Ten Incredible Blogs Photographers Must Follow in 2020

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The digital age is ushering in more need for enhanced visual content. For this reason, the photography business has become a highly competitive industry. Whether you are an aspiring photographer or a professional freelance photographer in Dubai looking to establish your brand, keeping pace with the rapid changes in trends and new technologies is essential.

As a freelance photographer, you will need plenty of resources to guide you through the murky waters of digital images. Thankfully, you can leverage the tons of photography blogs that often publish reviews, articles, resources, and photo stories to bring you up to speed with the latest developments and gain inspiration in the industry. 

Here is how keeping tabs with photography blogs can help:

  • Develop inspiration from resource articles, interviews, and photo stories
  • Hone your skills through blogs on software tips, tutorials, and photography techniques
  • Bookmark vital resources to growing your photography business.
  • Stay up to date with the latest technologies, cameras, and gear

Tip: choose about three photography blogs to follow regularly

The sheer number of photography blogs out there can be overwhelming to follow. Instead, opt for about two or three blogs covering a full spectrum of info you need to stay ahead of the curve. Be sure to follow those blogs regularly. 

Here are the 10 best photography blogs you must follow:

1. Feature Shoot

This blog gravitates towards the work of reputable photographers. The platform majorly features photo stories across various genres. Some of the topics you will find on Feature Shoot include:

  • fine art
  • documentary photography
  • still life
  • portraits and landscapes

Feature Shoot is ideal for enthusiasts of product photography in  Dubai

You will find plenty of images that tell stories, as well as the narrative behind each picture. This blog continues working with many photographers, making it one of the top photography blogs around, with over 4000 blog posts. These posts take the format of:

  • Exhibition reviews
  • Virtual shows 
  • Artist interviews among others

2. Chase Jarvis

Making the list of the most reputable professional photographers, Chase Jarvis is known for traveling around the world to capture both still and motion pictures. Inspiration is his story. In his vision, Chase visualizes innovation and creativity in everything he endeavors. In this blog, you will be sure to find:

  • Inspiring photoshoots
  • Tips on refining your photography skills

Fashion involves pretty much creativity, innovation, and inspiration. To become a competent fashion photographer in  Dubai, this is the blog to follow. You’ll benefit from plenty of interviews with Chase Jarvis’s subjects and other professionals featuring in his blog posts.

3. Richard Bernabe

Readers are sure to find a well-traveled perspective from Richard Bernabe’s photography blog. He combines his interests in writing and travel photography to awaken inspiration that every freelance photographer in Dubai should follow. 

Richard Bernabe cites adventure as his driving force in travel photography. His work features in:

  • News magazines
  • Cultural quarterlies
  • Travel magazines

4. Joe McNally

This internationally acclaimed and award-winning photographer has done tons of photography projects in nearly 70 countries. There is plenty of experience and first-hand insights for enthusiasts of Corporate photography in Dubai.  

The Joe McNally blog mostly covers:

  • Commercial and editorial projects featuring universally renowned brands
  • Projects for notable magazines
  • Anecdotes featuring his travels and projects
  • Insights for photographers at any learning level

5. Davis duChemin

Davis duChemin is a highly recognized digital publisher, assignment photographer, and best-selling author. He has explored the world searching for compelling images suitable for an aspiring freelance photographer in Dubai to follow. 

Humanitarian organizations make the top the names of their client list. This is an ideal platform for anyone aspiring in the niche of corporate photography in Dubai. Yet again, the blog has plenty of useful insights for enthusiasts in the category of event photographer Dubai

The Davis duChemin blog is inclined on:

  • people
  • world events
  • publications

You’ll also find various interviews with fellow professionals infused in his writing. 

6. Depositphotos 

Depositphotos is one of the best places to learn about:

  • Photography
  • Design
  • Marketing

From baby photography to maternity photography, the blogs to pretty much all photography niches. Depositphotos Blog majorly features:

  • Photography tutorials 
  • Insights on stock photography 
  • Latest trends 
  • Marketing tips

Wedding photographers in Dubai may not need the photography tutorials, but they sure need marketing tips and the latest trends. The idea makes this blog a must-follow for virtually any photography niche. 

For inspiration, you can always:

  • explore the collection featured images from the library section
  • stay up to speed with the latest trends
  • read interviews featuring famous photographers

7. The Satorialist

This is an early influencer in terms of fashion blogging. Any fashion photographer in Dubai should find incredible insights from this blog. They highlight street fashion via powerful images. According to the founder, Scott Schuman, he started The Satorialist to create a link of dialogue between normal people and the world of fashion. 

The Satorialist caters comprehensively to the needs of family photographer Dubai service providers. His work is featured in major fashion publications. He has also worked with top-ranked fashion and lifestyle brands. 

This blog has amazingly thought-provoking images of normal people. They explain what everyday people wear and why they do wear so. 

8. Ken Kaminesky

According to Ken Kaminesky, he likes taking photos because he is in love with the work. Stock photography agencies have procured lifestyle images from Ken Kaminesky for fifteen years. A good place for an aspiring food photographer in Dubai to gain inspiration from. 

Those with ambition in providing baby photography Dubai services can find plenty of “how-to” articles and tutorials showcasing field-based knowledge. 

9. PixSylated

Syl Arena is a Californian-based internationally acclaimed photographer and a self-proclaimed color and shadow addict. His approach to photography is that of a true artist. Through PixSylated, Syl explores the role of blogging within the art world. 

His blog features plenty of:

  • Photography tools
  • Current events

An ideal platform for an ambitious freelancer in product photography Dubai niche to gain practical knowledge. He often provides first-hand tips and advice to aspiring and student photographers

10. Two Loves Studio

If you are looking for a blog that’ll teach you everything on “the how-to” in food photography, you shouldn’t be looking elsewhere. Through Two Loves Studio, Rachel uniquely combines her education degree with her love of food to share: 

  • Information
  • Techniques 
  • Tips

These topics gravitate towards “the how” of starting a photography business and taking enhanced photos of food. You can also subscribe to the masterclasses she runs to:

  • Help you refine your skills at Lightroom
  • Help you compose and run a food photography business

It is a great platform to enhance your skills in the food photographer Dubai industry. 

Tips And Advice To Aspiring And Student Photographers

Photography is many things for different people. It is a part-time undertaking for many, a career for others, and a hobby for some. There are many things photographers wish they knew from the onset of their career. Here are quick starter tips to jump-start you into the photography world. 

1. Shoot RAW As A Trade Rule

You don’t want to learn the hard way after shooting thousands of pictures around the world that shooting RAW is the best way to go. And why so? When shooting RAW, a photographer records the most of data, allowing greater flexibility in non-destructive editing. Shooting only in JPEG makes you lose image quality every time you open and re-save images. 

2. Never Delete In-Camera Images Based On Quality

Most photographers make the mistake of deleting images basing on the quality of LCD screens. Invest in some extra memory cards and avoid deleting potentially useful images based on accidents. Keep all images till you get a detailed review on a larger monitor. 

3. Quality Equipment and Gear

Ask any professional and they’ll tell you photography can get quite expensive. A good rule of thumb is to wait for when you can invest in quality gear than buying something that’ll fall apart within months of purchase. This is especially with lenses, light stands, tripods, and cameras. The rule of trade is buying the camera you want and not what is affordable. 

4. Vary Shooting Angles and Orientation

Staying ahead of your competition curve simply means a change of perspective and change of tact. To be unique in your niche, you must do things differently from what other photographers out there are doing. 

5. Master The Art In Seeing Light

Light is the epitome of photography elements. It is therefore essential to understand, get to see, and work with light. 

6. Try Different Photography Genres

Never get stuck in the same area of photography. For many accomplished photographers who started with Shooting street and travel photography, often ended up discovering their love and passion for shooting people. This is not falling out of love with your initial photography niche. It is an exploration into discovering your other passions and talents. 

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