10 Tips for Taking Stunning Selfies You Probably Didn’t Know

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To look stunning in a selfie is not easy. Even naturally attractive people struggle to get the right snap. A good selfie requires a combination of factors like light, composition, angle among others. Once you get it right, your selfie game will be on another level. Here are key tips to help you take stunning selfies.

1. Pose in the Light

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Posing in an area with good lighting holds the key to a stunning selfie.  A good lighting area can be either near a window or outside. Good lighting will give you a more flattering selfie. To determine if the light is good,  just hold the phone in front of your face with the selfie camera on. Be keen on the light the first time you see yourself.  You can then turn 90 degrees with attention to lighting. Keep turning with an eye on the light. In case you don’t find the correct lighting, change the position or take a selfie at a different time of the day. You can also consult photographers in Dubai at the best time of the day to take a selfie.  

2. Keep the Editing Simple

Applying filters to a selfie is meant to enhance it. However, you should be careful not to make the photo look unnatural.  When using filters, avoid applying them to the maximum capacity. In most cases, use the sliding bar to lower the severity of the filter. When editing, don’t be carried away, just use a light touch. A photographer in Dubai will advise you to touch upon areas that are glaringly obvious. The aim is to make the photo look less edited. 

3. Consider your Composition

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Selfies also require good composition just like any other photograph. You can achieve good composition by adhering to the rule of thirds to position yourself in the shot. Additionally, good composition comes from shooting from above. This shot emphasizes your eyes making your face appear smaller.  As a precaution, don’t go too high as it might distort you. Just hold the camera above eye level.  You can also be artistic by taking the selfie from the side and hide part of your face. 

4. Know When to Use Flash

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Natural light is the best when taking selfies. However, in some cases, you might have the urge to snap a selfie in the dark. Using the flash in this condition is highly recommended. Most front cameras are flash enabled. You can also turn to applications like Snapchat. The app has a front camera flash that ensures your face is visible.  If the resulting selfie is not clear enough, play around with a little editing. 

5. Avoid Shadows

Any family photographer in Dubai will tell you that shadows are an enemy in the selfie game.  Generally, it is a challenge to use shadows to your advantage.  Shadows distort your selfie making you look tired and sometimes highlight dark circles around your eyes. In the end, your selfie appears like the work of an amateur.

You can avoid shadows by shooting your selfie during sunset or sunrise. When you snap a selfie in the middle of the day the likelihood of shadow distortion is high. You can also beat shadows by applying Rembrandt’s triangle.  This is a shadow play that makes you look mysterious but requires a lot of practice. 

6. Mind your Background

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Your background in a selfie determines how the world views you. Professional photographers in Dubai will tell you that a background determines the success of a shoot.  If you are an adventurous person, go for open space background. On the other hand, a small room tells the world that you are claustrophobic. When choosing your background, make sure it’s not messy and doesn’t have any undesirable objects. In some cases, avoid backgrounds with too many people.

7. Keep Your Smile Natural

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One of the old age rules of photography is to smile. A family photographer in Dubai will tell you they insist on subjects smiling because it makes them look fun. The same goes for selfies. Smiling in selfies also makes you look relaxed and attractive.  The smile should be as natural as possible. Note that smiling is not confined to the mouth and teeth only. A good smile also involves the eyes. You should get your smile right. Let your teeth be visible but not too visible. You will appear like you are laughing.  Laughing is not bad, but it sometimes hides features like eyes.

8. Relax your Mouth

You don’t want to look tense while snapping that selfie. Focus on relaxing your mouth because it makes you look lively. You can keep your mouth loosely open. Furthermore, you can blow air through your lips. Blowing air gives your pout a plump look. 

9. Avoid Repetition

Talk to photographers in Dubai and they will tell you, how they aspire to have different shots from the previous ones. This applies to the selfie world too. Avoid cliche shots that are common with most people. You know it is time to try something new when you see selfies repeated across different applications. Avoid selfies with cliche backgrounds like the gym. Explore something new that will stand out. 

10. Practice Makes Perfect

Your Dubai family photographer is good at his trade through practice. The same goes for selfies. Take a lot of selfies until you find what works for you.  While taking a selfie remember that you don’t have to share every single snap. Therefore, take many selfies until you nail it by finding what works for you. However, don’t overdo it as you will become an addict. 

Take Away

There you have it. We understand getting the right selfie is no easy task. With the above tips, your selfie game will be elevated. You can consult professional photographers in Dubai by visiting our website for more leads.

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