The Best Props for Maternity Photoshoots in Spring

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The film industry has grown to a great extent, and it has undoubtedly created many jobs for numerous freelance photographers in Dubai. There are now various fields one can opt into, depending on their expertise and driven by their passion. Regardless of the number, there are always those photography genres with little competition, while others are flooded with professionals in that field.

The last couple of years has seen an eruption of a particular type of photographer who specializes in creating moments for soon-to-be parents. Maternity photography is not hard to learn, but then again, one has to be fully aware of the nitty-gritty surrounding it. 

As society continues to glow and wonder about new life, women no longer are shy of their bodies while expectant. This fact has made maternity photography wildly popular. This type of photography is often taken in the later stages of pregnancy for maximum visual effect. 

Photography props are used by freelance photographers in the UAE to add personalized and exciting elements to accentuate the photos. For starters, the location of the shoot dictates what types of props to make use of. However, there are some venues for maternity photography in Dubai, which make the pictures more natural and require fewer props.

One of the rules of photography is for one to have access to the necessary props relevant to their field of photography. While this is not a rather difficult task, going down to the specifics can prove to be a daunting task for beginners, especially when searching for seasonal props. This post will take you through the 5 must-have props for maternity photography in spring. 

1. Flowers

It is not the spring season if there are no flowers involved. These are the ultimate props for one to bring spring into the images they create. They are simple, easy to get, and are also cost-effective, making it the best way one can shoot any pictures during spring. There are different ways these flowers can be used as props for your maternity shoots

One of the most popular methods preferred by freelance maternity photographers in the UAE is the correct positioning of the flowers on a still-life image. It can also be used as an ornament to be worn by the mother to be at whichever part of the body they wish – be it on the wrist, on their waist, or used to make a crown for the head. 

As a rule of thumb, forgetting to take flowers with you to a spring photography session is among some of the embarrassing mistakes in photography one can make. Furthermore, ensure that before heading out for a shoot, you have identified which clothes the clients will have, what color they are, and what their expectations are. This will enable you to determine the right types of flowers to go for.  

2. Baskets

A basket, just like flowers, is a great tool to be used when taking pictures in spring. There are different kinds of baskets one can go for, including picnic baskets, grocery baskets, and bike baskets. The list is endless. You can also place the flowers inside the baskets, and use them as props for your spring maternity photography.

3. Natural food pieces

Having a basket is often best accompanied by having some natural food pieces, such as fruits, as part of your props. You should consider having some brightly colored ingredients besides the natural food pieces to help you accentuate the memories that you wish to create, while clearly indicating that they were taken during spring. 

4. Straw hats

One of the most popular outfits that indicate that it is already spring is straw hats. They can be used alongside cute dresses and striped tops during maternity photography. Straw hats, especially when worn by expectant women, adds a sense of adventure to the imagery. 

They match so well with almost any type of spring clothes worn during the photo session. As long as they align with the brief guidelines of photography, you should be in a position to create stunning imagery that will leave your clients wowed. 

5. Consider children’s activities

A professional freelance photographer in Dubai who majors in maternity shoots understands that some of their clients are not first-time parents. This means they have had other children before, and many of them love involving their other kids in creating memories with the unborn one.

To make your work stand out from the other photographers, you need to think out of the box. One of the ways this can be achieved is by involving the children in the session, by using some props specifically made for them. 

Some of the most popular props used during spring for children are bicycles. It is no brainer that dusting off one’s bikes, and getting ready for a spring jaunt around the park is one of the best past times of the season. Having a bicycle onset will not only bring out better imagery but also act as an indication of when the pictures were taken. 

Other things you can think about include toys, dolls, balloons, etc. You should not just focus on the poses, but on capturing the fun moments had. Since you can never be too sure of what the ages of the kids will be, you are better off preparing yourself with baby photography props, in case they turn out younger.


Photography is a skill, and you should always strive to perform better than others. Join the league of other freelance photographers in Dubai by getting prepared for spring maternity photography with these readily available props. 

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