How to tell a story with high-quality free video footage online.

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Why should you tell a story through a video?

Video is a powerful medium for storytelling and has a significant impact on the success of promotional campaigns. A lot of people would prefer watching a video to reading a lengthy blog or a story.

Here are some statistics that prove that videomaking plays an essential role in your content marketing strategy.

•In 2019, video content was to account for 80% of all consumer internet traffic.

• Social media videos generate 1200%/more shares compared with images and texts.

• 87% of online marketers use video content.

• The volume of mobile video consumption increases by 100% every year.

The hurdles of making a video?

There are some instruments that you need to make a perfect video. The very first thing that you will need is a camera. It is essential to have a modern camera with high definition wide-angle lens. This type of camera will bring more life to your videos.

The second most important thing is the microphone. The audio quality should match your video. High-quality footage won’t make a difference if your audio is terrible.

The last most important thing is a videographer or a cameraman. It is vital to have a professional videographer who can guide you on how to make a perfect video. The videographers usually edit the videos themselves.

But all of this can cost you a lot. An easier, more effective, and the cost-reducing way would be to use free video footage available online.

How to make a good video using free video footage online?

Suitable free video footage would greatly reduce the production cost. Using royalty-free stock videos would reduce the expenses incurred. This way you can create videos with no budget at all! There are a lot of websites that provide this royalty-free footage. Although some of them can cost you, the expenses would still be very low.

There are many ways you can make your video attractive and budget-friendly using free video footage.

1. Using catchy titles and keyword usage.

You can keep your titles short, interesting, and informative.

As titles are one of the best ways to catch people’s attention. A catchy title will make the watchers curious about the content of the video.

Adding keywords to your video description will also boost people’s interest in your video.

2. Adding an intro and a caption.

One of the easiest ways to tell a story through your video is to write an introduction at the start of your video.

Intros, also called ‘video bumpers’, catch viewers’ attention. They reinforce your brand identity as every time people see your video, your intro would be there.

The maximum length of an intro should be around 15 seconds. People would click away if the intro is too long.

They can be added toward the beginning of the video. But some people also like to add the intro after about 30 seconds of the video.

Catchy captions tend to attract a lot of people. Hence it is important to write a good caption that people from all around the world can understand.

It is important to write short but informative captions so that people don’t get bored. Captions should be ideally around 32 characters per line. If the caption is longer, people might not be interested in reading all of it.

Social media managers and videographers would make sure to use a perfect introduction for your video. They also have the skills to write a caption that is short and informative. You can find good videographers in Dubai on Bawabba.

3. Adding a voiceover to narrate your story.

These days, a lot of people have started adding voiceovers to videos. These voiceovers narrate the story while the video is playing.

Voiceovers make it easier for people to understand the videos. Making a voice-over video is also easier compared to other types of videos. Voiceovers give clear information to the audience.

Before beginning, scripting out your voice-over is imperative. You can do that by writing down the words that will be spoken to go along with whatever visuals your video contains.

The videographers in Dubai are now shooting voiceover videos very frequently. These videographers charge AED 2000 to AED 3000 for such videos.

4. Use your videos if possible.

Along with the usage of free video footage, adding personal videos and pictures can be very important.

58% of the people would watch a video that shows the face of the person who is making a video as they would want to know the person who is making the video.

So it’s important to add your video or pictures to the video you are posting as it attracts more people.

5. Adding animations and transitions.

Animations can help you create visuals from scratch. They help by giving life to your imagination. Through animation, one can easily induce life to ideas that might never materialize in real life.

If your target is to attract kids and children to your videos, you can add more animations and cartoon characters to the video. In this way, the little kids will be attracted to the videos, and hence your video will get more views.

Apart from kids, animations are attractive to older people as well. As a result, videographers in Dubai have started making animated videos as well.

How to get more eyes on your videos? 

1. Make it clear what the video is about.

The only way to get more views is if people will have enough information about the video.

John Bottom Says that people skim the titles at first before watching the video. Hence it’s crucial to write an accurate and informative synopsis. You can do this by highlighting the benefits that viewers will get after watching the video.

2. Use social proof.

Using social proof is an excellent way to boost interactions. It also builds trust and credibility between you and your audience.

You can use social proof by showing likes, votes, views, and comments to show how other people find your content informative. This eventually becomes a vital factor in attracting people to your video.

3. Find the target audience.

To engage more people, you will have to find the people who will be interested in your content. You can do this by surveying other videos. When you know what the target audience is, you can post your video on apps that the target is most likely to use. This way, your video will get more views.

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