10 Prime Spots For The Best Photography In Dubai

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Dubai is easily recognizable for its fascinating skyline and mystifying desert that define the work of every freelance photographer in Dubai. However, beyond the desert mysteries and the dominating skyline, Dubai has fantastic places that are great for the trendiest photography. Dubai is synonymous with wealth and affluence. The best images in Dubai should truly highlight the reputation of Dubai by highlighting the grandest that defines the city. While the majority of places are famous for their architectural allure or natural appeal, you can also come across sites that exemplify the culture and artistic element of people who dwell in the city. Almost every part of Dubai is attractive, but there are some places that you cannot get enough of while in Dubai and you may need a few photoshoots that will always rekindle your Dubai memories.

Top 10 Places Where You Should Take Photos In Dubai

1. Dubai Desert

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The first place where most people visit when they come to Dubai is the magical desert. With a four-by-four car, the feeling that you will experience as you float over the dunes in the west of Dubai is incredible. The desert will give you natural patterns and formations of nature that are unique. The patterns and formations often change, which means that you may be lucky to capture something that has never been captured before.

2. Dubai Main Beach

Dubai’s main beach shows nature at its best. The image of the sun and sea meeting on the horizon is infectious. You can test your photography skills by trying to capture a great shot of the Persian Gulf waves as they gently lap the shoreline. However, you would better focus on the sea to avoid taking photos of tourists on the beach for legal purposes as it is against the photography laws in Dubai and the UAE.

3. Burj Khalifa

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The tallest building in Dubai is not only mighty on the skyline, but it is impressive to watch. The one-kilometer building gives a continuous rise, with the top being out of sight for most people with long-distance vision problems. The building decorates the skyline with a five-minute fountain dance that happens every 30 minutes, starting at 6 PM to 11 PM. You should also get your camera ready to capture daytime shows that happen at 1 PM and 1:30 PM every day except Friday when the shows happen at 1:30 PM and 2 PM. The best site to capture the mesmerizing Burj Khalifa shows is the Souk Al Bahar.

4. Jumeirah Palm – Fairmont Beach

There are many places where you can capture the imaginative Skyline of Dubai, but the Fairmont beach stands out among the rest. In this place, you will be able to capture a scenic view of the imposing Dubai Marina skyscrapers looking like the Star Wars from a distance all from the water. However, you will need to be either staying in a hotel in the area to access the beaches. You can also request a day pass to access the area. You will also find the series of outdoor cabanas highly attractive.

5. Madinat Jumeirah

A visit to the UAE is never complete without a visit to the most beautiful hotel in Dubai. Lined-up canals that feature Arabian-styled buildings and palms create a fantastic Burj-al-Arab backdrop. The entrance to the Madinat Jumeirah Souk is a great place to take photos if you are not staying at the hotel.

6. Bastakiya

Dubai is not all about attractive skyline and infectious beaches. Bastakiya shows you the other side of Dubai. As one of the oldest neighborhoods in Dubai, the place has slowly transitioned into the home of art Dubai. With its history dating back to the old pearl diving and trading days, the place allows a freelance photographer in Dubai to experience the growing arts scene and coffee museum. The area offers a host of photography opportunities as you mesmerize on the traditional architecture, mosques, and narrow side streets. To get to Bastakiya, you will need to take a bus.

7. Dubai Creek 

Dubai Creek is the site where you will experience real Dubai life. The site is home to small Abra’s those sail people up and down the creek. A tour around the creek gives you an insight into what people experience every day in their daily to and from routines. The best time to take a tour around the creek is before sunset. You will be able to explore the Textile Souk and Spice Souk.

8. Ras Al Khor 

 Very few people know that Dubai is home to wildlife. The architectural beauty and the excellent beaches have taken precedence, but you can view Flamingos in Dubai and other areas in the UAE between October and April. Ras Al Khor is the prime spot where you will be able to view thousands of flamingos as they migrate to and from the wetland nature reserve of Ras Al Khor.

9. Al Qudra Lakes 

Although the Al Qudra Lakes are man-made, they have become part of the Dubai ecosystem. The lakes are home to migratory and introduced birds. Lying only 40 minutes’ drive away from Downtown Dubai, the lakes are an oasis of life in the heart of the desert. You should visit the lakes for bird watching, walking, and camping during winter. You can capture a magnificent photo during sunset or sunrise.

10. Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve

The reserve is a protected area that hosts the biodiversity of the desert. At the site, you will be able to take photos as you commute with a camel or an Arabian Oryx that was once endangered. You can also choose to take an off-road into the dunes to enjoy dinner at a Bedouin camp.

Wrap Up

While Dubai has a host of well-known malls, your career as a freelance photographer in Dubai will not be limited to only capturing the famous, exhilarating skyline or enlivening beaches. Dubai has a host of exciting places where you can explore and capture distinctive images. However, it is worth noting that some areas are limited, and thus, you should familiarize yourself with the rules before you can start taking shots. You should also take care not to take photos of people without their authorization as it can lead to legal challenges.

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