6 Tips For Making Better Photos in Mist and Fog

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Being a freelance photographer in Dubai is an art that requires exploitation. At some point in their career, someone might be required to take photos when it is misty or foggy. But should this keep you off? The simple answer is no. Mist and fog are two enigmatic elements of outdoor photography that are able to change the mystery, drama, and mood surrounding the subject. 

These two elements can be exploited to create images that are visually stunning. It is quite evident that some photographers have had their fair share of dealing with mist and fog during photography shoots. To make striking photos during mist and fog, here are six useful tips that you can follow:

1. Get the Right Exposure

One of the major technical issues that require excellent photography skills during a misty or foggy shoot is getting the right exposure. The majority of freelance photographers in the UAE tend to underexpose of the image. When this isn’t done, the whiteness of the fog becomes more gray and dark hence losing the beauty of the image.  

If you are using the auto exposure mode, dial in some exposure compensation. Try using the right end of the histogram and be keen not to over-expose, as this is the surest way of getting a good photo.

2. Be Creative 

Being creative is the first thing you’re taught should you enroll in any photography classes. Mist and fog flatten perceived perspectives and lower the contrast. It may look spectacular to the naked eye while the camera displays something different. This requires you to add some depth to the image for it to be striking.

Change your framing techniques to create some sense of depth. Leading lines should be well defined making the start of the leading line have light and shade.

3. Timing

Correct timing is everything in photography. It has a huge impact on how the light appears whenever you capture photos. The fog does not appear the same because of its distribution hence changes each and every time. Change the shutter speed to a second or less to prevent smoothing out of the fog’s texture.

However, you might get away with longer exposures when the fog is moving slowly or when there is less magnification on your subject.

4. Watch Out for Condensation

The surface of your lens can have water droplets condensing on it or even inside the camera. Envisage substantial condensation if your camera was indoors and it is warmer outside. To minimize this, place all items in a plastic bag and seal it airtight.

Take the sealed bag outdoors and wait until everything within the bag has reached the outdoor temperature before opening them. 

5. Begin Early

Fog and mist do not stick across the atmosphere for the whole day. Much of it is formed overnight and you can see it in the early hours of the morning. If you want to capture the foggy environment, then you’d rather get off the bed before it disappears.

6. Carry Your Tripod

If it is foggy or misty outside, chances are the weather is cold. You don’t want to be struggling to take amazing shots with shaky hands. To get better and lengthy exposures, a tripod will come to your rescue. There are several other photography equipments along with a tripod that are essential.


There are numerous tips for making better photos in mist and fog. To gain more experience, get up early and explore the conditions to come up with photographs that everyone will adore. These six tips will equip you with the necessary skills to become one of the best freelance photographers in Dubai.

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