10 Best Home Photography Tips in 2021

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Being a freelance photographer in Dubai during this pandemic can be tough. You are used to taking pictures of everything and anything while moving a lot. But because of the lockdown, brought about by COVID 19 pandemic, things are not the same. That doesn’t mean that your photography life is over. The crisis shouldn’t stop you from doing what you love best, and that’s photography.

Best Types of Home Photography in 2021

1. Edit Your Old Photos

The majority of freelance photographers in Dubai always take lots of photos, only to edit a couple of them. It’s now time to go back to the archives and edit those excess pictures. You can also try to re-edit your old photos to monitor how much your skills have grown.

2. Engage in Food Photography

Everybody loves food; they wouldn’t mind food photos. You can prepare new dishes, take pictures of them, and post them on a social media platform. Discover various food photography techniques like placing the plate of food on a dark surface for lovely pictures. You can utilize both natural and artificial lights to perfect your shots.

3. Try Macro Photography

Macro photography is extreme close-up photography. You can look around your home or garden for small objects and living organisms like insects and take pictures of them. For perfect macro shots, you require specific lenses. In case you don’t have one, no need to worry. You can always get close to the object when taking the picture.

4. Pet Photography

In case you have a pet at home, now is the time to perfect your pet photography skills. Pets can be tough to capture, and you need to be skillful to get this. Wait for the moment when a pet is looking all cute and take the shot. You need to be patient with pets because of their stubborn nature. What motivates your pet? Give it a toy to play with when trying to capture their attention.

5. Experiment Using Window Light

Apart from being free, natural, and abundant, window light brings out the best photos. The light coming out from the window can be soft or harsh, depending on the direction your window is facing. In case your window is producing harsh light, you can use white sheets to convert the harsh light into a soft one.

6. Experiment using natural light and modifiers 

Lockdown is the time for freelance photographers in the UAE to experiment with different things. Try mixing natural lights with light modifiers like reflectors. Window light can be quite challenging to use, hence combining it with reflectors will enhance the experience. 

You can make the reflectors at home using crumpled silver paper or foil and cardboard for light to spread on a large surface area. You can use a white sheet or golden sheet and a reflector to spread light into a small surface area. It all depends on your preference.

7. Engage In Photography Scavenger Hunt

Since you are spending a lot of time at home, look for fascinating objects inside and around your home and take photos of them. In case you are living with your family, you can challenge them to look for things that entice them or the ones they want you to take a picture of. Alternatively, when you are living alone, you can ask your friends to help you accomplish this.

8. Build Social Media Portfolio

Social media is a great PR and marketing strategy. Now is the time to connect with your potential clients, establish relationships with them, and build your brand. Create accounts on your favorite social media platforms and post relevant content for you and also your clients.

9. Take a Photography Course

You have all the time now to perfect your skills and move ahead of your competitors. There are many online photography courses, and most are available at a discount. Depending on the time you have on your hands, settling for a course or two won’t hurt.

10. Start a Blog

Since you have a lot of time on your hands, it’s time to start that photography blog. You can now show the world your skills and write about something that you love most. Here, you can talk about everything you know about photography. It could be to give tips and advice to new photographers or talk about your favorite niche in photography. This is the time to build or expand your portfolio.


The Coronavirus pandemic doesn’t mean that your life should come to a standstill. It’s time to explore your true potential as a freelance photographer in Dubai. With tons of things to do with your camera at home, the fun shouldn’t stop.

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