2021 Guide To Freelancing As A Photographer: Tips to Consider 

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The photography world is constantly changing, and freelance photographers need to keep pace. Are you aspiring to be a photographer or working on a photography project that doesn’t inspire passion? If you have been considering photography as your career, freelance photography is one of the most viable options for you. 

In order to be the best freelance photographer Dubai will trust, it is essential to major in one of the various categories listed below:

Anyone with a camera can take photographs in the above categories. However, if you want to successfully make freelance photography your career in Dubai, it pays to learn the basics of each category. We live in a world where specialization is the order of the day. Taking pictures at a wedding function may require different expertise as to taking photos during a baby shower, for instance. 

How To Stand Out As A Photographer

In the present digital age, people and businesses have diverse needs for photography services. As a result, there is an increasing demand for photographers and photography services. There are many opportunities coming up across the genres of photography like products, weddings, fashion, travel, and many more. Before embarking on your photography career, take time to deliberate on the questions below:

  • How do you stand out as a photographer?
  • What keeps you ahead of the curve?

As you zero down on your niche, the next important thing is working on it. 

Understanding Freelance Photography

Freelance photography in Dubai is one of the many self-employment avenues. Being a freelance photographer means:

  • Taking up clients’ projects
  • Working on multiple projects simultaneously
  • Fulfilling the photography requirements of clients

All these while primarily depending on your skills. This is more like being a company run by one individual. As a freelance photographer in Dubaiyou are the boss. In addition, you are the marketer, the office boy, and the photographer. In essence, freelance photography can be quite exciting but fraught with countless pitfalls as well. This is the best opportunity to have freedom for creativity and be self-reliant. 

If for instance, you want to offer baby photography services, it is vital to dedicate energy, time, and all else towards building your brand and clientele. Here are crucial tips to help you become a successful photographer in Dubai:

  • Draw people’s attention to your work
  • Let people remember your photos
  • Let people remember you by seeing your images

Prior to beginning your journey as a professional freelance photographer, you will need to answer a few questions. 

1. Why Are You Taking Up Freelance Photography

Now that you are so passionate about photography, here are the reasons to pursue it full-time:

  • It brings independence and freedom to the table
  • You’ll love shooting photos all the time
  • It offers the flexibility of location and working hours

Freelance work of any kind had its downsides. The biggest is that it is not a sure bet for reliable income. You might become one of the best wedding photographers in Dubai. However, not all clients will love your work. It is important to keep in mind that people have different tastes, opinions, and preferences. 

Starting any new venture is never easy and is risky. When you were thinking about becoming a freelance photographer, you would not have thought about the risks in depth. But as you’ve seen, the risks are not only limited to freelancing. Those who start new companies do not have it easy either. This is why it is always advisable to tread cautiously by ensuring your efforts count. 

For those intending to begin their freelancing journey whilst working another job, it is best to prepare for busy schedules. Freelancing is unfortunately not meant for lazy bones! Flexibility on project operations and working hours notwithstanding, working within deadlines requires you to master discipline and focus. The moment you become a freelancer, you should always be on the move. 

However, being a freelancer offers the freedom to select whom to work with. You can choose to let go of people you don’t vibe so well. This move will guarantee higher productivity levels, which will, in turn, reduce friction with clients. 

2. Which Goals Are You Working Up To?

Introspecting and charting your goals is the rule of thumb in freelance work. Always define your needs in terms of freelance photography. If you are focused on joining corporate photography in Dubai, the rule of trade is to figure out the amount of time you will give to this venture. Determine whether this is a part-time pursuit or a full-time venture. Before embarking on anything substantial, these are some of the factors you should consider. Well, thought out mission and vision are the building blocks to success. 

Choose to ignore these points and increase your chances of failure! 

3. What Is Your USP?

With freelance work, it is important to sell yourself. Once your goals in a freelance photography career are clear, the next important thing is planning how to convey your business model and ideas to others. How do you plan to sell yourself? The best thing is writing down those unique selling points so that you do not forget any, whenever opportunities of a lifetime prevail. 

Say, for example, you are planning to become an event photographer in Dubai, and have an interest in corporate photography as well. Go for what makes you unique. Maybe you have a style of shooting that aligns with corporate clients. Some of the tips here include:

  • Define your photography style
  • Determine your strengths and weaknesses
  • Determine the kind of equipment you are comfortable with
  • Determine how much work you can do within a set period of time

4. Are You Ready To Become A Hustler?

Just as other entrepreneurs, you would equally have to jostle around as a freelance photographer. This is all about marketing yourself, generating work, and pursuing opportunities. This is the best chance to go out and gain exposure in your niche. Do not hesitate to ask for referrals. 

There are plenty of blogs on the internet to provide you with the right insight for your preferred photography niche. 

Follow Photography Websites 

With the constant evolution in the photography world, you must be up to speed with the current developments in the industry. 

Social media is one of the best platforms to learn most of what there is in the freelance photography industry. You can comb through your LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter feed. However, you may not have the time to spend combing through various social media platforms for insights on photography. Going straight to the source can save you plenty of time and hassles. In this case, the sources are photography blogs. 

In order to stay up to date with the latest photography developments, follow the right blogs on innovation, trends, and news. You certainly don’t need to follow every other photography blog on the internet, only the best ones. Begin by following this list of 10 Photography Blogs most accomplished professional freelance photographers to use for insights. 

Tips For Turning Freelance Photography Into A Full-Time Profession

Once your vision is clear, it is now time to start making money and joining the ranks of successful freelance photographers in the UAE.

1. Buy Ideal Equipment

One of the very first things you should be doing is investing in essential equipment for your trade. 

  • A good camera suitable for the freelance photography niche
  • Durable pair of lenses – both for short and long-distance
  • A tripod

You should also remember to invest in the right configured laptop that can run software programs such as Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop. This is essential for editing your images. A suitable bag will come in handy to carry the camera and its accessories to your shooting scenes/locations. Make sure the equipment is ideal for your niche. If for instance, you are gravitating towards food photography in Dubai, do not buy equipment meant for  Maternity Photography services.

2. Come Up With Pricing Strategy

Your charges will ultimately determine success or failure in the industry. This is why every successful freelance photographer determines his or her pricing strategy beforehand. When you are just starting, building your client base is more important than making cash or getting the pricing right. Nonetheless, it is also vital to sustaining yourself. Starting small and charging less helps to display your work to potential clients who will pay top dollar. 

Scale up your prices gradually as you build networks with the right individuals. Once your business style becomes a brand, you can now begin charging more and earn what you deserve. As an accomplished professional photographer in the UAE, very few clients will ditch you just because they can’t afford your rates. 

All said and done, everyone needs professional photography services. If you have not been successful in your search for professional photographers in the UAE, CLICK HERE to find them.

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