10 Industries Hiring Videographers in Dubai

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Are you a freelance Videographer in Dubai? Are you wondering where your next client will come from? Well, that is everybody’s worry. However, getting hired as a freelance Videographer in Dubai may not be as overwhelming as you think.

Due to its ever-increasing stature as an economic hub, Dubai has many industries that could be your next employer. This article breaks down the top 10 industries hiring videographers in Dubai.  But first, let us look into what freelance videography entails.

Becoming a videographer in Dubai is always a dream for a film lover. However, the path toward realizing this dream is never as simple as thought. Accordingly, there is no one clear path you can follow to become a great videographer.

If you take a closer look at some of the most established videographers, you will notice that they all followed the same steps differently. The big breakthrough comes after a series of dedications.

What is a Videographer?

A videographer is often the person behind the camera, shooting and creating different types of videos, such as B-roll footage and corporate films. In most cases, a videographer shoots and edits the film to take the entire project to completion. Accordingly, videographers mostly work as freelancers.

To become a professional freelance videographer in Dubai, you need to:

  • Study film-making history
  • Learn from the best
  • Develop a great network and
  • Polish your skills

Such are must-do factors before you can get hired by a top company. Above all, you need a passion for videography.

The advancement of technology has changed the video and film industry, enhancing its growth and potential. The current market has many offers for videographers, budding and established. You can get hired to cover live events, such as weddings and commercial shows.  In short, videographers are in high demand.

Industries hiring videographers in Dubai

Are you looking for a job in the video production industry? We have you covered with this list of videography jobs for freelance videographers in Dubai.

In most cases, videographers are taught to set up sustainable businesses using their skills and knowledge.

But we also acknowledge that you may need connections to get the jobs flowing. Some newbies turn to job-finding sites. These can be very useful when you are just getting started. Sites like Bawabbacan help you build your business, especially if you are looking for freelance gigs. So here are the industries you can turn to for a videography job in Dubai.

1. Freelancing sites

Freelancing sites like Bawabba are always open to connecting you with your next employer. Many organizations in Dubai turn to freelance sites to look for the best videographers for their projects.

Many people have a lot of success using freelancing sites for finding work or freelancers to work on their projects. We highly recommend you join a freelance site and register as a freelance videographer. The traffic that this site attracts is great for your business. With such a site, you can expect job offers from different people looking for freelance videographers to work on their projects such as weddings and event coverage. Additionally, this is one of the largest job-finding freelance avenues in Dubai.

Sometimes, you need to freelance for a while before you get that permanent job. However, freelancing is great and comes with the control and power you need as a videographer to choose who you work with. It is a great way to start your hustle.

  • Freelancing Vs. working for an organization

When considering getting into videography, you have to establish whether you want to work for yourself or someone. Like major professions, videography allows you to decide the path you take in terms of employment. Some people find it hard to choose, but the decision is very straightforward.

Working for a film-making organization is an excellent decision if you are just getting started. This choice will help you gain skills and experience. Additionally, it helps you develop a network that can come in handy when deciding to do freelancing.

Networking is essential. Nevertheless, get this straight; we are not talking about clients from the company that hired you. According to this article on Filmmaking Lifestyle, you can develop a great network and creativity through a company and use it in the future to establish your projects.

Accordingly, working for an organization means you do not have to look for clients as you will be assigned jobs. This is great for starters without any network.

The second option would be going the freelancing way. This is one of the most enjoyable aspects of becoming a videographer. As a freelancer, you choose who you work with. You can also work for an organization as a freelancer.

2. Videography internships opportunities

Another great way of getting hired is walking into any company as an intern. Many people do this while in college. Many media students and film enthusiasts start working as interns or apprentices of directors. A lot of successful stories start as an internship.

As an intern, all you need is to prove yourself worthy of the chance. This is often your free pass to learn from experts. However, you have to be persistent to get the best internship opportunity.

We have identified some of the best organizations offering internship programs for videographers. Here are they:

Working as an intern videographer can be a stepping stone you need to make the big jump into the video industry. Do not underestimate internships, as they can be a great start to a successful career.

As you work as an intern, try to find someone who can mentor you. Ensure the person is a professional photographer or cinematographer. The person can be a source of inspiration and help you gain a lot of knowledge. Even if you already have a mentor, having more than one won’t hurt.

Ensure you assist your mentor in some projects. Observe how they schedule their work and execute their duties. You can always get a job referral or an opportunity to work as a second shooter.

The best part of the film industry is that it comes with a lot of fun. Volunteering as an intern is one of them. There are many film festivals you can turn to. Many film organizations join hands with charity houses to organize events you can cover as a volunteer. This should be a chance to market your art since it comes with no pay. Accordingly, rubbing shoulders with the best videographers in these events helps you build a network. Your filmmaker career depends on how you present your work. You never know who will be impressed with your skills.

3. Film organizations

Being part of a film organization can give you a sneak peek into the basics of the job. However, you may want to let this pass if you find it challenging to adapt to the schedule.

You need the will and capability to work in different roles to make it in any film organization. For starters, the best you can get is full-time employment. You need to be very good at what you do to work as a freelance videographer for any film organization in Dubai. Here is a sneak peek into top video production companies in Dubai:

Top film organizations in Dubai:

Dubai has grown in popularity as a film-producing region due to its versatile, striking landscape. The region has attracted various companies to open film production units and studios, contributing to Dubai’s videography job market. Here are some of the best film-making organizations you can consider when looking for a videography job in Dubai.

 1. Pixel House

Contacts: +971 4 388 0811


2. Macmillan Adam ProductionPost Production

Contacts:+971 4 391 5320


3. Epic Films

Contacts:+971 4 552 0189


4. Prime Vision Studio

Contacts: +971 4 262 9221


5. Digitally studio and films.

Contacts: +971 4 334 3818


6. Bright Innovations

Contacts: +971 4 273 0845


Joining a film organization will help you gain more experience and exposure. These associations are also excellent at creating a network and finding job opportunities. Accordingly, being a member of a reputable film organization adds some credibility to your hustle.

Some groups may even organize workshops to share ideas and experiences. This should help advance your career.

4. Marketing agencies

Like film organizations, marketing, and advertising agencies in Dubai are always looking for the best videographers and photographers to join their teams. The opportunities may be limited. However, if your skills are exceptional, everyone will be flocking around you. Here are some options to explore:

5. Weddings and Events Management Companies

Weddings and other social events offer great employment opportunities for freelance videographers in Dubai. Wedding photography and videography are becoming trends, and engaged couples put their most into the special moment. However, you need excellent connections to get such gigs. Accordingly, you can use your skills to attract employers.

Do you want to get a job as a wedding photographer/videographer? Here are some top event-organizing companies you can link up with to get gigs. However, some of these organizations have their equipment and personnel, meaning it might be hard to get a freelance job. But you can always try your luck.

Best event agencies in Dubai

Event management teams and organizers can help you get various videography gigs in the corporate world. Here are some of the best event organizers in Dubai:

  •  Jam Wedding Company
  •  Elegant Moment
  • Marriagement Wedding Planner
  •  Vivaah
  • Baqaa
  • Carousal
  • Krasnyi Weddings
  • Event Land Company
  •  Fabulous Day

6. Media houses

Media houses are always willing to hire videographers. However, it is challenging to land a freelance job in any media house in Dubai. In most cases, they hire videographers on a long-term basis. If you are interested in exploring this option, here are some media houses you can consider in Dubai:

Top media houses hiring videographers in Dubai

7.  Sports franchises

Sports franchises may be interested in a video coverage. Your top-notch videography skills can be applied to cover live sporting events or training sessions, and documentaries. If you are a sports enthusiast, you should consider knocking at the doors of various sports franchises in Dubai for videography jobs. However, you may need an excellent resume and profile to get hired.

Some of the best sports franchises that may require the service of a videographer in Dubai include:

  • JA Dragons RFC (Rugby)
  • Dubai Allstars FC (Football)
  • Dubai Netball League (DNL)
  • Al Wasl Sports Club 

8.  Music video production companies

Are you creative enough to direct a music video? Many music production firms in Dubai are always on the watch out for the market’s best talents. You can check these companies for such opportunities:

9.  Corporate institutions

Companies especially SMEs require creative videography skills and content to promote their brands. In most cases, firms have been known to hire videographers to produce social media content for advertisement purposes. Accordingly, Dubai hosts some of the best trade expos in the Middle East. A company can hire freelance videographers/photographers to cover such events.

You can get such opportunities if you have a great network. Consequently, you can display your creative side by uploading more videos on YouTube and your website. Hopefully, you will attract some of these firms.

10.  Schools and other learning institution

This is one of the most overlooked videography job prospects. But did you know that many media schools are always open to hiring the best teachers? If you are qualified, you can apply for a teaching job at one of Dubai’s media schools and share your photography/videography knowledge.

Types of jobs that require videography skills

  • Digital Marketing Specialist
  • Producer
  • Lead Producer
  • Freelance Data Analyst
  • Social Media Manager And Strategist
  • Social Media Content Creator
  • Senior Weboption Videographer
  • YouTube Partner
  • Communication Intern
  • Intern

The following roles apply to entry-level videography.  You can exploit them as you continue to develop your career.

Script reader/development

Do you love reading scripts? You can try your hands into this entry-level in the film industry as you wait for the breakthrough. If you find this role enjoyable, you can give it a try and learn the basics of film production.


This is a training program while working. In other words, you get paid as you train. Usually, many people love this program as it allows you to know what it feels like working in that organization.

In summary, here are some options you can explore for videography jobs in Dubai.

11.  Venture Into Youtubing

Another viable option includes creating your videos and sharing them on YouTube. YouTube offers a platform you can use to showcase your creativity and skills. Accordingly, you can start a podcast or tutorials and teach people how to improve their videography skills.

If you opt to go in this direction, ensure you have an excellent social media following. You can use social media platforms such as Telegram, WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram to display your work.

You should also consider inviting your friends to like, comment, and share your job to gain more views. YouTube often pays according to how much traffic you drive to the site for paid adverts.

With technical skills, experience, and brand, you start looking for jobs. Search for jobs online and apply for as many openings as possible to enhance your chances of landing a job. You can also make calls to friends and colleagues who may require your services.

Accordingly, you can use your portfolio for advertising yourself. Include your contact information on videos your share on your social media platforms to help people reach you if they need your videography services

Types of Videography you can explore

Videos are one of the most popular contents on company websites and online personal profiles. As part of your primer for videography, here are some types of videography you can explore.

  • Personal Creations

Personal creations are videos that capture anything you like. You might create these videos for fun or as a side hustle. You could also make personal videos to enhance your brand and profile. If you are interested in vlogging, especially on YouTube, these videos may be an excellent starting point.

Personal creations are for beginners who want to sharpen their skills. Learn as you go and then post your best captions on social media to gain followers, who may be your potential employers.

  • Corporate Film-making

In corporate videography, you will likely work for an organization as an in-house employee. Your job will be to make training and promotional videos and document meetings and company events. The corporate path is often a more secure option for videographers without an expansive network. Accordingly, you can work as a freelance videographer and still explore the corporate option.

  • Freelance Videos

Freelance videographers create video content for their customers on a project-by-project basis. Most freelance videographers in Dubai pursue wedding videography, real estate videography, or creating advertising campaigns.

How to become a perfect videographer?

Everyone starts somewhere. As a videographer, you can start as a runner, production assistant, or camera assistant. These entry-level roles will help you horn your skills and gain the experience you need to break into the film industry. You could also start as a volunteer for community productions. Use this opportunity to build basic skills and knowledge you can apply in your future role.

Do you want to become a professional videographer? Here is what you need.

  • Accessories

If you want to pursue videography as a career, you must have some essential equipment. You may not buy everything on the go, but you must know them. The first thing you need is a camera and a tripod stand. You need these to keep your footage steady and professional. With time, you can consider buying the following:

  • Camera lights: you need light to fill in the shadows on your targets.
  • Three-point lighting kit: this is standard equipment for high-quality videos. They consist of backlighting, fill, and key.
  • Lavalier microphone: you need to capture quality sound wherever your target is.
  • Extra batteries and memory cards: you need these to extend your performance and shoot videos for longer.

After capturing your videos, you have to edit them before sharing them with clients.

  • Editing software

However steady and clear your footage may be, it won’t be appealing to clients if it is not edited. Fortunately, there are many free video editing applications and software you can rely on as a beginner.

With time, you may want to upgrade to more powerful editing tools, which are mostly bought. If you are using a Mac computer, you can use the preinstalled iMovie.  Da Vinci Resolve and Lightworks are other powerful editors for professional videographers.

Note, they are also available in free versions for Mac, Windows, and Linux. Other low-cost options for beginners include Adobe Premiere Elements, KineMaster, Pinnacle Studio 22, and Corel VideoStudio.

Skills you need to become a top videographer

Given the basic equipment requirements, your success in the film production industry depends on your skill set. First, you must have passion for what you do. Accordingly, you must be an excellent salesperson to promote your brand. Communication is also essential. You must know how to make the person in front of your camera comfortable if you want the best results.

Therefore, to excel in the industry as a videographer, you need to be ready to learn and develop your skills at every available opportunity. Here is what you need to do:

1. Create a portfolio

After spending so much time with experts in the film industry, you should be inspired to create your content. Do this to practice your hands at executing camera movements and film-making techniques. Experiment as much as you can until you find what works better for you. Use these samples to create your portfolio.

Once you have gained better insight and skills to create perfect videos, start a brand and market your art. You can start by creating a website or online portfolio such as a YouTube channel to display your work. This will help you stand out and establish your creativity and identity.

Broaden your horizon and take advantage of social media by sharing your clips and promoting your brand. This will help you increase your following.

Creating a diverse portfolio of your work is one of the things you need to do. Display your different production skills to show clients that you are versatile enough to handle different tasks. Your clients should understand that you always bring your a-game to every project you work on.

Social media platforms offer a great opportunity to build traffic to your website or video channels. You start by creating short documentaries and other engaging content.

 Top videography skills mentioned in the job description

Every employer has a way of evaluating your qualifications as a videographer. However, most job descriptions show a common pattern. Most employers look for great editors, animators, and designers. Photography, graphic design, adobe products, and social media skills are common skills posted on job descriptions.

 Top videography skills you can add to your resume

Looking at various photographer resumes, we have identified some of the most common skills and qualifications. Videography, editing, and adobe products have the largest share in resumes. Adobe Photoshop, social media, and photography are other related skills. Lastly, after-effect design and digital skills are also essential additions to a resume.

As a videographer, you may also need the following skills to improve your chances of landing a job:

  • Microsoft word and publisher
  • Photoshop
  • Final Cut Pro
  • Video editing
  • After Effects
  • Graphic Design
  • Adobe Premiere
  • Social Media Management
  • Adobe Creative Suite
  • Avid

  How to improve your chances of getting hired

There is no one path to becoming a great videographer. Every successful videographer has a unique success story. However, every narration follows a similar pattern. Depending on your level, you can start with the following tips and turn your passion into a top-paying career choice.

2. Attend workshops and conferences

The first step to becoming a professional videographer is knowing how to operate all camera equipment. This career requires a lot of skills and technical knowledge beyond clicking the capture or record button on your camera.

Your education begins in college or any other training center that offers broadcasting, journalism, and other related subjects. Some people started with YouTube tutorials.

You have mastered the basics, ensure you enroll in video workshops to develop your skills further. If possible, take follow-up classes. Polish your skills as much as possible to set yourself miles apart from the competition.

3. Invest in a quality camera

As a newbie, you will find DSLR or mirrorless camera cameras to be the simplest options for you than camcorders. However, attending a workshop will help you identify the type of camera you prefer for your videography. Once you have made up your mind about the camera, you prefer to assess different brands and models to identify your needs.

Whatever you buy is crucial to your success. Therefore, you must ensure its quality is not questionable. Learn how to use the camera by operating it frequently.

4. Earn a related degree or certification

When you apply for a videography job in different agencies, film organizations, and media houses, you will have to produce your education documents to prove your industry qualifications. Fortunately, many bachelor’s degrees will give you valuable experience and technical skills in videography. Consider applying for the following courses:

  •   Communications
  •   Cinematography
  •   Broadcasting
  •  Video Editing
  •   Film Theory
  •  Screenwriting

The bottom line

Learning does not stop after you get a job. The film industry develops more advanced techniques every day; thus, ensure you remain abreast with every trend and new development by developing your skills further. Take your videography to the next level by investing in new and better equipment.

Giving your videography a professional look may come easily, even though it is not something you need to spend years in college to understand. All you need is passion and dedication to practice and develop your skills further.

The first step is to create great content to promote your business. To do this, you need quality camera equipment and editing tools. We have listed some of these to help you get started.

If you are a professional videographer looking for work in Dubai. You can register on Bawabba as a freelance professional videographer. This site connects hundreds of videographers to some of the best industries looking for their skills. We hope you find this article helpful.

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