Top 5 Photo Captioning Techniques

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Titling photos is an intrinsic part of freelance photography and journalism. Titles should be accurate and helpful. In fact, most people often look at the images, and then the captions, to determine whether the rest of the content is worth reading. 

Always check your facts. This is one of the most essential aspects of any type of photography. By using incorrect information, the photo or story behind the image loses credibility. As a rule of thumb, it is important to crosscheck the information you’ve put in the title is accurate. 

Here are five different ways photographers can use to title their images: 

The future of freelance photography in Dubai is promising for aspiring and experienced photographers alike. Nevertheless, when you want to get those images in the eyes of multitudes all over the world, it is vital to use a titling strategy that works. 

The Stephen Shore

This is one of the most widespread image naming techniques around. It is named after one of Stephen Shore’s artworks, Uncommon Places. The Stephen Shore strategy is one of the simplest any photographers can adapt in their works. It entails using the location and date of the image. 

Photographers can use this example: E 4th Street, Duluth, Minnesota. December 12th, 2010

Gearhead’s Delight

Why should you bother giving relevance to whatever is actually in the photograph? Instead, use the opportunity to squeeze out all the technical specifications about the equipment you used to create the image. 

In total contrast to The Stephen Shore’s naming strategy, Gearhead’s Delight gives more emphasis on the equipment used to take pictures. 

For instance, your title can look like this: Fuji GW690III. 90mm EBC Fujinon. Fuji Pro 400H. Tiffen 67mm 81B Warming Filter

In essence, you are looking to create a message about the kind of equipment you use for image creation. This is one of the best marketing strategies for clients who want the most equipped freelance photographers in Dubai. Such titling already tells the viewer every technical about the gear in use. 


This is ideal when you intend to come off like a photojournalist when in a real sense you are not. You have to make up a story that goes along with the happenings in the image. You will want to eschew things that a competent photojournalist might put into consideration.  They include things like:

  • excluding personal bias
  • fact-checking

A good example of such a title: The poor status of Duluth’s Central Hillside neighborhood has gotten so scary that no one even waits at the bus stop anymore out of fear of crime

Second Year Artist

Just as the name suggests, this style is ideal for people who are newer to photography in the UAE. If you have just landed your first gig at the local coffee shop, but are yet to come up with a decent bodywork around a specific concept, this might be the ideal titling style to use.

As an aspiring professional photographer in Dubai, the rule of thumb is attempting to inject higher levels of grandeur. You can compensate for the lacking skill-sets by titling the images with exceptionally deep or poetic titles.  

This is a very good example illustrating a poetic title: Majestic morning awoken by golden illumination

Pop Culture Reference

This is one of the teenagers’ favorite titling strategies. This referencing style involves finding any kind of pop culture allusion that the photo vaguely illustrates. You can use famous quotes or movie titles, as they are good and easy to use.

The pop-culture style of referencing, however, is dominated by song lyrics and titles. When using a song title, it gives bonus points for comprising all the lyrics as the caption of the image. 

Here is a perfect illustration of pop culture references for captioning imagesIn the cold light of morning

This title was adapted from the Placebo band. Check out this fan’s video for the same song that coincidentally enough contains a slide illustrating vaguely related images.  

Final Considerations

There are plenty of images of referencing styles, which photographers in the UAE can use in their projects. You can also check out these six simple tips for creating photo captions. Are you looking for the most experienced photographers with experience in photo editing and captioning, Bawabba is the place to be. 

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