Cost of hiring a professional photographer in Dubai

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Maternity photographer

The rate of Dubai’s growth is increasing. Photography is becoming increasingly common too. Photographers have been earning more, especially since the freelance revolution has started to rise.

Maternity photography has become very popular in Dubai in the past years. The photographers take portraits of the spouse and their children.

They capture the family growth in their photos. These photoshoots have a great significance in the lives of family members. They highlight an important phase of their lives.

It also gives them something to remember in the future. A photography company will charge around $350 to $500 per session. A freelance photographer in Dubai will charge much less.

Fashion photographer

Dubai is the region’s biggest shopping hub. It has a booming fashion industry filled with models portrayed on billboards. The growth of this industry has provided jobs to a lot of people.

Similarly, It has increased the opportunities for fashion photographers too. Fashion photography includes capturing clothing, shoes, jewellery, and other items of fashion.

Usually, clients need photographers for model photoshoots or for advertisements. These are later displayed in magazines. These photographers work with designers and fashion houses.

This helps the brands market the product and increase their sales. The rates of fashion photography depend upon the type of photographer chosen.

A catalogue photographer is expensive. Capturing photos to show off the products for sale will charge around $1200. This requires extreme focus and perfect lighting which only an expert photographer has mastered.

But high fashion photographers and editorial photographers charge a higher amount. Their costs range from $1500 to $2000. Oftentimes, it requires perfect portrait photography. Therefore, choosing the right photographer is extremely important.

Corporate events photographer

Dubai gives people the freedom to invest money. Over time, Dubai has become a popular destination for wealthy business people. Corporate events have also become very common in Dubai since it is a centre for trading and businesses.

People hire Corporate photographers to take pictures of the employees and guests. These pictures are later posted in business magazines and websites.

Corporate events like the Dubai expo are also captured. Later they publish these pictures on their websites. Then, people are made aware of the occasion and provided updates on the things that took place during the events.

Events like these are world-famous. That is why it’s imperative to capture all the moments so people all over the world can view them. That explains why corporate event photographers are of significance.

These companies usually won’t hire new freelance photographers. Professionalism is their topmost priority. For corporate events, these mega-companies would hire well-known photographers who have built a reputation for themselves.

Capturing these kinds of corporate events requires a lot of creativity and expertise. This results in a high photography cost.

Wedding photographer

A Wedding photographer tends to cover the activities relating to the wedding. These might include pre-wedding photoshoots and post-wedding shoots.

Wedding photography comprises portrait shots of the bride and the groom. They also include family photographs and pictures of the guests and the couple.

wedding photographer memorialized the happiest day of many people’s lives. They capture the most beautiful moments that would be looked upon very lovingly in the future. That is the reason for the high demand for wedding photographers.

Dubai is a place with a lot of extraordinary wedding venues. People from all over the world visit Dubai for destination weddings too.

Over 4000 people get married in Dubai, out of which 75% of people hire a photographer. Couples hire freelance photographers in Dubai to capture 50% of those weddings.

The rest of the people hire photography agencies. These freelance photographers are usually cheap and budget-friendly for middle-class families.

These families tend to spend less on photography. It depends on how intimate or how grand a wedding is. But the average charges of freelance photographers in Dubai are much lesser.

On average, freelance photographers in Dubai normally charge around $50 to $100. A professional photography company, in contrast, would cost around $500 to $1000.

Newborn baby photographer

A newborn baby photographer is likely to capture the moments made by the baby in the first 12 days after they’re born. This type of photography is very challenging as the babies are very cranky and not easy to handle. A photographer would have to capture the moments of the birth of the baby.

They also capture portraits of the baby as the baby grows. It’s all about capturing the beautiful moments before the child grows up.

An increasing number of parents demand newborn baby photography. That is why most hospitals in Dubai have started to offer that too.

In most cases, people hire freelance photographers for this type of photography. As it’s established, they charge less and have more time to deal with the babies and their moods.

In Dubai, company photographers usually do not do newborn baby photography.

The companies have been offering high-quality photoshoots for a long time. But these days, hiring a freelance photographer in Dubai has become much more feasible.

People find hiring freelance photographers more convenient. A professional photographer in the city is most likely to charge around $100/per hour on average.

But, a freelance photographer in Dubai will charge around $65/per hour. The experience and the popularity of a photographer are essential.

It also plays a significant role in the money they charge. A well-known, experienced photographer will charge a good amount because of their reputation.

But these charges depend upon the type of photography you want to conduct. Advanced photography with different cameras and lighting will cost you more.

In short, the rates of freelance photographers are lesser.

You are paying for the work only when hiring a freelancer. In the case of a company, where they also ensure a good quality of work, it is far more expensive.

The company has to pay, not only for the work but also for all other expenses incurred. Hence, considering the affordability, freelance photographers are the way to go.

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