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How Does REPs Training Help Personal Trainers Enhance Their Skills

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What is REP

There is nothing as worrying as the imagination of an injury during Training. To ensure that the public gets professional training from qualified trainers, a Register of Exercise Professionals (REP) was necessary. A personal trainer should be a person who has the skills, expertise, and professionalism.

REP is a member of the international confederation of Exercise Professionals. This is to say that REP members in UAE can work globally as professional trainers.

REPs provide regulation for health and fitness instructors internationally. The regulation ensures that the trainers meet the agreed.

Train as a personal trainer

With an increased demand for trainers in gymnasiums, anyone who wants to train as a personal trainer would say this is good news. The set REP standards do not accept all training programmes. That is why every serious prospective personal trainer needs to take REPs personal trainer course.

Remember, you will meet with clients who will put your professionalism to the task.  That is why your skills as a trainer need to be top in the market.

You don’t just wake up one day and start training.

You have to learn from the pros for you to be one. You need to be sure whatever you are doing is acceptable.

That’s where you need REPs

The combination of knowledge and enhance skills put you on the right footing as a trainer.

Benefits of REP Training

1. Promotes Professional services

REPs require that its members keep learning and developing on their knowledge and skills. Continuing Professional Development (CPD) builds on a member’s existing REP qualification.

For skills that are outside of REPs qualification categories, REPs requires that trainers take assessed courses.

All assessed courses have at least 8 points, and any personal trainer needs to add at least 10 points annually. They do so by taking classes.

Therefore, CPD builds members fundamentals while they enjoy REPs insurance cover.

For you to enjoy the insurance cover as you need to complete endorsed and assessed training programs. In so doing, the REPs can quantify that you’re competent enough to deliver training.

With CPD, members can work legally, effectively and safely.

2. Develop your skills

Every working tool needs some sharpening over time. With lifestyles changing so fast, also your clients will vary. The change comes with new challenges. For you to remain relevant in the market, honing your skills is inevitable.

REPs has over 2000 endorsed training programmes that cover a host of disciplines. With this kind of training, your customers will have trust in you once they realize you have skills that are relevant to their exercise needs.

After training, you earn the authority to give professional advice to your trainees. Be it on diet or exercise routine; you will be appropriately equipped.

By developing your skills, you become a sensation in the industry. No client would like to work with an outdated trainer.

3. Be able to work globally

With REPs membership, your skills earn recognition as a trainer in various countries that include The United Kingdom, Australia, USA, and others. Once you are a member, you gain the freedom to move and continue working in your area of interest as a trainer.

Wherever you go, the general public needs more quality trainers due to change of lifestyles even in the UAE.

Also, professional athletes are always in need of professional trainers. Once you are recognized globally as a professional, some of these athletes may want to work with you. Therefore, several countries across the globe will legally accept you as a trainer.

There are countries where taking to the gym is the norm while in others, gyms are yet to gain popularity. You may move to a state where the general population most needs your services.

By doing so, you enjoy your work, and your business growth is assured.

4. Advanced communication skills

Since you will be dealing with different personalities as a trainer, you need to understand how to handle each client as an individual. Communication is a skill by which all your other abilities thrive.

Some clients come for training as a medical therapy to ailments. Others have problems with body weight, while others may be training to keep fit.

Each of your clients will have challenges. You need to reassure them that all is going to be well. You need to help your clients to make training schedules that work best for them and also set reasonable training goals.

Also, at times, emotions might run high as anxiety may get the better part of some trainees. As a professional in training, you need to learn how to keep calm and keep your clients composed too.

5. Enjoy Peace of Mind

Peace of mind is paramount when it comes to performing any professional task. With REPs, you are at peace the moment you learn that their insurance has you covered.

The cover includes personal accident and public liability cover. Their legal helpline is always ready to support by giving advice and counseling when a need arises.

Once you realise you are qualified, certified, and covered, you will direct your energies at giving the best to your clients without any need to worry.

Your clients will believe you are the best since you will be giving your best service at peace. On seeing your composure, be assured you will get more referrals.


As a trainer, you need to keep up with the needs of your potential clients. The only way to achieve this is by enrolling in continuing professional development.

REP ensures that you get the best and opens a broad international market for your skills. The CPD helps you to stay in touch with training developments and keeps your skills honed for the market.

The freedom you enjoy in choosing which country to work from, and the peace that you feel knowing that you are well covered cannot be sacrificed for anything.

That’s why taking REPs training is the best decision a serious trainer in the UAE will ever make.

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