Freelance Fashion Photography: What You Will Need To Look For To Hire The Best Photographers

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Fashion photography is more than an art, it requires a set of in-depth skills. Hiring a professional, expert fashion photographer can make or ruin your shots. Investing in the services of a talented freelance fashion photographer is worth the expense. After all, what is a stunning piece without the beautiful frames to match?

When hiring freelance, you will come across professionals with varying levels of skill, experience, and artistic flair. Typically, the better the service offered, the higher the rate of the freelancer. This can motivate a lot of prospective clients to seek out the cheapest services possible to slash their costs. However, it can lead to dissatisfaction on both sides. Freelance fashion photographers in Dubai who charge lower rates are often overwhelmed with the sheer mass of projects available in the UAE market. Therefore, they may not be able to complete more challenging tasks. High fashion photography, for example, is likely to require more working hours, both in shooting and editing, than social-media styling photography. Therefore, the more premium the fashion displayed, the more you must be willing to spend; it is no wonder freelance photography is among the best paid yet least competitive freelance jobs in Dubai. Read further to find out more about the features of photographers worthy of your added expense.

Before we get into the nitty-gritty of things, however, it is imperative to remember that high cost does not equate to talent in all cases. Therefore, it is your responsibility, as a prospective client, to seek out the traits listed below in the professional you choose.

1. A Varied Portfolio 

The added flair of fashion photography is in the creativity and vision of the photographer. Often, the latter is inspired by the client’s probes. If you want a professional to be most responsive to your vision, you will have to seek a versatile freelancer with experience in different types of projects. Model headshots, OTTD Looks, and couture photography, among others, all require different skills. They may also need different editing programs and sometimes, different camera equipment.

Extensive experience in varied fields will often be the mark of an expert fashion photographer. Choosing such an expert increases the chances of employing a freelancer with a loyal follower base and industry approval. You will need to look for, in particular, are shots from different locations, featuring varying fashion styles and models of a different aesthetic.

2. A Strong Specialty 

While you will want your prospective freelance fashion photographer in Dubai to have experience in a number of fields, you will also want them to specialize in an area adjacent to your needs. For instance, if you are looking for a fashion photographer to create material for your fashion blog, you will want to choose a freelancer with extensive experience in magazine or blog photography. A freelance fashion photographer worthy of a substantial fee will present their area of expertise in cover material.

3. Extensive Equipment 

In your communication with your prospective photographer, you will want to get to the matter of equipment. While some photographers will be unwilling to divulge this information, successful photographers will often have material published on the equipment they use. A fashion photographer should be able to explain his or her equipment choices with clear mentions as to the particular effects each chosen equipment will have on final shots. You will want to be familiar with the best photo-editing software for fashion photographers and ensure your prospective freelancer uses a tool you trust.

However, you must not be dazzled by flashy tools; quality photography isn’t about the camera in itself as much as it is about a professional being able to choose the device that works best for them. An inability to establish preferred tooling is usually a red flag suggesting a lack of expertise.

4. Social Media Following 

Dubai’s modern fashion photographers all have social media pages dedicated to displaying their latest work and enticing new clients. An expert photographer is likely to have put in the time to build their social media platform to reflect the quality of their craft. The frequent posting suggests organization and dedication, which can be signs of an ability to meet deadlines and communicate effectively.

You will also need to consider the added advantage of hiring a freelancer with an extensive following when it comes to advertising your products. A freelance fashion photographer in Dubai is likely to be willing to share the work they have completed for you on their social media platforms for free. This will account for promotion both for their services and your product. Therefore, the more followers a photographer has, the more free advertising they can distribute for your product or service.

A strong social media following can also, based on how much followers interact with your selected photographer, attest to relative satisfaction with past services. This will give you valuable insight into whether or not the freelancer you have selected is worthy of their fee.

5. References 

To become a freelancer in the UAE, one needs a relative amount of employment experience. Therefore, any freelance fashion photographer in Dubai should have references available upon request. It is in your best interest to consult those references in advance and ensure things match up to your freelancer’s claim. You should note that most experienced freelancers will have testimonials from past clients and other reviewing material displayed on their websites and social media pages.

A Concluding Note 

To hire the best in any industry, you need to look for experience as much as you would skill. In freelance fashion photography, in particular, the experience will attest to a professional’s ability to apply their talent and learning to any provided inspiration. Without such ability, the quality of fabrics, uniqueness of designs, or beauty of textiles cannot be effectively translated into fashion shots.

On our platform, we ensure all our professionals have the features mentioned above – it will be up to you to decide the one best suited to your needs. Our selection of freelance fashion photographers in the UAE is looking forward to hearing from you.

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