10 Things Every Prospective Bride Should Note For The Most Stunning Asian Wedding Videography

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Asian weddings are usually full-fledged extravaganzas of swirling, striking fabrics, stunning foods, poignant rituals, and the occasional theatrical customs. An Asian wedding, like all other marriage ceremonies, is often the most beautiful day of a bride’s life. Even more so than western weddings, however, they can be quite costly. Therefore, they have become a steady revenue source for the 4.5 billion dollars middle-eastern wedding industry

For this reason, following up on familial investment as a bride-to-be requires hiring a videographer who is up to par. Because of the length and intricate stages of Asian weddings, you will need a professional versed in ethnic event videography to create a satisfying film. After all, the wedding will only last a day; the film, however, is what you will have left to share your special moment with your loved ones eternally. 

It seems like a lot of pressure, right? 

This is where the expertise of a freelance videographer in the UAE may come in. If you qualify as such yourself, the following tips may still provide you with added insight into this skill. We hope prospective brides, however, will find this the most informative guide in hiring the best professional for the task. 

While the quality of the end film will heavily depend on the expertise of your videographer, following the few tips listed below will make for the best end results:

1. Hire From The Same Company As Your Photographer

As mentioned in our tips for Asian wedding photography, your videographer should come from the same company as your photographer. This does not mean you must employ someone based on the guidance of your photographer. Instead, source both out simultaneously. Skilled videographers will usually be working alongside expert photographers, therefore combining their individual talents should not be too challenging. If you are struggling to find a videographer from the same company as your photographer, you will want to look for professionals who have worked alongside each other in the past. 

Otherwise, you will have to be willing to attribute a part of your budget to organizing meetings between both professionals. If you are thinking of hiring freelance videographers in Dubai, their “meet-up” fees to grab a coffee with the other professionals they will be working with will be included in their final asking price. Just ensure you mention this necessary networking in your project description. 

2. Make Sure They Have A Good Camera

A good camera is essential to capturing all wedding films. However, they are particularly useful when filming Asian weddings because they can capture the most striking details in the beading on the bride’s ensemble, or the most intricate small decorations in the reception areas. This attention to detail will provide a more cinematographic effect, characteristic of timeless Asian wedding videography. 

It will also facilitate the color-correction process, which is necessary for making the bride, groom, and every guest look their best. Quality cameras such as the Canon 5D Mark III or the Panasonic GH4 will capture even the most subtle of hues on colorful fabrics and textiles without making skin tones appear unnatural. 

3. Prepare A Schedule of Events With A Detailed Description Of Each Section 

Asian weddings are usually rich in customary rituals, routines, and speeches. Therefore, if you wish to have specific memorable moments captured, you will need to schedule them and communicate this to your videographer. When working with Freelance videographers in Dubai, you work with skilled professionals from all over the world; your chosen expert may not be familiar with the structure of weddings particular to your provenance. It may be your responsibility to ensure your videographer knows what is to happen when it is to happen and what its relevance to the ceremony is prior to the wedding. You will want to make a basic wedding “script” (a bit more detailed than a standard schedule) for your videographer before you make your final selection. The videographer you select should be comfortable obtaining striking footage for each important part of your wedding. 

4. Ask For A Color-Correction Sample

Asian wedding filmography is known for its warm, golden hues reminiscent of rich Orient influences. This color-editing should be subtle but noticeable enough to add a classic Asian flair to the final film. Your prospective videographer can send you samples of their color-editing work using stills with coloring/filtering alike to the one they plan on employing at your wedding. You may want to ask for stills created in specific accordance with your decoration themes. This will provide you with more dependable insight into what your final film will look like. However, you should note that this will be worked on your freelancer’s behalf; therefore it will have to be remunerated. As UAE brides spend on average $80,000 each on their special day, it isn’t unwise to make your investment safe by putting a little money aside to pay for this extra work. 

5. Make Lighting Arrangements 

Your wedding location will have the lighting on its own. However, depending on your shooting times, it may not be enough to provide picture-perfect lighting on its own. The more precise the camera, the more it will use light to create sharp, striking images. This means that the location needs to be brightly lit to provide the best film. Videographers frequently have their own lighting equipment. They may also work with light-technicians who may be free for booking. 

When it comes to film, lighting is everythingFor this reason, you will have to work with your videographer on establishing the most flattering lighting for your venue, guests, and bridal makeup. This is where the steps listed below may simultaneously come into action. Remember that the more detail of the final event you provide your videographer in advance, the better equipped they will be for it. 

6. Take Clear Pictures Of The Location 

How your location is filmed will depend on the location itself and your personal choices. Usually, a videographer will leave it up to the married couple to decide on the locations they wish to be filmed from. However, we suggest that you use the expertise of your hired professional to make an informed decision. Taking pictures of the location beforehand will help you decide, with your videographer’s guidance, where to shoot from. It will also help them plan out frames and angles in advance. 

7. Take Your Prospective Videographer on A Tour Of The Location 

If you wish to take things a step further and truly make your videographer’s services worth your money, ask that they take a tour of your chosen venue with you. If your prospective professional is unwilling to do so, they should at least request a virtual tour. Otherwise, they may be unwilling to prepare themselves for natural lighting changes and other problems that will prove difficult to surmount without familiarizing themselves with the location hands-on. The pictures you will have taken on step 6 will be used in your mood board and for filming inspiration, but it is through the literal tour that you can expect your videographer to visualize how every frame must be shot in accordance with your script. 

8. Create A Soundtrack “Mixtape” 

Have you ever had to refrain from a cringe after hearing the music a videographer placed on a final film? Most often, this will be the result of the hiring party failing to provide the professional with structure and inspiration. Come up with 10-12 songs you would enjoy seeing featured in your final video. You should mention how much audio presence you wish this music to have against other natural sounds in the video. The more music is used, the more polished the final product may seem, but also the more artificial. For subtle romanticism, make sure that the tunes you pick have low, gentle vocals. 

9. Practice Your Make-up

Close-ups of the bride’s face are a must of Asian wedding videography. Most brides will spend hours having their makeup perfected on their big day. Therefore, the portrait shots must bring out this dolling-up in the most flattering manner. As a bride, you will need to try out your make-up in advance to see how it works under your prospective lens. Usually, you can ascertain whether a foundation will give you a “flashback” from taking a picture with a standard smartphone using the flash. While the flash is rarely used in filming, additional lighting can provide the same effect as a flash on poorly colored, ill-matching makeup. To avoid the ghastly ghostly faces of unlucky brides, you will need to send unedited pictures of your bridal make-up (using the flash) to your videographer. A skilled videographer will be able to tell you what filming and correcting tips and tricks to employ to make heavy makeup appear more natural, and minimal make-up seems more impactful. 

10. Create A Decoration Board 

The details of your wedding film are to be just as important as its main events. Asian weddings often involve intricate detailing in the decoration which communicates the extra care and effort the involved families have put in creating a whimsical experience. You will need to have simple snaps of your decor prepared in advance and communicated to your prospective videographer so they can plan small artistic shots for transitions. 

A Concluding Note 

Hiring the best professionals to photograph and film your wedding should not be regarded as an additional cost; it is merely an insurance investment to make the best use of your initial investment. Avoid the heartache of a poorly filmed wedding by hiring from the best resource of freelance videographers in Dubai. Our selection of experts has completed hundreds of Asian weddings in the UAE and will be happy to add yours to their lists of successful, memorable events. 

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