A Complete Guide to the Types of Wedding Videography Styles

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While we are frequently emotionally blown away by the cute wedding photos that we are lucky enough to see, having videos of the same portrays an even bigger picture. According to research, close to 75% of brides who didn’t get videography services claim it was their biggest regret, while up to 98% of them who hired those services claimed to recommend it to others.

When it comes to budgeting for a wedding, photography might take up a huge budget and so thinking about wedding videography too might sound like overkill. However, there are very many reasons that show how equally important hiring a good freelance videographer in Dubai would be beneficial to your wedding.

Why Hiring a Wedding Videographer is Important

Wedding videography is more focused on the creative bit, but videography is essentially a documentary of everything that unfolded, whether or not the subjects were aware. Wedding videography is quite crucial because of the following reasons:

1. Capturing sound

It is true that many of us cringe when we hear our own voices in recordings (that never sounds like your real voice). The best freelance photographers in Dubai will capture most of the moments with beautiful photos and a quicker turnaround time. However, no matter how good they are, they will never capture the sound of everything happening.

How happy will you be when you view what your friends and family said about you – wishing you the best marriage, in a video that will last a lifetime? Moreover, imagine the reaction of your children years later when they watch the video of their parents saying ‘I do.’

2. Expression 

A person can make up to 21 different expressions thanks to the 43 different muscles on the human face. All this can be captured on camera in a picture, but only with precision timing. There are numerous other micro-expressions that the photographers might not catch, which a video gets perfectly.

For instance, a huge difference is seen the moment before, during, and after someone cries tears of joy, instead of just seeing tears in a photo.

3. Relive the day, years later.

Nobody really wants this to be the case, but the wedding day gets over within a jiffy. After all the planning and all the money spent, the day will finally come to an end, and you will feel that you haven’t had enough of it yet.

Well, this shouldn’t be a bother to you when you get the services of one of the best freelance wedding videographers in the UAE. Re-watching this video, even after ten years, will help you to relive this day.

The Complete Wedding Video Glossary

As you would have imagined, just as in photography, there are different styles used for creating the best wedding videography. Take a look at some of the most popular techniques your ideal wedding videographer should take:

1. Cinematic

Just as the name insinuates, a cinematic wedding video has been shot to befit a movie-like flow. While there are numerous special effects and other video editing features that can be added to the video, the videographers put more emphasis on the emotions of the milestone.

In many cases, more than one videographer might be required to do an excellent job as it involves numerous positions, emotions, reactions, and video angles. This type of videography also surrounds the specific details of the music used and the first looks.

The videographer might have to direct the couples or the guests on what to do and how to do it, for the perfect shot.

2. Documentary

Also referred to as the journalistic type of videography, this is probably the most common style used due to its simplicity. The events of the day are recorded without much direction offered by the videographer who just records things as they unfold.

Unlike the cinematic videos, this type does not entail any special effects added. The only editing that might be required is to put all the pieces together.

3. Traditional 

Traditional wedding videography is the easiest to shoot as no edits whatsoever are required. The events of the day are shown in chronological order, and you can recount all the activities of the say as they were without any special effects such as music or lighting.

The downside to this is that the video might be too long, like two hours or so; hence, you might never get enough time to re-watch the entire video. Besides, your friends might even get bored midway as you are trying to show them the video.

4. Love story videography style

Also known as the storytelling type of wedding videos, the love story videography has been claimed to be the most labor-intensive style, even for the most qualified wedding event companies in Dubai. It can be likened to the cinematic technique but involves a voice-over (voice narration).

The recording also includes dialogues by the couple and the other guests. The testimonials, which don’t necessarily have to be recorded during the wedding, are also incorporated into the video. This type of videography, however good it is, takes longer to come up with the final version.

5. Highlights videos

Highlights videos, known to others as short-form videography, involve short videos, heavily edited to the only fit between three and five minutes. Surprisingly, these videos cover all the segments of the wedding from the preparations bit up to the end of the day.

These are the types of videos that can be shared with friends and family over social media. Special effects such as songs and transitional means are added to make it more interesting.

Over to You

It is pretty simple to have all these five significant styles of videography at your wedding, but only after adequate planning. Lucky for you, you don’t have to worry much about how it should be done as you can always consult with some of the best freelance wedding videographers in Dubai to create a memorable experience for you. 

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