12 Photo Editing Apps for Mobile Devices for Freelance Photographers in Dubai

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As more people get access to the internet, the use of online apps is also becoming prevalent in the UAE. Photographers are one of the lucky lots that have multiple apps to enhance their work. Original photos may not have the absolute characteristics that a client wants. A few modifications are necessary to achieve the intended look.

There are various mobile apps that any freelance photographer in Dubai can use to make their pictures more appealing. They all have different features and what you choose should depend on your needs and budget. Free apps work effectively, although paid ones expose you to a broader range of features. Here is a list of incredible photo-editing tools for freelance photographers in Dubai. Combining these apps and a few other photography tips is the perfect recipe for becoming a well-paid photographer.

Photo Editing Apps for Freelance Photographers in Dubai

1. Adobe Photoshop Express

This app provides the user with unique features that can convert a regular photo into a more useful one. It has built-in filters that control the frequencies of the photo signal. This way, unwanted frequencies that cause distortion and noise in the picture are removed.

Adobe Photoshop Express also allows the user to adjust the contrast, hue, saturation, brightness, and size of the image. With other options on the app, you can crop, resize, straighten, add color, remove color, change the background, merge different pictures using Photoshop Mix, remove elements from a photo, and rotate the image.

2. AutoDesk Pixlr

This is a free app made up of multiple filters, overlays, and effects. It has features that allow the user to merge multiple photos to form collages. Ink sketching and pencil drawing enable the user to draw and edit images in different ways. 

The AutoFix feature makes it possible to balance colors. This app also enables the adjustment of brightness, contrast, size, and orientation.

3. Camera+

The Camera+ app has a lot of sophisticated features that every freelance photographer in Dubai needs. The Stabilizer shooting feature enables the user to take sharp photos and zoom them. The Clarity feature makes it possible to adjust the brightness and clarity of a picture, even when it looks dark. Another feature called the Horizon Level prevents crooked shots. This app has other features like layering, brushing, red-eye removal, etc.

4. Litely

A perfect freelance photographer in Dubai will preferably enhance the beauty of their client’s pictures than cover it up. The Litely App enables the enhancement of photos through filtering. It also has other features that facilitate cropping, resizing, rotating, brightness adjustment, contrast stretching, and removal of distortion. Adding a few photography courses to your resume will also earn you more clients.

5. Instagram

This is a popular app that enables the editing and sharing of pictures and videos online. It has powerful filters that remove noise and distortion from images. It also has other unique features that will allow the user to crop, fade, sharpen, as well as adjust contrast, brightness, saturation, etc. You can also add and remove colors using this app. Instagram is a popular choice for photo sharing. 

6. Flikr

This is a photo editing app that enables the user to store photos as well as edit them from the camera roll. You can upload as many images to the app as you wish since it offers a storage capacity of 1TB for users. With features like cropping, contrast adjustment, brightness variation, and sharpness adjustment, you can come up with beautiful photos within a few minutes. There are Flikr apps for both android and Apple devices. 

7. PicsArt

This is one of the photo editing apps that’s integrated with other social platforms for the sharing of pictures. It enables cropping, filtering, sharpening, brightening, and adding borders, shadows, and text. The app also has features like birthday frames, love quotes, and Tattoo fonts, which enable extra enhancement of photos, although the user pays for them. You can also use it for drawing and making collages.

8. Snapseed

This app has incredible features that a starting freelance photographer in Dubai can use to format photos. Its features include perspective, brush, crop, vignette, and white balance. You can also adjust the contrast, brightness, hue, and saturation. The app also allows adding a focus on specific areas of the picture, e.g., whitening eyes. It is a popular app that many photographers use for portraits and fashion shoots.


This photo editing app is similar to Instagram, although it doesn’t have the likes and comments section. It contains fantastic features that enable editing and sharing of photos. You can create your profile as a freelance photographer in Dubai and add professional images and other content. This app is suitable for building your professional photography portfolio, and it’s a perfect platform for displaying your work to potential clients.

10. Prisma

The Prisma App houses numerous filters that give different styles to your photos. You can take a picture using the app or use one from your gallery. With these filters, you can add layers and smooth out blemishes. The wide range of filters gives you many options for editing your pictures.

11. Microsoft Selfie

Microsoft came up with a photo editing tool that offers excellent features for its users. Microsoft Selfie enhances photos while considering age, skin tone, gender, and lighting. A photo taken in the dark can still appear as if the light was sufficient. 

The Intelligent Portrait Enhancement feature enables the complete editing of a photo in just one click. As a freelance photographer in Dubai, this can come in handy when the client needs the photos urgently. Another feature is the Denoise mode, which reduces noise when the lighting is dim. The Auto exposure feature corrects backlit images.

12. Repix

This app has numerous filters and frames which can make photos look exactly the way you want. It also enables cropping, saturation, brightening, and adjusting contrast, among other features. Artistic effects like flares and posterization give additional options for image enhancement.


Photos can look good even without additional editing. However, editing makes them even more appealing. As a photographer, you would want your clients to receive the best from you. Therefore, having a few photo editing apps on your mobile device is a good idea. If you need high-quality photos, hire a freelance photographer in Dubai, and make memories out of photography.

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