15 Top Equipment Essentials For Freelance Newborn Photography 

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If you’re looking to get into newborn photography, you are likely aiming to capture some of the best moments in parents’ lives on camera. Newborn photography is relatively complex because classic equipment and tools cannot be used. Newborns are sensitive to bright lights, foreign spaces, and unknown voices. Therefore, obtaining a striking, quality snap of a newborn can be challenging. The resulting parent satisfaction is, however, worth the additional hassle. 

Newborn photography has become serious money. With an increasing number of millennial parents looking to splurge on every stage of their parenting experience, baby photography is booming. As a freelance photographer in Dubai, you may want to consider moving into this growing industry.

If you’re uncertain how to choose your photography specialization, consider our basic freelance photography tips in 2019.

Tools You Will Need for Newborn Photography 

1. A DSLR Camera

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Most modern photography will require a high-quality camera. Newborn photography, in particular, requires sharp detailing without the use of harsh lighting. Newborn babies cannot be subjected to heavy-duty flashes and light fixtures. Therefore, you will have to rely entirely on the precision of your camera for your high-definition portraits. You will have to invest in a moderate to high-quality camera to ensure crisp zooms and accurate color definition. 

2. Adequate Lenses

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The majority of freelance photographers in the UAE use prime lenses for most of their photography. Prime lenses capture much larger shots, which allows for extensive zooming. This will enable you to capture newborn portraits within a relatively distant range comfortable for both the parents and the baby. 

A Macro lens is also a vital tool for a newborn photographer’s kit because it provides some of the sharpest detailing. Macro lenses are ideal for complex portraits. In Newborn photography, you will need subtle features to be easily discernible. You will want definition in lash strands, fingernails, and toes, as clients will use this detail to identify shared family features. 

3. A Reflector

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The use of flashes in newborn photography is heavily contested. Not only can harsh flashes lead to photosensitive epilepsy in newborn infants, but they can also provoke great anxiety in the baby. This will stress parents and make the overall picture-taking process much harder for you, as a photographer. 

Instead, you will want to use a reflector to make the best use of your natural studio lighting. Baby photographers in Dubai will usually require assistance to hold up the reflector, which can be quite large. To avoid needing additional labor in your newborn baby shoots, you may want to invest in a reflector stand, too. 

4. Soft Box

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Urban studios rarely offer strong natural lighting. To avoid using artificial lighting, you will need a softbox. A softbox softens artificial lighting to provide a more calming atmosphere to infants. It provides the illusion of natural lighting without jeopardizing the brightness of artificial lights. This is perfect for newborn photographers in Dubai using neutral tones and pastel coloring. 

5. Backdrop Equipment

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Baby photography in Dubai involves minimal backgrounds and settings. Instead, they use basic textures and patterns that can best complement your portraits. You will need standard backdrops with varying coloring. This usually requires working with a graphic designer to create backdrops most flattering to newborns’ skin hues. 

Because parents are also likely to bring accessories they wish to be featured on the pictures, you will want to order thematic backdrops adjacent to popular cartoon character themes. 

6. A couch, bed, or ottoman chair

Newborn photography is quite simplistic. To set the scene, you will need a comfortable placement for your minuscule photography subject. Whatever this furniture, it needs to be stable and covered in hypoallergenic material. 

You will need thick cushioning appropriate for babies. The more comfortable the baby is in your photography chair, the easier it will be to capture the perfect picture. 

You may need to consider the resources of baby bean bags and photography chairs online before you order your equipment. 

To set up newborn photography shoots tastefully, you will need an array of small blankets and pillows matching the color themes of their chosen backdrops. This will allow clients to personalize their babies’ pictures. 

7. Props & Accessories 

“Funky” accessories like fun hats, knitted blankets, and animal toys help to fill out otherwise barren backgrounds in a theme-appropriate manner. Toys are particularly endearing to parents because they symbolize a unique parenting period of playfulness and discovery. Think of stocking on basic plush toys and Teddy bears. The more accessories you provide, the bigger the premium clients will be willing to pay. 

Opt for colorful props with unique textures to capture the most striking images. Creating a whimsical setting will make for memorable photographs for your portfolio and social media profile. 

8. A White Noise Machine

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Newborns are easily disturbed by unknown voices and environments. Distance from their parents for even a few seconds can lead to a flood of tears and sharp wails. This is likely to alarm everyone on the set and require additional time to calm the baby. 

To avoid these unpleasant moments, you will need a white noise machine or at the very least, powerful calming music playing in the background. White noise machines have been proven to soothe babies, which can facilitate getting them into a sleepy, comfortable mood. This will help you earn these rare smiling shots, making for the most striking newborn shots. 

9. Heating Pads

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Babies need a warm, cocoon-like environment to feel most at ease. Because newborn photography will usually involve minimal baby covering, infants are likely to get cold midway through the shoot. Using heat pads you can ensure the snug of blankets you have set up remains warm and pleasant to the babies. 

10. Sanitizer

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Though parents are likely to come with extensive care gear on their newborn’s photoshoot, you should be able to truthfully assert the sanitization of your set. As newborns are more sensitive to immune system attacks, you will have to ensure your studio is squeaky clean before welcoming clients. This requires investing in hefty sanitizing agents, opting for softer-smelling scents such as vanilla and lavender.

Newborn parents will be observing your hygiene routine. Earning client trust will require thorough prepping and cleaning. 

11. A diaper-changing Table

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Diaper-changing tables are some of the premium accessories that will raise the value of your service. Diaper-changing is one of the realities of early parenting. Therefore, your clients will want to feel comfortable attending to their child’s needs in your studio.

12. A Microwave

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Investing in a small microwave will allow the heating of baby bottles to the perfect temperature in between photoshoot breaks. The presence of a microwave in the studio will reassure parents and shorten feeding breaks. 

13. Diaper bins

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Diaper changes during your photoshoots will be challenging if you do not have a diaper bin in the studio. Standard bins are likely to cause a stench after a while. Therefore, you will need small enclosed diaper bins near your changing table to make these newborn care routines easier for the parents. 

14. Vibrating Chairs

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Vibrating chairs and toys have been a favorite of newborn photographers because they are the best at appeasing even the youngest of babies in a few seconds. Vibrating plush chairs will put the most anxious of infants in a happy, sleepy trance making for adorable smiling shots. 

Vibrating chairs and toys appropriate for infants are, however, relatively costly. Therefore, their use should be added as a premium on your standard charges. 

15.  A “Parent” Sofa

Though newborn babies may be the subjects of your pictures, their parents are the clients. Not only will they need to be satisfied with the final results, they will also have to have been comfortable during the photoshoot. Furthermore, a comfortable sofa will discourage parents to remain on their feet, which will cause you less distraction as they do not shadow over your shots. Luxurious sofas are a frequent background of baby photoshoots in Dubai. You will need to keep up with the city’s standards of comfort with your own comfortable seating. 

Additional Tips 

Newborn photography requires more than good equipment. It necessitates customer service skills that will help you appease anxious parents and alarmed babies. You will need substantial patience to relent through crying and other uncomfortable interruptions. Therefore, you may want to consider learning basic childcare skills before booking your clients. 

You will also need to assert, from the beginning of the shoot, how safe your space and methods are for infants. Your clients will need to be certain that their baby is in the best care before engaging in the shoot. 

Things to avoid: 

  • Loud music
  • Large mirrors
  • Industrial noise
  • Pungent smells (such as lens cleaning liquid)
  • Close zooms

A Concluding Note

Newborn photographers must be trained in handling their little subjects with the utmost gentleness. As a baby photographer, you will need to convince your clients that you can be trusted with capturing this early moment in their baby’s life in the most secure environment. Clients are likely to need constant reassurance and appeasement. Therefore, you will have to spend as much effort making them comfortable as you will be setting the scene. This will determine the quality of the end picture.

Both parents and freelance photographers should focus on using a comfortable space to guarantee the best photography results. 

We have a variety of professional freelance baby photographers in Dubai who guarantee you the best services at pocket-friendly costs.

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