9 Best wedding videographers in Dubai

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If you’re reading this, you’re either scouting for the ideal videographer to capture your moments or you’re one and looking for motivation. Regardless of the reason, you are in the right place. Videography has been a popular choice for freelancers in the UAE over the last couple of years. However, as the need for niche-specific experts emerged, you could see some of the most talented videographers toning down to a specific type of videography.

Some of the most sought-after videographers in Dubai are wedding videographers. Such professionals will help you to put into memory your most important day. Furthermore, wedding videographers may not just be limited to weddings,  but also shoot videos at engagement parties, birthday parties, corporate events, etc.

Being a freelance videographer in Dubai is simple, but as with all businesses, only the best survive and make it out successfully. There are currently many videographers you can look for, but will they all get you value for your money? You need someone that is able to capture every single important moment and document them in a pleasing way.

Tips for choosing a wedding videographer

As earlier mentioned, there are very many videographers that have decided to join the wedding niche, mostly because of how lucrative it is. However, if you were to choose one, you may become overwhelmed if you do not know what to look for in them. Here’s a quick list of some of the things to look for when looking for the ideal freelance wedding videographer:


A videographer might be really good at their work, but are you able to relate with them on a personal level. Planning a wedding is a stressful moment and without the right people to assist you, things might blow out of proportion. A videographer whose personality you don’t match with will only make your wedding less fun.

Do they know how to speak to you calmly, even if you’re discussing things that you do not like? Are they attentive? Do they first listen to your ideas and needs or do they go directly to telling you their ideas? These are the little things to watch out for.


You shouldn’t hire a videographer before you can see some of their previous works. Do you like what you see? Would you imagine yourself appearing in one of such videos? Would you like it? Does the videographer have varying styles or just one style which you do not like? Ensure that the videographer is able to adapt to your style and offers more creative ways to make your day more memorable.


We’re aware that there are many talented newbies out there, but hear us out. A wedding is not like any other event, there are no second takes. Once a videographer screws this one time, there isn’t going to be a second chance to try and make things right.

To avoid all the anxiety, it is best to get an experienced person for the job. They will ensure that you get nothing short of the best and will do everything to ensure that they document your special day in the best possible way.


Well, this is a no-brainer. Always inquire about the pricing and compare the shortlisted candidates to pick the most ideal one that can cover your wedding at your pre-determined budget.

These four tips will certainly help you to narrow down your list. Finding the perfect fit doesn’t have to be a daunting task as we have highlighted for you the nine best freelance videographers in Dubai. Let’s check them out:

1. Goldfish Photography & Video

Goldfish is a professional photography and video company with a combined 25 years of experience in Dubai and the UK. Capturing outstanding images and conceptualizing and shooting epic videos is the company’s main attraction.

Goldfish Photography and Video strive to make each event a memorable masterpiece. The Goldfish team is passionate and committed to projects on individual levels; thus, you are sure of efficient videography services.

The company boasts of its relaxed, discreet, and friendly approach. The flexible approach helps Goldfish document the natural reactions of guests in your wedding ceremony.

2. Drone Videographer

Unique and extra is the perfect description of the Drone Videographer. Drone thrives in the specialization of freelance drone videography in Dubai. The videography team at Drone offers you perfectly captured moments and full aerial coverage of your wedding.

Drone Videographer is licensed; thus, you need not worry about breaking the law. The team at Drone believes in providing hassle-free services and delivering the best shooting experience. The studio boasts of its high-quality equipment that captures and provides smooth and sharp videos. Also, your guests will enjoy and have fun without any obstructions.

3. Honeymoon Studio

A feminine touch to any wedding triggers a soft and romantic feel. So does Honeymoon Studio. The team at Honeymoon Studio comprises professional female videographers and photographers.

The freelancers work in unison to develop a memorable love story of your day.

Honeymoon is committed to delivering the best; thus, they provide comprehensive shoot coverage. If looking for customer satisfaction, this is your catch. You are assured of quality consultation time, attention to detail, pre and post-wedding production, and stunning end-product films.

4. The Merlish Studio

Are you looking for creative art and a wedding video that will perfectly illustrate your love story? Welcome to The Merlish Studio. Merlish boasts of a magnificent team of freelance videographers and photographers in Dubai.

The studio aims at developing images and videos that give a personal feel to the wedding day. The creative way The Merlish team crafts your wedding moments will leave you in awe. The team is very professional and keen on detail. You don’t have to worry about what poses to pull as Merlish studio staff mainly focus on capturing real moments.

5. Imprint Studio

Founded in 2012, Imprint is a reputable studio that aims at developing fine art cinematology for your day’s event. Although based in the UAE, Imprint Studio has handled clients from across the globe. Imprint’s videography team is very professional and works best to show how beautiful your wedding day turned out.

Do you love detail? Imprint showcases your love story from pre-wedding, vows, reception, and evening parties. The beauty of Imprint, you get to view same-day edit videos as you still enjoy your day. Oh! The team also creates interactive wedding invite videos and skit videos of your friends and family members.

6. Violet Studio

If looking for a team of female videographers and photographers, look no further. Violet is a boutique studio based in the UAE and specializes in stunningly telling your love story. Violet’s team captures every moment fully and creatively bringing out emotions to form a fairly wed story.

Violet is dedicated to taking care of your needs diligently and with the utmost professionalism. You will feel confident throughout your day since the female team walks your journey from preparation to completion. Violet Studio is flexible with services; thus, they allow customized packages. You need not worry about the cost as their rates are affordable and negotiable.

7. Denee Motion

Denee has some of the highest experienced freelance videographers in Dubai. The main attraction of Denee’s team is the aspect of capturing every tiny detail during wedding ceremonies. Denee Motion handles its assignments seriously and on a personalized level; thus, you are guaranteed a good customer experience.

The studio is located both in Dubai and London, but the team handles wedding projects globally. Denee works towards delivering handcrafted and heartwarming videos that will leave you bursting with emotions. However, you would have to book early in advance as they only accept a limited number of projects per year.

8. Granville Road Productions

If you are looking for luxurious freelance videographers in Dubai, Granville Road Productions is your catch. Granville aims at delivering elegant, sophisticated, and artistic videos that will leave you in awe. Granville’s team uniquely brings out wedding guests’ emotions in a movie-like romantic storyline.

Custom-made accessories, systematic delivery times, and personalized meetings are among the attractive customer services offered. Refinement defines Granville; thus, only a few slots are available in a year. It’s best if you reserve a slot early enough to avoid disappointments.

9. Dreambox Videography & Photography

Dreambox is a professional videography production company that works with brands, agencies, and government departments to deliver inspiring videos. Dreambox handles weddings and offers videography services to automobiles, hospitals, schools, real estate, etc.

With Dreambox, no event is too small. Whether you are holding an intimate couples shoot, a graduation ceremony, or a fashion show, customer experience is always top-notch. The Dreambox team works its best to deliver authentic services and videos in all the diverse projects. The company boasts of high-quality equipment that creates amazing videos for clients across the business board.


There we go – all you need to know about some of the best freelance wedding videographers in the UAE. Documenting your most important day should no longer feel like a hassle as you have some of the best freelance videographers in Dubai at your service. Walk down the aisle with vigor and the brightest smile and allow those moments to be captured beautifully!

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