Stock Photography: All You Need to Know As a Freelance Photographer in Dubai

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What is stock photography? It is the art of selling licensed photographs for professional use. For instance, if your boss assigns you a task to advertise some fabric, you’ll need a professional picture that displays it. Stock images are usually pre-edited and the buyer can use them as they are.

As an aspiring freelance photographer in Dubai, stock photography is an excellent venture that can earn you more money than your regular photography. Here is a guide on stock photography in the UAE.

Stock Photography Made Easier

Hiring a photographer to take your pictures, edit them, and submit them to you may both be expensive and time-consuming. Sometimes you may need photographs urgently. These are the times when stock images come in handy. You just need to get a license to use existing stock images by paying the seller. On your lucky day, you can land a Royalty Free license type which gives you many rights over the photo at an affordable cost.

Many companies deal with stock images in Dubai. is a perfect example. Note that stock images may range from video clips, photos, illustrations, and soundtracks, among others. If you become a freelance photographer in Dubai, you’ll expose yourself to various sites and libraries to which you can submit your stock images for licensing. Once your pictures win a client, you’ll share the income with the company.  Taking pictures at attractive photography spots in Dubai can guarantee you a gallery worth selling as well.

More about Licensing Stock Images

Rights-managed licenses allow the user to purchase stock photos and keep paying for them whenever they want to use them. In most cases, established companies go for this type of permit. They also renew their subscriptions for as long as they’re using the stock images.

On the other hand, Royalty-Free stock images are available for a one-time purchase. This means you only pay for a stock photo once and use it as many times as you wish. The Royalty-free license gives you absolute rights over the photo. You can use it for any task and there are no restrictions. After some time, you may need to renew your license, although the cost is incredibly low. 

Bear in mind that the Royalty-free license does not give you the right to ownership of stock photographs. The stock images remain the property of the author. This license is prevalent since it offers buyers a wide range of freedom in using the images. Small entrepreneurs like bloggers also need stock images for their projects. The Royalty-free license gives them a chance to access stock photos at meager amounts.

Getting Started with Stock Photography

Photography is a journey. If you want to set off to becoming a freelance photographer in Dubai, understanding stock photography is a must. Veterans will recommend that you start by taking a course in photography if you don’t have any skills. Here are some fantastic insights into how to kick off as a stock photographer in the UAE. 

1. Find a high-quality camera

Photos reflect the kind of camera you’re using. Clients would want clear photos with high resolution and well-balanced contrast. Images carry a lot of information. In the case of a company, one image can describe the whole company; right from what they deal with to the values they hold. For this reason, buyers will never compromise on quality. Hence, you need to choose a high-quality camera for your shoot. Fantastic pictures and a few other tips on selling photos online should get you started in stock photography.

2. Have photo editing software

Just like cameras, the software you use for editing your images has a big say on how your images will appear. Many photo-editing tools are on the internet. Find all the information you need concerning them and know how to choose photo-editing software. 

For a start-up, free software may be effective. However, be sure to upgrade to the premium version once you grow roots in the stock photography world.

3. Insert the Right Keywords

If you were a client looking for a photo online, what would you type in the search engine? This is the way to think when adding keywords to your images. The keywords determine whether clients will find your photos online or not. Do not exceed 25 characters for keywords. Also, ensure that the keywords are catchy, and they explain the photo in detail, yet precise.

4. Find a stock agency

You may have eye-catching photos. Even so, the rates of the agency you submit to will dictate how much you earn from your work. Go for an agency that pays well to increase your chances of making a killing out of your talent. 

Also, don’t settle for a well-paying agency that barely sells. Traffic is crucial. Take a study on how much traffic heads to the site and what the rate of selling is. A reputable and established agency may also guarantee you chances of making sales. 

5. Beware of Brands

Being a stock photographer means that you hold the ownership rights of your photos. As a result, ensure that all the features in the photo are entirely original. Don’t use any company’s logo without their legal permission. 

Build your own brand that will speak for you instead of using other people’s brands. You may get sued. The secret is to maintain your lane and work towards reaching the top. 

Bottom Line

Photography is fun. It doesn’t involve too much work that can leave your back aching. With clients on the lookout for professional photos, you can earn a living through stock photography. Microstock photography is the new norm in the industry. You can venture into it and make some money. If you want to hire a freelance photographer in Dubai, the good news is that we’ve got you covered. Visit Bawabba and hire a professional photographer of your choice.

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