5 deals on newborn baby photography in Dubai

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What is newborn baby photography?

Newborn Baby photoshoots are to capture portraits of the baby. These photoshoots typically take place when the baby is less than two weeks old. The photographers usually click pictures within the first 48 hours of birth. Although it sounds exciting, newborn baby photography can be challenging.

Safety should be a priority when choosing a photographer. For this reason, only professionals should be hired. As a result, a lot of newborn baby photography deals are now being offered in Dubai. Here are some of the best deals on newborn baby photography available in the city.

Deal number 1: Photoshoots by Qomrah photography.

Qomrah is a freelance photographer in Dubai. She is a photographer who is always ready to provide her services to her clients. Her affordable budget makes choosing her the best option among most people.

Her deals are some of the cheapest deals available in Dubai. Her rates start from AED 99 and go up to AED 499. She has also given clients a bunch of options to choose from.

The most pocket-friendly option is to get an hour-long studio photoshoot done. She will be giving a high-quality edited digital photo that will come with a soft copy.

The same photo will then be printed (size 5×7) and delivered to the customer. The photographer will be given up to 5 themes to choose from. This option is the most ideal for people who can’t afford high-end photographers but want cute photographs of their newborns.

There is another reasonable option by Qomrah in this category. The photographer will take AED 399 for this option. In this amount, a 2-hour photoshoot of the baby with the parents will be offered.

A total of 4 people can be included in this option too. 6 high-resolution edited photos will be taken which will also include close-up shots of the baby. Up to 5 themes will be given along with that. Moreover, a wide variety of props and backdrops will be provided to choose from.

Deal number 2: Tedson Magtalas.

Another well-known freelance photographer in Dubai is Tedson. He has not only specialized in photography but also photo editing. He is available for all types of photoshoots, mainly portraits and group shots. Tedson also has a 4-year of experience in photography and videography.

Tedson is one of the most economical freelance photographers in Dubai. His rates begin from AED 1500 and he provides his services for the whole day.

A lot of high-quality pictures are offered for this amount in return. He even has another package for special events which costs AED 2500.

Freelancers that are heavily invested in their fields, like Tedson, can be found on Bawabba, a Dubai-based freelance marketplace. Here, you can easily find the perfect freelancer for your photoshoots.

Deal number 3:  Photoshoot session by Carole Ghorayeb

Carole is a freelance photographer who specializes in family, maternity, and newborn photography. She is also located in Dubai.

Her charges are way more affordable than other freelance photographers in Dubai. The packages range between AED 599 and AED 1500.

The most reasonable option is to get a mini photoshoot session. In this, you will be provided 12 high-resolution soft copies of the pictures.

The photographer will give an estimate of 30-45 minutes for the shoot. This option will only cost you AED 599. Involving various poses and angles, her creativity is reflected in her art.

Deal number 4: Baby Angels Photography.

Baby angels is a home-based company in Dubai that has specialized in children’s portraits. The owner, Branka, is quite popular because of her social work and has won many prestigious awards, regionally and globally.

Baby Angels also have many unique packages to offer. Their least expensive package costs AED 1500-2000. In which they provide 15 to 18 edited digital images in their studio.

Their most expensive package for newborn photography is AED 3000, which includes 75 edited images. This package is perfect for a family with a lot of members.

Deal number 5:  Newborn photography Dessert Pandas

Desert pandas, a newborn baby photography company located in Dubai, specializes in maternity and newborn baby shoots.

They have different packages that depend on the affordability of their clients. Their cheapest package starts from AED 1250.

This company is comparatively pricier than other companies in Dubai. Their most expensive package, known as ‘platinum panda’, is AED 2000.

The very first package known as ‘silver panda’ is AED 1250. It includes 10 Digitally retouched pictures with three different setups, including the siblings and the parents of the baby. The best part about this company is that they also provide props and accessories for the baby.

The only difference between all the packages is the number of photos. They provide 15 digitally retouched pictures in their golden package. While in platinum panda they provide 20 digitally retouched images.

This company is ideal for people from the upper class. Their rates are justified since they are highly experienced and professional in what they do.

Benefits of newborn baby photography.

Children are regarded as a blessing to the family. Newborn baby photography is a way to welcome a new member of the family. Babies grow up pretty fast. By capturing the newborn baby, you will forever remember the moments made by the baby in the first few weeks. Professional photographers know the perfect poses to capture these moments, so it’s essential to hire a professional.

Where Can you find freelance photographers in Dubai?

Dubai is well-known for its websites for freelancers. Out of 3.38 million people in Dubai, around 1 million people are freelancers.

These freelancers can be easily found on Bawabba and other similar websites. These websites will link you with your desired freelancers in Dubai. Facebook and Instagram can also be a source to find the perfect freelancers for your jobs.

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