Top 10 Maternity Photography Sites (Venues) In Dubai

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Picking an appropriate location is one of the most important aspects of portrait photography. Your choice will drive all other shooting decisions. Including which lighting and props to take, which subject clothes to wear, and the most appropriate poses to use. The nine months of your Pregnancy is a crucial period in your life, full of incredible changes and tremendous anticipation. There are several ways to make it fun and exciting, for example, baby showers and the trending maternity photoshoots.  Here, we’ve gathered the top 10 maternity photography sites (venues) in Dubai, to make the experience even more exciting.

1. BoxPark

Freelancing - box park

BoxPark is great for street photography with its hip vibe, industrial warehouse containers, quirky boutiques, cafés, and fairy lights. In the evening, At, Roxy Cinema the lights accentuate the vibrant colors of the containers, creating an intriguing backdrop for silhouettes. It is the most attractive corner on the block. However, we advise getting some beautiful shots in front of the colorful containers, during the daytime. Place your camera attached wide-angle lens, tilting it slightly to get a unique upward viewpoint. The rest depends on the expertise of your photographer. We recommend hiring someone with medium to advance level photography skills to get the desired results at this site.

2. Al Qudra Desert and Lakes

Freelancing - Al Qudra

Al Qudra desert is a self-made desert in Dubai. Here, you can get your maternity Photography done differently in the desert. You can have your shots in the eye-catching desert under the glaring sun. There is a newly built Love Lake shaped like a heart which makes it even more special. It could be very beautiful taking your baby bump’s shot at this point. This will express your connection and emotions of ‘Love’ between you and your unborn baby. This site is fairly easier for photography as compared to the former two sites we mentioned. Make sure you use a good camera to for best results. Here are the Most effective Photography Tips by Professional Photographers. You can hire a freelance photographer with mid-level expertise to get you some great results.  

3. Kite Beach

Freelancing - Kite beach dubai

This is one of Dubai’s most famous beaches. The shoreline is very clean with white sand and sparkling turquoise water. You could get some brilliant shots near the Palm trees, or you could position yourself on the sand by the seashells. The location is also very close to Burj Al Arab, you could easily get a few shots with one of the tallest hotels in the world, in the backdrop. Kite Beach also holds the International Kite Festival. Although, the sky looks vibrant with the multicolored kites we do not suggest that mommies take the risk of getting close to hundreds of strings attached to the colorful kites soaring on updraughts of air. During the International Kite Festival, the beach is overcrowded. Hence, it is not advised that you schedule a maternity photoshoot during this time of the year. As some mothers may be shy and feel uncomfortable posing in front of a large crowd. You need a photographer with a creative mind to get the best shots at Kite beach. Since it is a public beach, it is absolutely free. There are plenty of opportunities but not every photographer will be able to capture the beautiful moments you share with your other half, on this sandy beach of Dubai. Before, you hire a photographer, see his portfolio first. If he has done photo shoots on the beach before, then he should be your pick.

4. Burj park

Freelancing - 2013 burjpark 2 base

It is a small park located at Burj Lake. During summer time, you can get shots of the dancing fountain before the sunset, as the first show begins at 5 PM. There is also an angel monument at the entrance of the Park, which is becoming popular amongst the Instagrammers in Dubai. You can get decent shots if you stand right in the middle of the monument. From the Angel monument at the entrance to the light arches, you can take snaps of art installations around the area for free. We suggest getting a few good photos on the footbridge, and in a canoe, before you head to the foot of iconic Burj Khalifa.

5. Mushrif Park

Freelancing - 2013 mushrifpark 6 base

If you already have kids who would like to a part of the photo shoot, then you can head to Mushrif Park. Here, there are many spots where you can enjoy privacy away from the public. You can either choose to have your kids included in the photo session or send them to play area. After the photo shoot,  you can go to the public area and enjoy the rest of your evening with your family. If you choose this venue for your maternity photo shoot, then hire a mid-level to advanced level photographer depending on your budget and requirements.

6. Dubai Farmers market

Freelancing - Dubais Farmers Markets

The farmers market has a local and organic selection of goods. From fruits and vegetables, farm to table freshly baked goods to vegan treats and preserves. For a funny yet sweet image of your growing belly bump, choose this unique location for a little pumpkin patch. Do not forget to take your hat.

7. Dubai Marina yacht club

Freelancing - 0Clubhouse Marina at Marina Yacht Club

Climb aboard a glass-wrapped boat and take the good shots as you enjoy a Dubai Marina cruise. Have you ever thought of a red carpet moment with your baby bump? Take shots around the two decks of the boat. This place is perfect for a photo of the Simple Silhouette on a yacht. You could also go for Drone video capture as you stand with your spouse on the deck. Although safety comes first, we do not advise mommies to be to go for the Titanic Pose. Plan your cruise before the sunset, so you can utilize the natural light and take pictures of the sunset too. Look for a photographer with videography experience to make the most of your cruise. You can find great cruise deals on Groupon starting from AED 90.

8. Miracle Garden Dubai

Freelancing - Dubai Miracle Garden photo

Here you can have shots at, palms, plain, houses and even cars created from flowers! Miracle garden has so many scenes mind-blowing in one spot. Flowers of various shapes and colors. We would definitely suggest to anyone who wants a maternity photograph in Dubai, a photo shoot at Miracle Garden. Four giant cat plants welcome you when you walk in. Walk around and see different flowers manipulated in different forms.  Even a newbie can get mind-blowing shots at Miracle garden. If you are on a budget then this place would be a great choice. Although, you will have to pay an entrance fee of AED 50 per adult. Click here to book your tickets.

9. Blue Waters Island

Freelancing - bluewaters island dubai 2

The new bridge to Bluewaters is accessible from Sheik Zayed Road, which will take you straight to the underground parking lot. Though, the walk along the pedestrian bridge has the best views of the azure waters.  This will give you a sense of leaving the city behind, even though it’s only a 15-minute walk away. Bluewaters Island centerpiece is the world’s largest observation wheel. Get ready to shoot in front of the amazing structure with the background of the spectacular skyline and coastline of Dubai. You may need a medium to an advanced level photographer to get the right angles in front of the observation wheel.

10. Dubai Frame

Freelancing - dubai frame 3161107 960 720

It is an amazing Architecture in Zabeel Park. The frame is very wonderful, with a little “museum” inside which makes it interesting. When you enter, you can see a glimpse of Old UAE and once you reach the top, you can see Old Dubai and New Dubai, which is absolutely amazing. We would recommend this attraction to every first timer in Dubai and any mom who wants to take maternity Photography to another level. Again Dubai frame is a huge structure and requires a professional photographer to do justice to this site. We have seen some epic photos in front of Dubai frame and we are sure with a little assistance you could get some exceptional shots.

Choosing a photography venue takes time and thought, but it’s something that you should always aim to get right. By choosing from the above sites, you’ll be able to tell a story with your pictures. To capture the essence of your motherhood personality, resulting in much more engaging, maternal photos, find a freelance maternity photographer.

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