5 Challenges Many Videographers Face and their Solutions Simplified

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Over the last couple of years, video marketing has continuously risen to become the MVP of digital marketing, with the ability to drive traffic and convert over 71% of it. The creation of branding videos is no longer a want, but a necessity for your businesses. This is probably why the need for experienced freelance videographers in Dubai and digital marketers has skyrocketed, due to their unmatched skills to boost one’s business.

As easy as it seems, videography is not the most straightforward job in the world. Videographers also face quite a number of hurdles. These issues might even push one to give up, but the determination and motivation to pursue a career in this field make others look for solutions to curb these problems.

It doesn’t matter whether you are making a video for sales purposes, or you are just covering an event, the nature of making videos means that problems are inevitable. The process itself will provide its own hurdles. Every video presents new complications every time in the course of the project. 

While there are certain videography mistakes that can make you look dumb, others just happen to anyone, whether you are a seasoned videographer or you are just starting out. 

Take a look at some of the most common challenges associated with videography and get to understand the methods you use to solve them all like a pro.

1. Finding work

Without beating around the bush, finding work as a beginner freelance videographer in the UAE is one of the biggest challenges one can come across. Just like the case of photography, there are many ways to make money from videography in Dubai, but all this isn’t achievable without finding work.

When starting out, many videographers tend to apply for everything with the hopes of getting positive feedback in at least one part. Well, this can be a necessary move to get a constant paycheck, but it often carries with its detrimental effects. 

The best way forward is to select the type of videography you wish to specialize in and make your brand from there. You can build your own website, create a great portfolio, and showreel to show that you really command authority in that particular field. After that, you can start applying for jobs from different places, e.g., job listings, freelance platforms, etc. 

Another very effective method of finding work is through word of mouth – referrals from both your friends and satisfied clients. The bigger your customer base, the more references you stand to get in the future. You don’t always have to start from ground zero when looking for videography jobs in the UAE.

2. Lack of communication

This is another major source of problems for freelance videographers in DubaiOne of these issues is the lack of active communication from and with clients throughout the process. Active communication, in this case, means the timely relaying of feedback from the clients to the videographers. 

As a client, one needs to understand that freelancers are ever busy, and they always dedicate a given amount of time per project. Once the videos have been delivered to you, you ought to find the time to go through them as soon as possible, at least within the next few days. However, if one goes for several weeks without communication, the videographers automatically assume that everything is fine. 

When you hit them with the “I need you to edit out this part,” three weeks later, you will have inconvenienced them and their schedules. This is a major issue faced by both beginner and seasoned videographers. After all, clients can’t all be the same.

Moreover, communication shouldn’t only be after the project but also before. Both the client and the videographer have to iron out all the factors pertaining to the format to be used, how the video will be shot, and all the nitty-gritty, which will affect your final product. Doing so is good as it ensures that you are both sailing in the same ship, and avoiding surprises in the end.

3. Wrong delivery formats

It is paramount for every freelance videographer in the UAE to know and understand the format of delivery required for their videos. Otherwise, it will be like fitting an elephant in a squirrel’s habitat. One of the biggest mistakes made by these professionals is the failure to know where and how the videos will be played before setting them up in different formats. 

Sometimes, these requirements can be as precise as the pixels used in displaying the video. This is essentially true when handling different videography styles. Furthermore, the size of the file greatly matters, especially when it will be played on bespoke video players. If the files are uploaded to popular platforms such as YouTube or Vimeo, the formats are always different, and you ought to pick one which your clients or audience will find easy to watch or download.

4. Pricing

Often one of the most difficult challenges to overcome, especially for amateur freelancers, is knowing how to price their services. If you have decided to work on your own, then it is no brainer that you may have to cover all the work on your own, not unless you have assistants. 

Some pre-planning activities such as the location recces, storyboarding, and script-writing might be required from you. If this is the case, don’t be afraid to ask for payment for these pre-production services, since there are people out there who make a living through them. 

In terms of pricing, you have a wide range of options to choose from, such as hourly, daily, or pricing per project. When deciding on your compensation, consider the input that is required of you, the cost of outsourcing equipment and a crew, etc. 

5. Bad sound

Nothing pains a videographer more than having stellar pictures displaying, but the audio is sub-standard. But don’t kill yourself over it if you are still a beginner, because recording and having a good sound output is a skill. The main difference between a photographer and a videographer is that the latter should also master audio skills and how to get the best quality from their recordings. 

There are many post-production tools that every videographer should have, which can help you to straighten the sound used in the video. However, this might not always work.

If post-production editing doesn’t help, then you’d better invest in good-quality sound equipment. Some high-end cameras have good sound capturing capabilities, but it doesn’t always hurt getting extra kits for the work.

Over to You

There are many other challenges you will face in your career in the video industry. However, if you master these five, you will have a solid foundation in your business. There are also experienced freelance videographers in Dubai willing to offer a helping hand for your future projects.

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