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In the modern era of social media, it is increasingly becoming common for individuals to share their stories online through images that capture the emotions and interests of their social media followers. Instagram is a popular platform where celebrities, businesses, and individuals use photos for marketing their products as well as growing their followers. Whereas it is worthy of hiring a freelance photographer in Dubai for professional photoshoots, you will still find needs that will make you take photos in your day-to-day life.

With your Smartphone, you can be able to capture some of the best images if you have the right skills and experience. It takes a lot of effort and trial before you can master the art of taking stunning selfies that are ready to use on your social media networks with a single click. It is even more difficult if you are trying to make a perfect image at night unless you have a good understanding of nighttime photography. Nevertheless, you should not despair if you are always struggling to capture a good photo despite owning a quality camera. Instead, you should take photography courses that will help you develop your camera skills.

In this guide, we have compiled a list of the best photography courses in Dubai that you can join to help you take a better image the next time you use a camera.

12 Photography Courses That Will Help You Take Photos Like A Pro In 2020

1. Digital Photography – 101 by Lotus Educational Institute

This course will introduce you to everything necessary for photography, including cameras, optics, light, equipment, light-sensitive, and shooting techniques for still and in-motion images. You will also learn about image processing and printing, photographic lighting, color, and image editing. The course has a training duration of one day at the cost of AED 750. The Lotus Educational Institute is in the Knowledge Village in Dubai.

2. Night Photography by Lotus Educational Institute

The course focuses on helping students take better photos at night. It is an outdoors practical course that will only take four hours to complete at the cost of AED 750. The Lotus Education Institute is located at the Knowledge Village in Dubai.

3. Studio Lighting by Lotus Educational Institute

This course by Lotus will help you improve your studio lighting to capture clear and well-balanced photos. It is a six hours course that will cost you AED 850 to complete. Lotus Educational Institute is at the Knowledge Village in Dubai.

4. Photography by Rolla Computer and Management Training

This course will turn you from a novice to a professional photographer in 15 hours of training. The institution is at the Bur Dubai in Dubai. You will learn about the different shooting modes, lighting, composition, night shooting, and the basics of Photoshop.

5. Limitless Landscape Photography by Udemy

This course is available online for $97. It is broken into six segments that include gear, taking photos, composition, and post-processing, including the use of Lightroom, presets, and Photoshop.

6. Landscape Photography by Global Edulink

You will learn how to take amazing landscapes in different seasons. You will further learn about telephoto landscapes, landscape photography in Iceland, and landscape photography in the California Mobius Arch. The course is delivered in a video format. It will cost you AED 184 to enroll.

7. Landscape Photographer Diploma by Lead Academy

At the cost of AED 51, you will acquire the skills to help you advance your photography career. It is available online for a training duration of 4 hours. You will earn a certificate upon completion, which makes it perfect for people looking to advance their career in photography.

8. Photography with DSLR Camera by Global Edulink

This is a short four hours photography course that is packed in a video format. This course teaches you how to use a DSLR camera to capture images and videos correctly. You will further learn post-production imagery and tips about things that can go wrong with your pictures. It will cost you AED 232 to enroll, but you will get a certificate upon completion.

9. Photography Bundle Diploma Level 3 by Alpha Academy

This course is perfect if you are looking for more than just technical skills. It is a one-day course that will empower you with the technical and business skills to turn you into a successful freelance photographer in Dubai. It is available in a video format at a discounted price of AED 57. You will get a certificate upon completion.

10. Camera and Lighting Bootcamp by SAE Institute

In this comprehensive photography course, you will learn about the different lighting and camera skills that will help you succeed in a highly competitive industry. It is a hands-on one-week training that takes place between 3 PM to 6 PM on weekdays at the Knowledge Village in Dubai. It costs AED 3,000, and you can enroll by calling +971 4 4542450.

11. Learn your Camera – Workshop by Fo2Art Studio

Learn your camera is a popular photography course that teaches how to operate a camera, pixels, ISO, resolution, focus lock, white balance, and exposure compensation. You will also learn the uses of different lenses, shutter speed, depth of field, creative exposure, and the use of semi-manual modes on your camera. The course is held at Al Quoz in Dubai for 20 hours at AED 3000.

12. Dynamic Food Photography by Emirates Academy of Hospitality Management

Your job as a food stylist is to make food look attractive in the images. This course will help you succeed in food photography by giving you the visual know-how and technical skills to transfer the perception of taste and aroma from real food into a two-dimensional photograph. The training takes place at Jumeirah in Dubai for two days at the cost of AED 3,800.

Here are a few other photography courses you might be interested in.

The Wrap Up

If you would like to be the best freelance photographer in Dubai, you must keep improving your technical and business skills. You should remember that food styling may require different skills from fashion styling and thus, you must familiarize yourself with the latest photography skills and knowledge. You should also closely follow the works of the best photographers in your industry to keep learning about the changing dynamics and arrangement of photographs.

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