A Guide To Starting A Freelancing Career In Corporate Photography

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Below is a detailed guide that any aspiring corporate photographer should follow for a successful career.

What is corporate photography?

Corporate photography is a type of photography or videography that promotes a company’s product, services, or brand. Companies also use corporate photography to create visual content for their newsletters, marketing materials, or quarterly reports.

Corporations most times use photographs of buildings, facilities, animals, and nature to differentiate themselves from their competition. Therefore, Companies need talented photographers who understand the branding requirements and the marketing strategies, to gain an edge over other market players.

Are you considering taking corporate photography in Dubai as a way of earning a living? Let’s look into the steps you need to follow.

1. Take Photography Classes

It is a no-brainer saying that we all have to learn a few things about our talents to be perfect in our areas of passion.

A degree in photography alone may not work the trick here. You need to sharpen your skills no matter how talented or gifted you are.

Experience is what matters most in corporate photography. There is a need to master different techniques in lighting, angles, digital editing, and also learn how to deal with other challenges that emerge as you work.

2. Work as an apprentice

After you have successfully finished your classes, you need to practice the skills you have learned.  Since you are still a beginner in the industry, you need the oversight of an experienced corporate photographer.

Nothing worthwhile comes easy.

Therefore, the best way to learn the ropes of corporate photography is by assisting a professional in the field as an intern.

Some tricks are not conventional and therefore, you don’t learn them in school. The only way to know how to solve unique tasks is by having your hands on the job.

Apprenticeship under an established photographer comes with other benefits. It is through working with established photographers that earn the trust of clients and potential clients as well.

Therefore, the apprenticeship can be a great way to win future clients with little conscious effort.

3. Market yourself

Once you are fully equipped to seek employers all by yourself, you need to have the right marketing strategies.

To start with, you need an outstanding portfolio to display your work which would compel a client to hire you. You could have different collections or categories to match the client’s needs e.g. Events, Office images, headshots of the team members, etc.

Starting a website is a great way to advertise yourself and put your name on the job lifeline. Over 47% of clients find their intended product or services through search engines.

Therefore, you need to use search engine marketing and search engine optimization for maximum online visibility. If You cannot afford a website of your own, you can start with guest posting on well-established websites to gain exposure. You could write about corporate photography tips to attract business owners.

Also, don’t forget the power of social media in the current age. Even big and small companies are now on social media. That’s where you can meet your next potential client. As you are targeting, businesses, try posting your work on LinkedIn regularly and ask your happy clients to leave you recommendations.

Again, remember that it is easier for clients to give jobs to people they have trust in than giving the job to a total stranger. That is why networking should be the other tool to your advantage.

4. Get Informed

Once a client commits to buying your services, it is your responsibility to get all the details you need before the shoot. The only way to be sure that you will meet your client’s expectations is by getting all the necessary information and preparing well in advance.

There is no great or small detail when it comes to professionalism. If you have any questions that your client needs to answer, put all the questions in one form, using Google Forms or any other free tool. You surely do not want to bother your client again and again. Get all the information at once. This will reaffirm your high level of professionalism.

Never forget to ask about the client’s budget for the project. If you are to produce work online and another for print, the budgets will be different since the specifications and the requirements are also different.

When you are at the discussion table, make sure you capture every detail in writing. Writing the details down gives you a cushioned landing in case the client starts demanding more than what your agreement was.

5. Work Smart

Working as a corporate photographer has tighter deadlines than other types of photography. Therefore, you need to arrive for events before everyone else. By so doing, you plan your most great shots. You need to mark places where you intend to stand and get your best shots.

When it finally comes to taking the shots, focus your attention on the significant players. Also, avoid diverting attention to yourself.  Your shots should be swift.

Finally, take pictures that are valuable to the company. Getting the correct shot at the right time shows that you are a pro at what you do. Your client would regard you highly if you submitted pictures of major players at an event and corporate executives than pictures of spouses having a good time.

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