Highest Paying Photography Jobs – Little to No Competition

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Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned professional freelance photographer in Dubai, it is essential to understand the different genres available. The dawn of technological advancements in the film industry has made it possible for very many types of photography to sprout. This has also opened doors for the different types of photographers who make a living from this art.

The world of photography doesn’t seem to go down in any way. There are over 95 million photos being posted every day on popular social media platforms such as Instagram alone. All these people who post such pictures yearn for the attention of people in one way or another; hence, their photos have to at least stand out from the rest.

Practically, photography is one of the most saturated industries in the world. This is because one doesn’t really need to get a high-end DSLR camera to keep it going. The technology in smartphones has really improved, and one can now easily take high-quality photos with their android smartphones and also with an iPhone

These facts clearly show that this industry is not easy to break into and survive. With many photographers earning a good living from the art, only a few really live up to achieve their dreams (financially, of course). With the competition being more fierce than it has ever been, one needs to up their game of becoming one of the best freelance photographers in the UAEfor their niche. 

We all know how rewarding certain photography genres can get. However, some types such as fashion photography are so saturated with highly talented people, that delving into it as a beginner can be tough (not impossible). So how do you avoid all that trouble associated with getting into the business for the first time? The easiest way for you to follow is to go for the least popular genres. Some of them are surprisingly well-paying, and people are yet to discover their actual value. 

To help you boost your photography career, here are 5 well-paying photography genres with little competition that you can go for.

1. Maternity photography

There are very many freelance wedding photographers in Dubai at the moment, and becoming one doesn’t assure you of a well-paying gig. Furthermore, as a rule of thumb, weddings usually lead to babies, and funny enough, not so many photographers think beyond the wedding part. 

Maternity photography is one of the most intimate types of photography. It is often quiet with lots of close shots, making of memories, and sharing a journey of the unborn baby with the soon-to-be parents. There are good, picturesque locations perfect for maternity photography, which one can take advantage of to create a long-lasting impact on the memories created. 

There are not many professional maternity photographers in Dubai, meaning that the rates of pay are quite good. With an established freelance photography business, you are destined to make it within a short period. 

2. Newborn baby photography

Many freelancers have already mastered the art of how to take baby photography. But in reality, there is a whole other genre of baby photography that pays really well, and not many have discovered its potential. This is newborn baby photography. Although it is partly like portrait and baby photography, it is listed on its own due to the unique challenges it poses. 

We all know how fragile baby bodies are, but that’s not the only major drawback to this type of photography. Their eyes are also very sensitive to light, so you will need the right gear, and also the knowledge on how to make use of the available light. There are many types of equipment essential for newborn baby photography as well. 

You should be wary of the temperature of your studio too if you wish to shoot baby pictures. Their bodies should only get subjected to specific ranges of temperature. One of the best ways to get this taken care of is having hygienic, healthy air conditioners or temperature regulators in the studio. 

Did we mention how unpredictable their bowel movements are? Newborn baby photography can be very challenging and needs someone who really knows what they are doing. This is why not every parent will entrust their newborns to someone without good experience on how to handle them. 

Why not take charge of this opportunity and seize it? Master the art well enough and create a name for yourself in that niche. 

3. Wildlife photography

Wildlife photography is another well-paying niche that hasn’t been explored fully by many. This is probably because it comes along with its own challenges, which many photographers might not tackle effectively. For starters, one might be forced to stay for long hours in their habitat, just waiting for the perfect shot. 

You will have to get trained on what to do whenever such animals turn against you because, unlike humans, they don’t know that you are documenting them. Wildlife photography requires a lot of skill, as you will be getting clear images of the animals without intruding on their usual way of life. 

This type of photography will require some major upgrades to your camera equipment, which will enhance your high-speed photography techniques. Not everyone can handle the pressure that comes from wildlife photography, and that’s why people are willing to pay handsomely for such types of pictures. 

4. Scientific photographer

Scientific photographers are not so many, as this is one of the least common genres of photography. They are known to document several subjects, capture experiments as they are performed, illustrate technical information, and furthermore, also bring to life some images which may have been hard to see in the naked eye. 

Before getting into this type of photography, you need to have access to some specialized gear and use specialized techniques such as micrography, infrared photography, etc. Scientific photographers mostly work for the government, learning, and research institutions. As you can imagine, the pay is above average. 

5. Aerial photography

Aerial photography is another burgeoning genre of photography that has taken center stage thanks to the improvements in technology. Unmanned aerial vehicles commonly referred to as drones have made it easier for photographers to grab aerial pictures, which enable the viewers to have a whole different perspective of the world and their subjects.

Aerial photography is now used for everything from architectural photography to real estate photography. Drones are still used to capture captivating images during weddings and other events. 

The uniqueness provided by such images is unmatched, and that is why the clients will be willing to pay whichever amount you ask for. 


While there are many types of photography one can opt for, the competition might make many beginners give up along the way. These 5 well-paying photography genres with little competition will help you to set a good foundation for your photography career. You can still join a pool of other talented freelance photographers in Dubai to get extra knowledge and empowerment.

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