10 Best Fashion Photographers in Dubai

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Fashion photography is another genre of photography. It captures the clothing and other items of fashion. It ranges from old to modern-day styles. Several trends fall into this type of photography.

This type of photography has existed as long as photography was introduced. Fashion photography has since evolved. It is now more advanced than ever. Below, we talk about some such Fashion photographers in Dubai.

Mazen Abu Srour

Maze Abu Srour is one of the most recognized fashion photographers in Dubai. His name comes up very frequently when the fashion industry decides to have a photoshoot of their models. He is famous for his work in India, Egypt, and many other countries.

Mazen is known for his vibrant use of colors and impeccable choice of locations. His work is featured in VOGUE editions, Harper’s Bazaar Arabia, ELLE, GRAZIA, and many other reputable magazines.

He is recognized as one of the best celebrity photographers. He has worked with prominent figures such as Deepika Padukone, Tara Emad, George Kudahi, Nikolaj-Coster Waldau, Shah Rukh Khan, and many more.

He is also famous amongst brand photoshoots. He is seen to be working with GUCCI, Dior, Dolce&Gabbana, Samsung Galaxy, CHANEL, and tons more. This is the reason why he is the most sought after artist.

Atif AbuSamra

Atif AbuSamra was born in Khartoum, Sudan. He was then taken to Belgrade, the capital of the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. He then went with his mom to London where he graduated from University College in Civil Engineering.

There he also won the award for the best design. It could be presumed that those were the signs of early talent. Then one of his friends told him to pursue something related to arts because he had the talent for that.

Eventually, AbuSamra left his full-time employment and became a commercial photographer in 2010. Since then, he has been a success.

Sameer Belvalker

Heading the fashion photography division at Crew Fashion Photography, Sammer is also one of the best fashion photographers in Dubai. Sameer began his photography career about fifteen years ago.

He likes to take minimalistic pictures and is really great at them too. He claims to be self-taught and has risen to such heights.

Sameer also offers 360-degree photography and peripheral services to whoever he works with.

Toufic Araman

Toufic Araman is also one of the best fashion photographers in Dubai. He has worked in fashion, lifestyle, hair, jewelry, beauty, and many other areas. He distributes his time between New York and Dubai.

Toufic is an award-winning photographer whose work is cherished by multiple people. He is the founder and owner of Arman Studio where he works on his masterpieces.

Alex Jefferies

Alex Jefferies is also one of the common names in the fashion photography industry. He also has the Alex Jefferies Photography Group. He is a professional fashion photographer in Dubai but working worldwide.

Alex has been a Dubai resident for the past 15 years. He holds an associateship qualification from the British Institute of Professional Photography. He specializes in interior and architecture clients.


Kamie has a very strong portfolio. He has photographs of the most stunning celebrities in the world. His brand name is certainly associated with elegance and class. Kamie has completed his studies in photography, television, and film. Since then he has worked hard to be the best fashion photographer in Dubai

His works are known in Pakistan, Thailand, and Egypt. As we know, Kamie has been working for the past 6 years and has built quite a reputation for himself. His special works involve pre and post-wedding photo shoot.

Pankaj Shah

Pankaj Shah is also a notable fashion photographer in Dubai. She is known to move to Dubai in 1998. She is also known to work in U.K, USA, Singapore, and Japan.

Because of her diverse portfolio, she has been successful in getting as many opportunities as she wants. She has worked with 250 plus magazines and book covers all over the world.

Jef Anog

Jef Anog is a theater actor. But he is also a professional fashion photographer in Dubai. He has vast training and versatility under his name. With a keen interest in fashion and lifestyle, he has quite amazing years for work.

He has been providing professional photography services to all types of clients. He has worked with individuals and commercial clients respectively. His work has also been featured in many magazines.

They include Forbes Women Magazine, MONA AL MANSOURI, Eluxe Magazine, and many others.

Maha Nasra Edde

Maha Nasra Edde was born in Beirut. She currently resides in the United Arab Emirates. Her journey is also an interesting one. She started in Canada as a Designer and Arts Director for several years. After working there, she started to improve her photography skills.

Then, she moved to Dubai to further her works in photography. She became a professional and started working in Beauty, Lifestyle, and Luxury Brands. Ever since 2002, she has become one of the best and hardworking fashion photographers in the region.

Issa Saleh

Issa Saleh also carries an amazing story. He is an Omani photographer. The amazing thing about him is that he was raised in multiple countries in the Middle East and North Africa.

It could be easily deduced that his exposure to all of these cultures is what inspired the artist in him. More so, his photography is filled with cultural heritage and modern traditions.

Issa phenomenal work has also been featured in prestigious magazines such as Forbes. He is also a regular contributor to Marie Claire. His work as a commercial photographer helps him interact with people whom he photographs, as he creates his own name in the fashion industry.

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