8 Best Video Editing Courses in Dubai

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Digital videos and photographs are reshaping the multimedia industry not just in Dubai but around the world. All of this would be impossible without video editing techniques. That means owning a video camera and capturing and manipulating a few images and videos is not enough in the current world.

Video editing is an extraordinary ability that necessitates a significant amount of experience, a wild imagination, and additional animation skills for you to stand out from the crowd. Only then will you be able to produce high-quality videos and push your video editing skills to new heights.

When you begin any video editing training courses, you will develop your video editing skills and kick-start your videography career.

Since experts and professionals provide excellent learning resources, your lessons will be entertaining and enjoyable. Besides that, you can customize your lessons to suit your hectic daytime schedule.

This article will attempt to recognize the best online video editing courses to improve your editing skills. Not only that, but the courses will provide you with more knowledge, the know-how of video editing tools, and skills in your field, whether you are a beginner, intermediate, or technical advanced level.

The following are the best online video editing courses

  1. Premiere Pro CC for Beginners
  2. Mastering final cut pro
  3. Fundamentals of Digital Image and Video Processing
  4. Video Content Accelerator: Improve Your Video Skills
  5. Video Editing Techniques Loved by Pro Broadcast Filmmakers 
  6. Best Free Video Editing Classes & Courses Online
  7. Video Editing Training (LinkedIn Learning)
  8. Shoot & Edit iPhone Video like a Pro: iPhone Video Course

1. Premiere Pro CC for Beginners: Video Editing in Premiere

Work in video editing necessitates taking a course that will teach you how to make and edit videos in any format you desire. If you’re looking for this kind of training, Premiere Pro CC for Beginners is the course for you.

Udemy provides this excellent course to the following target classes.

  • Total newcomers who have no idea what Premiere Pro CC is all about.
  • People who have no experience but are eager to learn and develop their editing skills with Premiere Pro.
  • Those who have experience with video editing but aspire to be top professionals
  • Video producers and editors who want to use the latest video editing technique available today-Premiere Pro.

It is a course that will help learners gain advanced video editing knowledge and skills, allowing them to do a better job in video editing.

Premiere pro cc for beginners will help you develop the following skills in your career.

  • Professional and practical video editing skills from start to finish
  • Regardless of the camera in your possession, the course will instill trust in you to begin any project without hesitation.
  • You can create clean, professional videos that are completely attached to their titles.
  • Your editing skills will improve, resulting in videos with fantastic visual effects and a cinematic feel.
  • The videos would be able to have emotions and color ratings added to them. 

Furthermore, you can incorporate complex movements into your images. Above all, consider being taught by highly qualified online instructors and editors who have firsthand experience working with cutting-edge Pro CC technology. That is, teaching will be by a diverse group of Udemy professionals.

The advantage of using Premiere Pro CC is that it features various languages; Romanian, Indonesian, Italian, Polish, German, Portuguese, and Spanish are among them. Meaning, your language won’t be a blockage on your way to video editing professionalism.

2. Mastering final cut pro

Mastering Final Cut Pro is an online video editing course for beginners and professionals provided by LearnQuest in collaboration with Apple Certified Trainers. The course offers an opportunity to learn about different aspects of video editing, such as primary computer navigation and basic knowledge of video editing terminologies.

This course will take you 40 hours to complete. You do, however, have a flexible deadline and can learn at your own pace. That is, since the course is entirely online, you can begin your training whenever you like, or you can extend your deadline to accommodate your hectic schedule.

As a result, you will be able to retake all of your lessons as expected. In addition to English, the course is available in a variety of other languages. Arabic, French, Spanish, Italian, Russian, German, and Portuguese is among them.

Furthermore, learning Mastering Final Cut Pro expands your video editing skills. Among these abilities are

  • You would have learned how to use Final Cut Pro to make and edit images.
  • You will add effects and transitions to your images plus import, and export video clips for later use.
  • The course will teach you how to follow scenarios and edit them by modifying your clips’ timelines to make awesome video projects.

As if that weren’t enough, you’ll also be given a final cut pro X exam at the end of the course. Upon completion, you can receive a certificate that you can share with your prospective employers or clients when looking for video editing jobs on sites like Bawabba.

3. Fundamentals of Digital Image and Video Processing

If you want to advance your video editing career, consider taking the digital image and video processing course fundamentals. The course is entirely online and provided by Northwestern University.

The course is jam-packed with all of the skills you’ll need for video editing. Besides studying the fundamentals of video and image processing, the course will help you learn how to use video editing techniques.

Furthermore, you will use the skills to solve practical, commercial, and scientific issues that require video inputs. The course expands your skills as a video editor by teaching you how to explain and interpret videos in various dimensions.

You can also learn video editing activities such as video enhancement, recovery, and video compression. Aside from that, you can learn how to use cutting-edge video editing techniques and equipment.

Since this is an online course, you can begin immediately or at any time. The course, however, will take you 36 hours to complete. Thus, the course helps you to plan your training around your hectic schedule. Furthermore, you have the opportunity to retake any missed lessons.

Note that this is just one side of the story. Aside from English, the course is available in a variety of other languages, from French, Italian, German, Russian, Spanish, Arabic, and Vietnamese, to Portuguese among other languages.

After completing the course, you will be able to do the following:

  • Video and data compression.
  • Metlab
  • Image and video processing

Besides the course, you will earn a recognition certificate that you will share with several companies worldwide or your clients as a sign of proficiency.

4. Video Content Accelerator: Improve Your Video Skills

To advance your job in video editing career in Dubai, you’ll need skilled technology and up-to-date editing skills. Udemy offers a course called Video Content Accelerator, which covers a wide variety of skills you can learn upon completion.

Aside from the standard capture of video scenes, the course will teach you how to create high-quality and professional video productions. Furthermore, the course will cover the cinematography part of video processing and how to work with Adobe Premiere Pro CC’s advanced level.

The video content accelerator course is entirely online, allowing you to plan your classes around your other commitments. Furthermore, you will need approximately four hours to complete the entire study, after which you will take an exam to assess your ability.

On the other hand, this course might not be appropriate for a beginner. In reality, the target audiences are intermediate-level experts, filmmakers, and video editors looking to advance their careers.

That means you must be proficient in the following areas.

  • Video and film production 
  • You should have access to a DSLR camera or a video camera 
  • Adobe Premiere Pro CC

Here is the good news about the course; you can enroll in Udemy’s introductory video courses if you are a novice. Before enrolling in the video content accelerator course, you will learn the fundamentals of video capture, terminologies, and basic editing skills in that course.

5. Video Editing Techniques Loved by Pro Broadcast Filmmakers

Video editing techniques is a course offered by Udemy that targets intermediate-level video editors. As a result, if you’re looking for a course that will help you improve your editing skills, this is the course for you.

It is a course taught primarily in English by professionals who teach more innovative video editing techniques. As previously said, this is not a training program for beginners. That means you’ll need the following.

  • Basic understanding of video editing software 
  • Ability to use any high-quality video editing software
  • Be able to build new timelines for each video and understand the steps for importing videos from one place on the hard drive.

You have to meet these and other prerequisites to enroll in the Video Editing Techniques Favored by Pro Broadcast Filmmakers course. Consider this course if you are not trying to make high-quality videos but rather provide content that will keep your viewers glued to their seats.

This study will provide you with everything you need to know to become a technical video editor and a creative, intuitive, and intelligent video producer. You will have learned the following by the end of the training:

  • You will be able to entice, captivate, and amuse the audience to the point that they want more.
  • Your video editing abilities would be smooth and incorporated, with the ideal music range for your videos.
  • You would have mastered the art of perfect transitions, sound effects, and visual elements.
  • You can also optimize your returns on videos that you feature on the YouTube platform.

Looking forward to working with film and television directors in every video editor’s dream in Dubai. So, if you want to be an internationally award-winning video editor, why not take this course?

6. Best Free Video Editing Classes & Courses Online

SkillShare developed this course for those who want to advance their video editing careers but have a limited or non-existent budget in Dubai.

It is a free online video editing course that will teach you different aspects of video making at various levels. Moreover, this course offers something for everyone, whether you are a novice, an intermediate, or a specialist.

You will find the course fascinating because it includes practical projects and lectures designed to help you understand the concepts quickly and precisely. Furthermore, because the course is accessible online, the teachers take the initiative to include some of the fundamentals of cinematography and vlogging.

In addition to the free course, you can learn how to use the Adobe Premiere Pro GUI. It would be best if you were encouraged to participate in this training because

  • The lessons include relevant presentations organized into parts that correspond to the tutorials.
  • During the training, you will have access to the tips and guidance provided by award-winning experts and tutors. 
  • The course offers a wide variety of free lectures, course materials, and other related interactive content.

Since it is an online course, you can complete it on your own time and at your speed to accommodate your busy schedule throughout the day.

Nonetheless, you must pass an exam at the end of the course. And the good news is that those who take the time to complete the course get a shareable certificate.

7. Video Editing Training (LinkedIn Learning)

LinkedIn is a professional forum that hosts over 600 educational opportunities for its participants. The Video Editing Training course is one such opportunity for video editors. So, if you are an experienced editor looking to progress your video editing career, this course is for you.

However, it might be too informative for a beginner. Even then, as a beginner, you can also take basic and critical training to learn the fundamentals and principles of video editing.

The Video Editing training course can be completed at your rate. That means you can schedule the training on your own time, without being distracted by your hectic schedule.

Taking this course is easy because

  • You can use your page’s offline mode and save the lessons later.
  • You can practice the lessons by downloading them.
  • The teacher teaches you everything you need to know about video editing using various techniques and applications.
  • The course is concise and to the point. That is, there is no inclusion of unnecessary information in training.

Take advantage of this training to develop your skills and techniques in your video editing career. Often begin with appropriate lessons for your level of understanding, then progress to more detailed tutorials related to your editorial levels.

8. Shoot & Edit iPhone Video like a Pro: iPhone Video Course

Mobile phones have elevated the art of video production and editing to new heights in Dubai. Many people can now take small video clips and turn them into awesome projects that can be shared across multiple channels.

Because of this, Udemy developed an iPhone course. It is a course designed for people who want to learn video editing but do not have the required sophisticated equipment or cameras. This training will direct you to create and edit images and make short films directly from your phone.

Surprisingly, learning how to film and edit videos like a pro takes just four hours. You will have achieved the following by the end of this training:

  • You can understand how to use your phone to schedule, build, and edit a video shoot project.
  • You will be familiar with the different settings available when shooting and editing a video.
  • You will be able to make a variety of videos for various reasons, such as short entertainment videos, documentaries, and corporate videos
  • You will also be able to film motion videos and pictures.

Shoot & Edit iPhone Video like a Pro: iPhone Video Course is a fascinating course that any serious video producer and editor in Dubai should take to improve their video editing skills and techniques.

What to Look For in an Ideal Online Video Editing Course

There is a wide variety of courses and training available on the internet in Dubai. Most of these courses may be costly for you, but they will provide you with little to no relevant information and skills.

As a result, you should look at a few considerations before deciding which path is best for you.

These elements include the following:

  • The course’s flexibility; 
  • The ease at which ideas can be learned and grasped.
  • The cost of the course. Consider a course that fits your budget. 
  • Pick a site that provides the course.
  • Course certification.
  • Course specifics

It would help if you considered these and other factors before enrolling in an online video editing course in Dubai.


If you are a video editor in Dubai and want to advance your video editing career, these courses will help you do just that. Choose a course that is appropriate for you based on your level of experience in video editing. After learning and grasping all the skills needed to kick-start your video editing skills, Bawabba is the site to visit for freelance video editing gigs.

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