5 reasons why SMEs need to hire a videographer in Dubai

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In  Dubai, Small to medium enterprises are businesses with 100-1000 employees. SMEs are the backbone of Dubai’s economy. These SME businesses employ up to 42% of people in Dubai. They contribute approximately 40% of the total value added generated in Dubai’s economy.

Here are some reasons why hiring a videographer is vital for SMEs.

1. Video boosts conversions and sales.

Adding a product video to your website or page can bring you considerable profits. Posting a video can increase conversions by 80%. A lot of SMEs in Dubai hire videographers for marketing purposes because businesses that used videos for promotion witnessed a 40% increase in the number of people who visit their websites.

Treepodia team has also proved that video works well no matter what category you deploy it in. As per the demonstration of a study, 74% of users who watched a video about a product subsequently bought it.

The videographers in Dubai have made sure that they provide precise and detailed videos about the products. They are working hard to make sure the SMEs are thriving in Dubai.

2. Increases the understanding of your product.

A lot of products and their usage can be challenging to comprehend. As a result, several buyers would want to have an understanding of the product before spending money on it. Probability suggests that 64% to 85% of people are more likely to make a purchase after watching a product video. The videographers in Dubai will help you and give you ideas on how to make a video to highlight the importance of the product.

The videographers usually promote the videos made by them on their personal platforms as well. Because of this promotion, the enterprise also gets popular with that group of people. This could result in organic marketing or promotion.

3. Video builds trust.

Trust is the foundation of conversions and sales. Building Customer trust is something many enterprises aim for and make part of their business model. The reason why SMEs go for content marketing is to build loyalty and create long-term relationships. Videos make it possible.

Video content is likely to attract the audience instantly. It ignites their interest and engages them. Promotional videos help in building trust. Many customers still think a lot before making an online purchase. They worry that it might be a fraud or they might get cheated on by scammers.

But a successful marketing video shows your product in a conversational form. Moreover, it motivates people to buy it. 57% of consumers say that a video gives them the confidence to purchase online.

4. Video Engages Even the laziest buyers.

Video proves to be an excellent tool for learning. This format makes it super easy to understand the product. People these days are too busy to go through long product descriptions.

Customers prefer to watch a video as they would want to see the product in action. Videographers in Dubai conduct video marketing in a highly engaging way as it can capture a broad audience.

The videographers also give you ideas on how to target the eyes and ears of potential clients. The key is hooking them up on a video and then transitioning to marketing the product.

5. Video Encourages Social shares.

In the 8th annual Social media marketing Industry report, Michael Stelzner stated that 60% of social marketers used video content in 2015. 73% of the total respondents then planned to use it in 2016.

Nowadays, all types of social networks promote video content with their new features. For example, Facebook and Instagram have launched an option for live videos and IGTV.

These features serve as an advantage for SMEs. They can upload their videos on YouTube, Facebook, or Instagram for further promotion.

If the videos are entertaining, 76% of users Share product videos with their friends. A professional videographer in Dubai will have to know how to make an engaging video to encourage social shares.

Social shares will increase traffic to your site, and this way, more customers will be attracted to the product. SMEs in Dubai can also make their page to promote the business

Things that videographers in Dubai can shoot for SMEs.

A lot of entrepreneurs in Dubai have now started hiring videographers for their companies. These Videographers help the owners in marketing their products by giving them unique ideas.

Here are some ideas that are given by videographers in Dubai.

1. A podcast about the product.

Many people now have started listening to podcasts. 15% of people even prefer listening to product reviews over other entertainment material.

The CEO of the enterprise can record a podcast with the help of a videographer describing the product and then can publish that podcast on different platforms and websites.

2. Office tour

Thousands of people want to have a look at the office before they start to work there. By making a video of the office, the enterprises can attract more workers.

Even customers would like to see the place where the product they are buying is made—in short, making a video of the office will direct the customer’s attention and increase sales as a result.

The videographers in Dubai are very talented, and hence they would make your office look attractive to the workers and the customers. You can connect to these videographers through websites like Bawabba.

3. Video message by the CEO.

Customers get very happy when they learn that the CEO of an enterprise cares about their clients. It builds a relationship between the company and the clients.

They are likely to make more purchases as they will know that the owner will be with them if something goes wrong with the investment they made.

Things like these improve the trust of the customers in the business. Therefore, the CEO can make a video of him giving details about his business and how he is ready to exchange or refund the product if something goes wrong.

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