7 Videography Mistakes that Make you Seem Dumb

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Videography is a journey. It becomes a longer one if you fail to rectify the mistakes you made in your previous shoot and become better at the art. At its heart, videography is a form of expression that encourages innovation, experimentation, and more freedom than you can imagine. There are endless ways used by freelance videographers in Dubai to tell a story. 

There are many types of filmmaking skills that involve taking the shots and editing them. That said, a beginner filmmaker has a plethora of concepts, ideas, tips, and other tricks that they can use to make stellar videos from the start to the end product. However, since we are all bound to make mistakes at some point, some of them are better off avoided so as not to come out as dumb. 

This post takes you through the 7 most common videography mistakes made by amateurs that you should avoid. 

1. Equipment not organized

This sounds obvious for all professions out there, but arriving at the event or scene of the shooting without having organized your equipment only makes you appear ludicrous. Working as a professional filmmaker requires you to adequately prepare all the tools and other materials that will come in handy when working. 

Pack them all at once, hours before you step out. It is best to have a checklist of all the products you will be needing once you are at the scene to avoid the embarrassment of you having to go back for them. 

Furthermore, always have your batteries fully charged and have backup ones in case the juice runs out. Either way, you will look so professional when you have all your equipment organized that your employers won’t even question the price tag you put on your services. 

2. Out of focus shots

The use of focus in videography is the ultimate way to direct your audience’s attention to be able to tell your story better. A lack of focus or the inability to control it well due to a beginner’s mistake can cost you a good shot. Before monetizing your art, it is best to understand the nitty-gritty of setting focus in videography

While it is advisable to manually set the focus, there are instances where the use of autofocus is permitted. Some of them include:

  • Shooting selfies and vlogs
  • It is okay to use autofocus when the subject is moving directly to where the lens is
  • When shooting a video and you need to grab pictures (in between photos)
  • When using a gimbal

3. Poor lighting

This point can’t be stressed enough as lighting is an integral part of both photography and videography. If you wish to go professional, then you ought to invest in high-quality lighting gear. This ensures that you make a long-lasting positive impact on your videos, creating timeless memories. 

An inbuilt camera light does well enough to eliminate most of the unwanted shadows while still making the scene brighter. However, you might need more than just that to take better quality videos. At times, having some overhead lamps makes the videos appear more vibrant. The need for such lighting is at the discretion of the videographer, and you should be in a position to determine whether or not you require more light or not. 

Do not make the mistake of not being able to provide ample lighting when needed. Ignorance is something you can’t afford in this line of work. So in a nutshell, have your lighting equipment ready and carry it with you whenever you go for a shoot. In fact, these should be on your bucket list for the tools to have when setting up your own home studio.

4. Too much zooming

We have all experienced this, getting irritated by videos that are constantly being zoomed in even on occasions that don’t really need it. Some misguided videographers tend to think that they are doing the right thing – trendsetting, but you are just making a fool out of yourself in the long run.

Regardless of the device in use, whether it is a phone camera, DSLR, a dedicated video camera, or a mirrorless camera, the misuse of constant zooming is a big no. Just like any other features available for your filmmaking, zooming should also be left only to the situations where it is absolutely necessary.

If you really need to get a close-up sequel for your subject, you should define other ways you can do so without the need for zooming. Sometimes getting closer helps you to get a better shot, while still getting a cleaner sequel to your subject. This is probably why the majority of highly-experienced freelance filmmakers in the UAE seldom use the zoom feature. 

5. No attention paid to composition and framing

The rules of composition apply to both photography and videography. Whenever you are shooting a video, always beware of the framing sequences to avoid cutting off some people from the footage and other extremities. Unlike the case of photography, framing in videography requires more practice as either you or the subject or both, will be in continuous motion.

Storyboarding is one great way to save yourself the embarrassment associated with poor video composition. This is like a to-do list that envisions what you wish to achieve, how to position each subject, and the amount of room needed to avoid accidentally cutting people or other important details off. 

6. Shaky camera syndrome

Not only does a shaky camera become distracting, but it also makes the viewers feel dizzy. Even if you have a steady hand, a camera shake is still inevitable. When shooting a video under this situation, the footage appears as if it is trembling and this is not a well-received thing. 

A tripod can be used to shoot some video sequences such as panning sideways. However, such a tool restricts your movement and might be rendered useless when movement is necessary. Other sequences require different approaches, such as using a gimbal. Such a device helps to stabilize the actions of the camera hence creating a smooth video. 

7. Bad audio

The main difference between a photographer and a videographer is that the latter also captures sound. But what is the point of investing in high-quality 4K cameras, lighting equipment, gimbals, and tripods when the quality of sound is poor? 

The quality of the audio your video has is one of the factors to consider when you wish to initiate a successful career as a freelance videographer in the UAE. If the internal mic doesn’t live up to its reputation, you might as well invest in other better microphones that capture the sound better. 

Take away

While this seems like a hard thing to do, staying focused and motivated will always get you through. The film industry is quite rewarding. You can easily find a job as a freelance videographer in Dubai where you can build your portfolio with time. 

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