will have started seeing favorable results. Your training does not, however, end there. You will have to maintain your achieved weight by regular exercising and watching your diet. 

Get a Personal Trainer Today

Dedication and consistency are all that are required to gain results with a weight loss program. Get yourself a personal fitness trainer in Dubai today, for an even better realization of results.

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