Gearing up for corporate photography: All you need to know as a freelance photographer

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The main reason why anyone would want to become a freelance photographer in Dubai is that they love it; there is passion involved. It is unlike the boring 9 – 5 jobs as you get to interact with different people, have new experiences, and above all, your skills are improved every day. 

While you may have mastered your camera and the act of capturing moments thrills you to the core, why not make a decent living from the art? If being a freelancer is right for you, then you can easily explore the numerous opportunities that are there to earn extra money.

Here are 7 ways you can do so:

1. Do photoshoots for clients

Well, this is the most obvious way of making money as a photographer. The demand for photographers to cover private events or capture shots of people is always there. Once you have made a name for yourself in a particular niche of photography, people will always look for you after your services. 

Depending on the genre you take, you have to be fully prepared with everything that your clients might ask of you, including the right props to use and having the best photoshoot locations in mind. Moreover, if you would like to be working from home, you have to learn the basics of making a home photography studio.

2. Edit other people’s photos

Let’s face it; not everyone is talented in editing pictures. For you to become a renowned freelance photographer in the UAEyou have to learn how to edit images well, apart from just knowing how to capture moments. Luckily, there are useful photo editing apps that you can use and are quite easy to learn.

3. Sell photos through stock photography sites

If you have a sizeable collection of high-quality images, you can make some good money from them by selling or licensing them through stock photography sites. The good thing with this is that you are at liberty to upload pictures of literally anything ‒ as long as it conforms with the platform’s terms and conditions. 

4. Start a photography blog 

There is no better way to showcase your photography skills than starting a blog. Here, you can post about all your expeditions, tips, experiences, and many others. If you are an adept writer also, there are many other ways of making money through blogging, such as ads and affiliate marketing

5. Sell your prints

Many freelance photographers in Dubai have made a decent living by selling their art as prints to various clients. Beautiful images draw the attention of many, and there is a likelihood that they will also attract a good paycheck. Clients purchase such prints to be displayed at their residences, offices, coffee shops, and even art galleries where they get displayed and sold at more than double the initial price. 

If you do not have any direct clients to sell the prints to, you can post your art on websites that act as virtual art galleries. People will be able to browse through the category of your photos and contact you for a sale. They can receive the images printed and framed in the size they prefer. 

6. Offer photography classes

The knowledge you have in photography can also be monetized. Organize to teach people how to become better photographers through meetings that can be held at your preferred location. 

In the wake of the Corona Virus pandemic in 2020, normal interactions have been interrupted, forcing people to look for alternative methods of hosting meetings and classes. Webinars and other types of virtual meetings have been on the rise, and as a photographer, you can take advantage of such a situation to train others in the different photography courses that will help them become good at the art.

7. Become a paparazzi

You heard that right. Becoming a paparazzi is one of the most paying photography jobs, not to mention how much fun it is. However, there is a huge catch for being one. For starters, paparazzi are mainly known to capture the lives of celebrities, meaning there must be a bunch living in your area. 

Moreover, this is a very demanding job as you may have to put up with harsh weather conditions or even be up till late at night so that you can capture things as they unfold.

Summing it up

These are the seven most popular ways freelance photographers in Dubai can make money in 2020. Whichever methods work for you, you ought to be prepared fully by investing in the right photography equipment to avoid any disappointments.

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